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Yellow Mushroom

Saturday, July 31st, 2010

My mom and I happened upon this peculiar yellow mushroom on a hike above the Hungarian Falls in Upper Michigan. It really did look fake, like a rubber mushroom.

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The Horrors of Butterflies 2

Thursday, July 29th, 2010

As I said before in my earlier post, The Horrors of Butterflies, butterflies are so creepy yet so beautiful. It is this deceiving nature of the butterflies beauty that I find horrifying just how easy it is to look at a butterfly and fawn over its beauty only to realize just how truly scary looking and ugly they really are. Here are a few more photos of butterflies that illustrate not only they beauty but their ugliness as well.


Bald Eagle

Wednesday, July 28th, 2010

One of the most amazing things about Michigan is the majestic bald eagle. The bald eagle is a frequent sight were I stay in upper Michigan and we love every second of it. These birds are truly amazing and beautiful. I have to say though they seem a little creepy at times because they are always so aware of your presence. Whenever I go near them they always watch me and never take their eyes off until they fly away. I love seeing them and for those of you who don’t get to see them often, here is one of my best shots of him this year for all of you to enjoy!

This is the eagle down on the point. He is always sitting in this tree watching us no matter what time it is. He just took of when I got this picture and you can still see his watching eyes.


Creeper Photo: Dr. Pepper

Monday, July 26th, 2010

I think this photo could be a DR. Pepper advertisment or something. You were really cute and I thought it was funny the way you were sitting. You seemed like you wished you could stay right there over looking Monument Valley with your doctor pepper but when I came back all that was left of you was the empty bottle. Thanks for the photo 😀


Ode to the Out of Place Things

Sunday, July 25th, 2010

There are always things in places where they don’t really belong. Take this pear for example, left half eaten on a Lake Superior shore of an old copper smelting factory. No person for miles that could have left it there, yet it looked fresh. Not even a few hours old. Just sitting perched on the edge of a sandstone wall. How did it get there, who left it and why. It doesn’t belong but it still is. This is an ode to the things that seem out-of-place, the lone person you see standing in a moving crowd, a child’s shoe in the middle of a market place, all of the things that stand out like something colored in a world of greys, notice them before they all disappear into the ordinary.


Chicago River Blue

Friday, July 23rd, 2010


Welcome to my Brain…

Thursday, July 22nd, 2010

Today was an interesting day, I had an MRI. On the many avenues I have traveled down in search of a diagnosis for my unknown illness, this was the most intense of all the methods of diagnosing. It was in an open bore MRI machine but there really wasn’t anything open about it…

As the doctor was briefing me on the procedure we tells me the only side effect to inserting the contrast that has been seen is nausea and vomiting. He said it only happened in about 4 out of 300 people who had contrast injected along with the MRI procedure so I had nothing to worry about. He also told me that if I got nauseated that I would throw up, no question about it. I would definitely throw up if I didn’t feel good. As soon as he said this I knew I would be one of those people who got sick. He injected the contrast and lo and behold I just looked at him and said, I am going throw up. So he ran over and took of all the head-gear and gave me a basket. I almost threw up but actually didn’t which was suprising. He just laughed and said, you proved me wrong, you are the only one who didn’t throw up after feeling sick.

Lucky me.

Many people have told me they wanted to see my brain and the way I think. Also many people have questioned if I had a brain. Here is the answer. Here is about every view of my brain, enjoy 😀


Creeper Photo: Cow Man

Wednesday, July 21st, 2010

At first I wasn’t sure what you were doing but then I saw the little wooden cow sculpture in your hands. You were making a wooden carving of the cow sculpture. I wonder what made you choose this sculpture as your inspiration. It seems a little bit strange to have a sculpture as the model for a sculpture, but who am I to judge. You were interesting to watch as you marked the places on your little cow that needed work and more carving. You were so serious and intent on your work, it is nice to see an artist so committed to their work. Keep it up cow man.


Catching Up: Chicago

Sunday, July 18th, 2010

For the last couple of days I have been in Chicago to celebrate my grandmothers 70th birthday with my dad’s side of the family. My mom, brother, and I drove down to Chicago and we met the rest of our family there. We stayed right downtown and it was really nice but ridiculously hot and humid out. So here is the recap of our days happenings.

The first day after we arrived we walked around downtown Chicago after a few interesting incidents…. like Gabe humping the entering Wisconsin sign. Yes my little brother is strange.

The first thing we did in Chicago was an architectural design river tour on the Chicago River. It was very interesting to travel through Chicago by river and then go out into Lake Michigan to see the Chicago skyline. We also went along the navy pier.

It was nice hanging out with our Philadelphia cousins and seeing all of our family in such a cool setting. The heat was not very enjoyable though, especially walking blocks after blocks in the boiling heat and humidity. We met my grandmother’s brother and sister-in-law at a nice restaurant right on the river. They gave us about four free desserts because they thought they took a long time to get our food out but I thought it was really normal. The desserts were amazing, like one which was a mint ice cream cake coated in a marshmallow cream that had chocolate drizzled on it. So good!

After that we walked around some more and headed over to Millennium Park. By that time we are running from one shady spot to another trying desperately to escape the sun. So we were hiding in the shade while I was trying to get pictures. Meanwhile Aunt Eileen was having fun with a cow sculpture…

We had a brief visit to the Art Institute of Chicago after a long day but we were so tired that we bailed out quickly to go back to the hotel room for resting time.

The next day my family went to Gino’s East a famous pizza place in downtown Chicago. It was featured on Man v.s. Food, my family are big fans of that show and try to go to the places on the show any time we can. Like when we visited the Crab Pot in Seattle. We got to Gino’s and the decorations were amazing. The entire building was graffiti up and covered in writing and pictures. Not to mention the food. I never had deep dish pizza before so Chicago’s Gino’s was the best place to start I figured. I was totally right. I was worried I wouldn’t like it but it was so good. It had an amazing cornmeal crust that just blew us away.

We also went to Al’s Italian Beef restaurant which was also featured on Man v.s Food. We had it catered to my uncle’s home for my grandma’s birthday dinner. We got to make it ourselves which was quite the experience. It was so good and you got to dip your sandwich in the sauce and it was one of the best sandwiches I have ever had.

Over all we had a lot of fun and it was really nice to hang out with my whole family. There were a lot of laughs and very strange things but it was so great to see all of my family that I normally don’t see.

Grandma’s birthday party was a lot of fun and I can’t wait for another little re-union like this one to get to see everyone together again. Happy Birthday Grandma!!


Travel Update: Chicago

Thursday, July 15th, 2010

Basically I am way to tired to post anything decent so…. sorry. Here is the re-cap. Yesterday my mom, little brother and I drove down to Chicago for my grandmother’s 70th birthday. It is kind of a big family reunion with all of the family from my dad’s side. We have been walking, taking tours, visiting museums, and of course eating lots of food. I am tired now, and don’t feel good so I will give you a random photo from my road trip to mask the lack of attention to the actual writing within this post.

I will give a more detailed update when I am feeling better. But one quick little tid- bit of info, they are filming transformers three right now, right here and blowing up a dock we were on today. Yea…. goodnight.