August 28th, 2009

All right I just had to post this to show how stupid I really can be…

I thought I was going insane while I was sitting in my room because I thought I kept hearing stuff. At first I assumed it was the ghost that I am positive haunt my room.  Let me just say, yes my room is haunted and it is really scary. I am not saying this because I am a baby who believes in monsters underneath my bed. I seriously have ghosts, my room is so creepy, specially my closet. Ask anyone who has been in my room. Anyway, I digress. Then I thought I was just plain crazy.

So I have been sitting here on and off for about an hour. I just sat back down and heard it again.

Turns out: I was sitting on my ipod.

I had been freaking out about nothing. That is just how dumb I am, figures I would do something like that. I guess the hold wasn’t on and I sat down and it turned on.Weirdest part, I bet you can’t guess what randomly started playing. I actually didn’t even think I had this on my ipod. Guess…. you won’t get it right.

Bill Cosby

Didn’t guess right did you? Weird and kind of creepy. OH well just wanted to share a moment of insanity with the general public. A reminder to the random populace, put the hold on your ipod or suffer the consequences of your butt deciding to listen to Bill Cosby. If only I had been warned.

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6 Responses to “Ghosts and Stupidity”

  1. Nick Multer says:

    Ya…. if I had the ghost of Bill Cosby hanging out in my closet jabbering on about nothing I’d be absolutely terrified as well.

  2. Golnoosh says:

    That is so funny! Yet, scary if I was in the same position as you…

    Aha Bill Cosby. In TOK Wahl asked Camille whether or not her last name belong to one of the most famous wives of Cosby, cause of the Cosby show! ahaha, i love that class!

  3. zeph says:

    hahaha ive had that happen to me before… i can swear someone is talking, or theres an unidentified noise… and everyone says “oh no zeph your just crazy” but IM NOT. im just sitting on my ipod. 🙂

  4. shadi says:

    omg first of all ahahahaha! Second i have to come to ur house and see ur haunted room and creepy closet! Third, that reminds me of this time when i was sitting in Bio class freshman year and we here this noise but nobody can figure out where its coming from and then someones like i think its coming from ur backback and i check it and its my ipod playing some song in a high pitched voice and we spent half of the class time figuring this out! hahaha

  5. Mackenzie says:

    all I have to say is WOW monica! HAHAHAHAHA

  6. numba oneee (sarah) says: