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Monday, August 31st, 2009

Some say the best poetry
Is written spontaneously
Starts with a line and grows
Snaking upward to it’s full potential
So here is a poem
Without meaning or purpose
It floats empty knowing it means nothing
Each word spilled out
Carelessly and without love
Callously crumpled up
And unfolded again
A second chance at life
Rising from the ashes
Born again, whole and new
But still it bears the scars of old
Written on its skin
Each scar bearing a story
A note of a different life
Of a different person
So where will you go
With new meaning and purpose
Who will take you in
Love you with a blind heart
Giving with empty hands
A person opening their soul
To someone they don’t know
Opening up to a new meaning
Give chance a chance
Trying to find light
In a world of darkness
A means for war
In times of peace
A person wondering through snow
With no shoes
Or intent to survive
Would you give your eyes
To help another open theirs
Give yourself to someone new
Just to see what would happen
On the roll of a dice
Take one last chance
Stroll in the horizon
Don’t look back over your shoulder
There is nothing left behind you
But hands that will drag you down
Be free let go of them
Walk on glass or through fire
Just to feel who you are
A kiss to a stranger
You will never know
A random impulse to live
Or a spontaneous choice to die
It all lies in your hands
All you have to do is reach out
Grasp onto destiny
And don’t let it go
Hold on tight or they will carry you away
The ties are pulling
but you must be strong
You must not bend or break
Now you must make your final choice
To be spontaneous and choose
As I have chosen.

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Police on the Off Ramp

Monday, August 31st, 2009

I live in a closed in neighborhood off of an exit ramp, and you know what really cracks me up? Is when I see police sitting right there on the off ramp.

I come driving down the freeway, and I turn my blinker on to exit and start slowing down. Then right there off on the side of the exit is a cop. It wasn’t just a one time thing, I see cops there all the time. They just sit there and when you round the corner and hit the brakes wondering why the heck they would be hiding there. Personally it scares the crap out of me because for some reason I never expect it. Here are my main problems with this that make me laugh every time I see a cop waiting there. This is what goes through my mind.

  1. First thought is: Shit I need to slow down, normally this is the most important response to a cop, but the problem is that you are exiting. You get off the freeway going 65 mph and you can’t truly be expected to go from 65 to 35 in the three second span of the off ramp.
  2. My second thought: Would they really pull me over right here? They can’t seriously be trying to catch speeders because f they are, that is the wrong spot. Is it even legal to pull someone over when they are reducing speed on an off ramp? I would think so, because it is the transition spot between freeway speed and normal. If that is the case, this is my next thought.
  3. If they aren’t there to pull me over, why are they there? Is that the new hang out for cops or something? I just don’t get it. Maybe they are hiding from the other cops so they don’t actually have to work because they are almost always sitting there. Doing nothing. It just makes me laugh and wonder what is going through their heads.

Saddest part, sometimes I see people pulled over there by the cops. That probably means the cops chased them off the freeway and pulled them over on the ramp. That is some serious bad luck. I am glad I have never been pulled over.

Got to say, if I got pulled over right before I was going to exit and slow down, I would totally be pissed off. I mean you would almost be there, and then you see those lights and you curse the closest thing you can see. Namely whatever is hanging from your rearview mirror. Blame that, it makes you feel better. Just yell at as you pull over and wack it a few times. Then act super nice and innocent to the cop. As soon as he leaves we all know you will be cussing your head off at nothing.

Maybe next time I see a cop there I will pull over and ask him what he is doing, and get an answer to my problem. Maybe I will speed past them just to see if they will pull me over. Either way, those cops will still be there and I will still be wondering what that cop is doing on an off ramp to nowhere.

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Swimming in a Glacier River

Monday, August 31st, 2009

IMG_5183 IMG_5205

When I was in Glacier National Park, I decided something. I was going to do something that I never would have even thought about doing. I was going to go swimming in a glacier run off river.

I believe that it is crucial that at some point, at least once in someones life, to do something that seems not only idiotic but insane. This isn’t so crazy to some people but to me it means a lot. I am highly afraid of deep water not to mention the temperature of the river. I thought Lake Superior was cold, boy was I wrong.

Anyway, I decided out of the blue as we were driving through, that I was going to go swimming. So we pulled over, I threw on some shorts, and went down to the river. This water was so clean and beautiful, I was really exicted. Once my toes where in the water, that was another story. It was so cold.

After telling this to one of my friends who aptly replied, Well duh, it was a GLACIER RIVER! I realized that everyone needs to do something to test themselves every once in a while. I go tubing and fall off on purpose in deep water, I jump of piers into deep water, or I just go swimming. All in the name of conquering fear.

My recommendation, try it some time. It is actually a lot of fun.

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Sunday, August 30th, 2009

Come you trickster
Come play with me
We are so alike
Know every trick
In the trade
Why do you hide?
Oh trickster of mine
Show the world your true colors
Lay down your cards
The games almost over
Time to see
The true end
Why do you run?
When is it you
Who holds the cards
The world is yours
To be had
Resting gently
In your palm
Yet here you run
With your tail
Between your legs
Some trickster
You turned out to be
You who cannot
Play the game
We live by mercilessly
Come play with me
Our dying breed
We’ll see who wins
We who are common
Must stick together
For we are dying company
Few and far between
Feared and revered
We walk the land
One king left standing
The tricksters are gone
Exiled and discarded
For fear of who we are
A dying race
Who always wins
Come my trickster
It is time to begin

Strangely enough, this poem started out being about a fox. Weird i know, some things just evolve as you write them.

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More Wildlife

Sunday, August 30th, 2009

IMG_5123 IMG_4662 IMG_4787 More photos from the road trip, these ones star, a bighorn sheep from Glacier National Park, some sort of osprey in Minnesota, and a prairie dog posing with a stick from Theodore Roosevelt National Park. I love wildlife!!

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Worlds Touching

Saturday, August 29th, 2009

I looked out the window
My chin resting on my open palm
The glass fogged
As I peered out
Cars filled with people
Some lonely, some afraid, some dead inside
Some looking for life, and some giving up on it
Trees blending into one another
Black top, yellow lines
Black top, yellow lines
I pulled up my sleeve
And wipe away the clouds
Forming on my window
I watch more cars pass by
In a hurry to reach nowhere
Each face in the car
Blank as they stare forward
Eyes only on the destination
Not the beauty on the way
A car pulls along side us
Silver and low to the ground
A mom talking on the phone
But in the back
Sat a little girl
She was looking out of her window
Right at me
For a moment I just stared back
It felt like an eternity
That our eyes were latched together
In that instant
I knew her
I knew her whole life
And I am sure she knew mine
She was the daughter ignored
She made her own world
Because the one she had
Had no place for her in it
I could see her parents in her eyes
Arguing, yelling
She heard it all through thin walls
And cried herself to sleep at night
She was the odd man out
Always the child in the back seat
She didn’t need them
Or their fickle love
She had all she needed
But not all she wanted
She made her own way
Through a treacherous life
And always would
I raised my hand
And waved to her
I smiled and nodded slightly
And she did the same
And our cars moved on
Our worlds separated
Just a moment
That our worlds touched
I wonder what she saw in my life
What she thought
Of a stranger through a car window
I just sat back and smiled
My mom looked over at me and smiled back
“What are you smiling at?”
“Nothing” I reply
Because no one could understand
How I understood
So I keep her world a secret
Locked tightly away
Of a daughter ignored
And a world passing by

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Black Bear

Saturday, August 29th, 2009

Disclaimer: This picture contains graphic images. BEWARE. Don’t say I didn’t tell you so.

IMG_4980 I love this photo. This was about 100 feet away from a black bear in Glacier National Park. Yes. It is eating a dead horse and that saddens me greatly, but that is the price we pay for good photos

A tow truck was stopped on the side of the road so my mom and I of course wondered, what is he stopped for, and what is he looking at? He was taking pictures of something with his phone. So we drove past slowly and realized it was this bear. We swung around and took a bunch of pictures. A handful of people also stopped to take pictures. Some people got out of their cars. Let me say,


There was a bear right there and it was eating. Anyone with half a brain knows you don’t want to bug a bear while it is eating, so the smart thing to do isn’t go out of the safety of your car and take pictures, stay in it. Then Gracie started barking and the bear looked up. That was scary because it looked right at us, so we decided to leave just incase the bear decided it’s appetite was more in for humans and poodles that day.

I apologize to any of you that is upset by this photo, but the bear was just so cool!!!

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Ghosts and Stupidity

Friday, August 28th, 2009

All right I just had to post this to show how stupid I really can be…

I thought I was going insane while I was sitting in my room because I thought I kept hearing stuff. At first I assumed it was the ghost that I am positive haunt my room.  Let me just say, yes my room is haunted and it is really scary. I am not saying this because I am a baby who believes in monsters underneath my bed. I seriously have ghosts, my room is so creepy, specially my closet. Ask anyone who has been in my room. Anyway, I digress. Then I thought I was just plain crazy.

So I have been sitting here on and off for about an hour. I just sat back down and heard it again.

Turns out: I was sitting on my ipod.

I had been freaking out about nothing. That is just how dumb I am, figures I would do something like that. I guess the hold wasn’t on and I sat down and it turned on.Weirdest part, I bet you can’t guess what randomly started playing. I actually didn’t even think I had this on my ipod. Guess…. you won’t get it right.

Bill Cosby

Didn’t guess right did you? Weird and kind of creepy. OH well just wanted to share a moment of insanity with the general public. A reminder to the random populace, put the hold on your ipod or suffer the consequences of your butt deciding to listen to Bill Cosby. If only I had been warned.

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Wildlife Across the Country

Friday, August 28th, 2009


On my road trip from Michigan back to home, my mom and I stopped in many different places like Bend, Oregon, Theodore Roosevelt National Park, Bismarck, and many other wonderful, and not so wonderful places. On our stops we saw weird stuff, some of the stuff we saw was awesome wildlife.

Here are some photos of wildlife we found, except the parrot, it was some woman’s pet that she was walking around with in Bend. We had some really great experiences and now I have personally visited at least half of the states in the USA. Cool beans.

The chipmunk was at Newbury National Volcanic Monument, and the llama was one of many at a llama farm we passed driving through Oregon. Yet another thing we passed and turned around to go see. The llama was eyeballing me, I was scared for my life. I named him Oreo, and that shall be his name. Okay, and p.s. that parrot person, is a lady. I swear to it.

Just a few of many cool animals we saw. We also saw, black bears, bison, herons, marmots, lots of deer, and a lot more.

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Post Summer Heat

Friday, August 28th, 2009

People think I am strange for not liking the sun, it is true that it is a little weird to say that. For me it is just the plain truth. I am not the sun’s biggest fan, that doesn’t mean I don’t like sunshine every once and a while or some good weather because I do like that.

The problem is living in Scotts Valley basically, that is all there is. I enjoy diversity of weather, not heat, heat, heat, then fog creating an everlasting chain of uncommitted weather. Let’s face it Scotts Valley is a pretty regualer place when it comes to weather. There is almost no rain, it only gets remotely cold, and it is almost always sunny. So as I said, I enjoy the sun, sometimes. Not ever day for my entire life. I love rain, seeing fall leaves, snow, and some nice sun. But here there is just sun and fog.

Not to mention the strange placement of the little weather that actually happens. So today and yesterday have been hotter than Hades and you could fry an egg on the pavement at my school in the 100+ degree weather. It is ridiculous. The worst part is, I might have actually minutely enjoyed this weather if it was during summer when I needed it!! But of course, no, the hottest days of the year fall right when summer ends so we are stuck in boiling classrooms wishing we were at the beach swimming. It was so hot yesterday I got heat stroke out on the golf course. Not only do the hottest days of the year here fall not in summer but when summer is over, it really doesn’t get cold until around feburary or march if it gets cold at all. It bugs me because I can never tell what todays weather is so I just assume sunny.

What are you supposed to do when it is this hot anyway? Go to the beach is the usual answer but typically right now, I don’t have the luxury of time to indulge in such whimsy. Nor would I particularly want to go with the crowd swarming there, it really bugs me when you can’t really go swimming in the ocean because everytime you move you fear stepping on some little toddler as it floats by with little arm floaties. Ugh, claustrophobia to the max on hot days at the beach. Besides swimming in overly crowded pools or beaches what is there to do? I mean it is too hot to even cook dinner right now. What is there left but boredom.

Oh well I guess we are left to suffer in the heat of an unforgiving sun beating down on our backs. I will hide out in the shade and pray for rain, if you see me doing the rain dance outside your window. I tell you, do not be afraid.

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