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Being in Berlin

Thursday, May 15th, 2014

Leaving a city where the very ground I walked upon was over two thousand years old and every corner I turned held a new ancient wonder to behold for a city built from rubble with sky reaching buildings and a modern sheen. This is a clash of two very different worlds that I have suddenly found myself inhabiting in the span of a few short days. Rome to Berlin, the first leg of my journey. Ancient to Modern, where no longer do I feel the touch of tufa under my fingertips, instead it is the sleek and shiny veneer of glass and a skyscraper’s concrete. Only a few short hours by plane apart, but a world of a difference.

My time in Rome is done. I still cannot quite get over those words, my tongue stumbles and my heart breaks. It is a strange time of transition in which I am done in Rome, but still not going home. I am finding new homes with friends along the way on a mini tour of Europe for a month: Berlin, London, Amsterdam (Utrecht). One month, four countries including Italy, a slow paced exploration of things beyond the boot shaped peninsula I called home for a semester. When I decided to stay in Europe I wanted to do things right. Dedicate a fair amount of time to each place I went to, to try to get a feel of what these places are like beyond the monuments and the famous sights. I hope I can achieve that, but honestly what I feel right now is tired. Tired from the emotional and physically draining experience of saying goodbye to a huge part of my life. This will be a grand adventure of that I am sure, but what it holds I really cannot know.

Berlin: A city that has taught me how to love Chai Lattes, listen to the rain, seek out church bells, and find life in every neighborhood tucked into this great city. Berlin is complicated and in my short time here I by no means whatsoever lay claim to know it, but I have come to enjoy it. I honestly wasn’t sure how I would feel coming to Berlin right after Rome. I wasn’t sure I would like it just by virtue of the fact that it wasn’t Rome, but I am glad to say that is not so. It is so wildly different, I cannot even begin to bring myself to compare them or equate them even though it is interesting to discover their differences.

My first night in Berlin my old college roommate met me in the airport and it felt like we had never left Berkeley in a strange way. Just the two of us in Germany, together. It was disorienting but great, I loved getting to see her as I set foot outside of the airport. I would be staying with her the duration of my stay in Berlin, almost a whole week. Without thinking much of it, because we were so enwrapped in conversation, we took a bus and the U-Bahn to her apartment in Kreuzberg, a lovely neighborhood in Berlin. We went into the U-Bahn with fading light and came out into darkness, my first night in Berlin.

After showing me her adorable apartment, which she shares with two elderly German ladies who do not speak a word of English and another student named Ti. I collected myself from a long day of stressful travel and we went out for a little dinner at a Thai food place where we sat and talked for hours. We talked about cultural differences, our respective study abroad experiences, and just life in general. The Thai food was a huge marvel to me because Italy really only has one type of food offered and it is Italian food, so seeing my favorite type of food and getting to eat it was quite a treat. After finishing we wandered down the adorable streets of her neighborhood lined with colorful restaurants, cafes, and bars all decorated cutely, and settled on an adorably hipster little bar where, like the real adults that we are, got non-alcoholic fruity beverages that were really fantastic. Sitting in a warm corner of the bar on couches and leather armchairs we continued talking well after our drinks were gone.

It was a great first night in Berlin and since I was exhausted from not really having slept in the last two weeks because of finals and then leaving Rome, I went to sleep around midnight. I went to bed with the sound of raining falling just outside our window, wondering what Berlin had to show me next.


Out of Season

Saturday, April 6th, 2013

Day Five.

Found on the outskirts of you,
A new being began.
Born from the puddles of summer rain;
Constructed from the petals of May flowers;
Lost in a season not of its own kind
But of a colder climate that strips beauty
By the roots and plucks petals placed on eyelids
Like coins for Charon on a cold winter day.
This deification of displaced days
Is lost in the blur of a summer breeze
Caught in the heart of a winter waiting on change.
But without a place to lay their heads
The tulips bow under the weight of a season
Celebrated too soon.


Breaking Point

Monday, April 9th, 2012

Laughter is strung out between souls
Souls that will never touch or see one another
But still feel the tug and pull
Of the string between two cans
That vibrates as words crawl from one to another
Spanning the space between those who cannot see
But still believe
Like whispered secrets sent from window to window
By children without bed times or nightlights to guide them
They cling to that string and use it to weave a life
With or without finding the end of that thread
The thread that pulls and strains
As time places the weight of distance
On the iron shoulders of eternity
Strumming the string of vitality
Feeling the shiver before the break
The untwining of the thread
Right before it unravels
That last grasping second as time slows
Before there is the
Can you hear the laughter drifting away
On the ends of a broken string
It echoes out and fades
Never to reach the end of that line
That was strung too tight
But never tight enough to hold the other
Anchored at the end
Where two souls would become one
Like a violin strung too tight
The wires scream and grind until
The breaking point
And the twang of a string destroyed by the twisting of time
The loss of sound with a deafening silence
Brought about by the abundance of sound
At the end of an unraveling thread
That carried so many secrets
So many laughs on sunny days
The sounds of a soul crying for the other
Will never find their way
Left alone now in the world
Knowing no one is on the other end of that string
No one to listen or care
Just the silence
Suspended on the wind
Until it is picked up again


Post Summer Heat

Friday, August 28th, 2009

People think I am strange for not liking the sun, it is true that it is a little weird to say that. For me it is just the plain truth. I am not the sun’s biggest fan, that doesn’t mean I don’t like sunshine every once and a while or some good weather because I do like that.

The problem is living in Scotts Valley basically, that is all there is. I enjoy diversity of weather, not heat, heat, heat, then fog creating an everlasting chain of uncommitted weather. Let’s face it Scotts Valley is a pretty regualer place when it comes to weather. There is almost no rain, it only gets remotely cold, and it is almost always sunny. So as I said, I enjoy the sun, sometimes. Not ever day for my entire life. I love rain, seeing fall leaves, snow, and some nice sun. But here there is just sun and fog.

Not to mention the strange placement of the little weather that actually happens. So today and yesterday have been hotter than Hades and you could fry an egg on the pavement at my school in the 100+ degree weather. It is ridiculous. The worst part is, I might have actually minutely enjoyed this weather if it was during summer when I needed it!! But of course, no, the hottest days of the year fall right when summer ends so we are stuck in boiling classrooms wishing we were at the beach swimming. It was so hot yesterday I got heat stroke out on the golf course. Not only do the hottest days of the year here fall not in summer but when summer is over, it really doesn’t get cold until around feburary or march if it gets cold at all. It bugs me because I can never tell what todays weather is so I just assume sunny.

What are you supposed to do when it is this hot anyway? Go to the beach is the usual answer but typically right now, I don’t have the luxury of time to indulge in such whimsy. Nor would I particularly want to go with the crowd swarming there, it really bugs me when you can’t really go swimming in the ocean because everytime you move you fear stepping on some little toddler as it floats by with little arm floaties. Ugh, claustrophobia to the max on hot days at the beach. Besides swimming in overly crowded pools or beaches what is there to do? I mean it is too hot to even cook dinner right now. What is there left but boredom.

Oh well I guess we are left to suffer in the heat of an unforgiving sun beating down on our backs. I will hide out in the shade and pray for rain, if you see me doing the rain dance outside your window. I tell you, do not be afraid.

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