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My name is Monica Multer, I am currently a sophomore at UC Berkeley who just has a lot on her mind.  I enjoy literature of every kind, going running, hanging out in Santa Cruz and Berkeley or with my friends, traveling anywhere, playing with my dog, and of course writing.  I am just an overall eccentric person always striving for something more in life.

I want to become an author some day, I do work ranging from poetry, short stories, books, or just plain randomness that pops into my brain. The stuff I write can be funny, dark, abstract, all depending on my mood.

This blog is just a way of expressing myself, anyone can follow along as each day I post a new story of some sort. This is the first thing I have ever done like this so take it easy on me. I hope you enjoy and please comment on everything so I can become a better writer and person.

I fancy myself a people person, but not in the aspect that most people think. I enjoy people some days and the other days I come close to loathing them. In the end I am simply fascinated by the way people act and why they do the things they do. My blog is a way for me to explore my thoughts about the people I know, the people I love, the people I hate, all the people I see, and finally all the people I know nothing about. When I see people I see potential. Not just their ability to grow or succeed but the potential of their very being. What they really are or could become if they put their minds to it. Everyone has the possibility to succeed but only the ones who reach out and grasp that potential can move forward. I try to show people this. I show that there is darkness and light in every heart and mind you pass by. Strangers, children, parents, relatives, everyone has a story. I think it is my job to tell their stories.

Through photos, stories, and poems I am writing out the stories of the people around you. The people you walk by everyday and don’t stop to talk with, the people you worked with for years but never asked about their lives. The people who are alone, drowning in a secret, or a story about how they came to be. I am their storyteller. Sharing their lives, the good and bad, of how humanity has risen and fallen into what it is today.

Maybe this blog will change you, make you talk to the person you ignore on the bus everyday. Maybe you will help someone who is struggling, or maybe you will reach out and lend a hand to someone who is drowning in silence. Most of all I just want you, the reader, to understand. Understand not who I am but who you are. Who you can become by opening your eyes to the world and recognizing that all around you there is beauty in this ugly place and it is up to you to find it.

Welcome to my blog.

21 Responses to “About”

  1. Karen Multer says:

    Congrats Monica, I really enjoyed reading all your various writings ! Keep going, I think you’re on to something…


  2. val says:

    you are the best Monica! Thanks for sharing with us!

  3. Sally Kamian says:

    Wow Monica – I enjoyed reading your entries! You are a great writer. I am looking forward to checking back soon and seeing what is new. I also forwarded the link to Jenelle! Have fun, Sally

  4. Aunt Bea says:

    You are one fantastic writer and poet. I love your expressions and humor. Keep up the good work.

  5. kim says:

    I think the lemon in the water is to help make the glass look clean and smell fresh even though it was poorly hand washed in old dish water. Cheers!!

  6. kim says:

    By the way what’s with a sprig of parsley on food? Like an omelette or a sandwhich or in soup and on fruit plates? Is the restaurant cook trying to hide something or just an idiot? And why the Hell does Denny’s put the green weed on every single plate one orders!!! Parsley on pancakes!! Stop the Madness!!

  7. kim says:

    Oh since you have me going.. I’ll order a Grand Slam with extra crisp bacon with of course your famous glass of warm water with a lemon wedge, two old wilted sprigs of parsley on my hot cakes and your trademark red and blue cellophane toothpicks stuck in an old pineapple wedge.

    I’ll use the red frizzy cellophane toothpick to pick the stale parsley out from between my teeth in your parking lot

  8. George Hoyem says:

    Monica – great BLOG! keep it up.

    Uncle George

  9. Hailey Roumimper! yes! says:

    is there a spot to respond to your thoughts/rants? because i was deeply disturbed by the bear eating the horse photos and then i searched all over your website for a way to respond to it even though i should be doing hw that i’m way behind on ok not the point the point is that those pictures were sad and nasty and in the spot that says “Mail” over here to the left you did mean my email address right? because who uses mailing address anymore anyway unless you want to send bad news or a birthday card. i’m hungry i shall go eat some pasta now. adieu to you! 😛

  10. Aunt Bea says:

    You are amazing!!!

  11. Megan O says:

    Monica, your photos are awesome-I really like “Baby Shoe Gangster”. Keep them & your poems flowing….

  12. Fergus Ferrier says:

    Happy Birthday Monica. I finally got around to checking out your Website, and it’s just as impressive as your notebook (which I looked at as a casual teacher of your art class one afternoon a couple of weks ago). Oddly enough, I was in the process of trying to compose a poem for my ladyfriend, whose b-day is tomorrow, the 6th, so perhaps you’ve nudged me toward my goal?

  13. Fergus Ferrier says:

    Wrote one, edited and sent it. Not bad, but eager to try again. That’s probably how you view poem writing as well.

    I have a bunch of stories of writers that date from age 17 …

  14. George Hoyem says:


    I love your photos! I am starting to collect them. Make sure you put up hi-res versions on your site. Keep it up!

    Uncle George

  15. Chriso says:

    Hey Monica! Your blog is such an embodiment of creativity! You continue to inspire me every day, and I am extremely thankful to have you as a friend. Happy writing!

  16. Kayla Exley says:

    Hey MoMo!
    I love your blog spot! You have taken some amazing pictures lately (and all the time!). Keep up the great work!

  17. Katy Kuhn says:

    You pitures from Joshua Tree were fantastic. You did good with the Red Tail Hawk pictures. Bookmarked your page and will keep checking back. Thanks for the invite.

  18. Tracy says:

    Hi Monica! Love your photos and poetry. Your future is so bright. Keep up the good work!! Miss you!

  19. Renee Patton says:

    Hi Monica – I love your blog – you’re an amazing writer and truly inspirational. Being able to unleash your creativity and then turning it into something is truly a gift. Keep up the good work! XOXO Renee

  20. Kristi Wolf says:

    Hi Monica, Always enjoy your photos. Especially like the “The Bridge”. Rustic architecture in nature is a favorite photo theme of mine. Looks like I need to visit Joshua tree Park!
    Thanks, Kristi

  21. Robert Azensky says:

    Searching Bruce Telopa Bigelow (Telopa) I blundered on your wonderful blog…. I started at 2009 and jumped to 2015. Congratulations on your journey with art. Robert Azensky Fine Art Soquel, Caliofrnia.