The people that have read this blog have been confused by a few things. This is my clarification of how to understand and navigate this blog.

Commenting: If you wish to leave a comment on one of my posts all you have to do is click on the little blue dot located underneath each post with a number in it. This blue dot will take you to another page with just the post where you can comment all you like. And please, leave comments, I really enjoy knowing someone is interested. They don’t have to be nice comments either mind you, just appropriate ones.

Knowing When New Posts are Added: If you decide you do indeed want to follow my blog, the first thing to know is know that every day I try to post at least one new item whether it is a poem, rant, photo, or story. So if you want to check this everyday, but don’t want the hassle of checking when new stuff isn’t actually up yet, hit the RSS feed here. The RSS feed is also available as the little orange stamp looking icon down on the bottom right hand corner every page. This thing makes it so that every time I do something new to the blog, you the faithful reader, will be contacted via email that there is new content here.

Contacting Me: If you are having some problem understanding the blog further, or just want to ask me a question you can email me at – email hidden; JavaScript is required. If you find something else needed for this page, or if you discover some problem on the blog, just leave me a message.

Well enjoy my work, I look forward to your comments.

One Response to “Help”

  1. Patty Burgdorf says:

    Way to go Monica, I wondered around for half hour and was totally entertained. You are a fantastic story teller and your poems are insightful. I will be checking in for more. Thanks