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Road Trip: Zion & KA

Tuesday, June 29th, 2010

We are staying another night in Vegas but during the daytime my mom and I took a day trip up to Zion National Park in Utah.

The park was really beautiful, it reminded us a lot about Yosemite in California except it was in the desert and with red rocks. We went on two hikes today, up to the lower, then upper Emerald pools and after that we headed up to the top of the park to go hike in Zion’s Narrows. It was really hot out and slightly hard to hike in but we had a lot of fun and had some great views of the park.

We met a nice Israeli couple on our trip and we became photo buddies. We would take a picture of them together with their camera then they would do that for us. We basically leap frogged up to the Emerald Pools and met up again on the shuttle up to the Narrows. It was really fun meeting them and I liked his Yamaka.

The Narrows were not quite what I was expecting but that is because we didn’t get to go up all the way. The Narrows is the very top of Zion where the road narrows to just a river. So to get into the Narrows you have to hike up a river with high currents and deep water.

After we left Zion we had to book it back to Vegas because we had a showing of Cirque du Soleil’s KA. I have been trying to go to a Cirque du Soleil show so naturally I was psyched out of my mind.

KA is a show about two twins that get separated by another tribe of warriors and their journey’s. The show was beyond amazing. The music, acrobatics, costumes, and everything else was mind-blowing. I wish I could have taken photos to show just how amazing the show was. Sadly we weren’t allowed to take photos so you will just have to take my word for it.

It was a perfect ending to a very long but fun day.


Road Trip 2010: Las Vegas

Monday, June 28th, 2010

Day one of my journey to Michigan by car began today at 4:30. I miss the rest of my family already and my dog. The first day of our trip ended in Las Vegas Nevada. First thing I am going to say is this: IT WAS 111 DEGREES OUT WHEN WE ENTERED NEVADA!!

I thought it being sunny was brutal but this heat was unbearable. I kept seeing cars on the side of the road overheated and I felt so horrible for those people and grateful at the same time because if we hadn’t gotten the new car that would probably be us on the side of the road. Our trip out was relatively uneventful but fun. I watched the Hangover in the car to prepare myself for staying in Cesar’s Palace.

These hotels on the strip are so amazingly cool in my mind because last time we went to Vegas we spent a majority of the time in an R.V. park. So in comparison it is amazingly nice. Sadly I didn’t feel good at all for the first part of our time in the Hotel. I had to get over feeling bad though because my favorite part of Vegas was coming up. Eating at the Bellagio buffet. Sad I know that I look forward to food so much but this buffet is the best thing in the entire world. My biggest regret last time I was in Vegas was not getting to  try the desserts because they looked amazing.

Naturally I fixed that this year by taking every type of desert they had and taking one bite out of each. It was fun but to say that I was stuffed by the end is a gross understatement. So much fun! We spent some time walking around the Bellagio and checking out there cool gardens which consisted of animal sculptures made from flowers and giant glass flowers.

The frog was my favorite out of the bees, lady bugs and snails. After the Bellagio we went back to Cesar’s to do a little shopping. It has been a long day and tomorrow is going to be a longer one. Stay tuned for more stories about the rest of the trip!

P.S. I will be posting more elaborate stories on the parts of this day in later posts when my schedule isn’t so hectic.


Travel Update: Michigan Road Trip

Sunday, June 27th, 2010

Tomorrow morning at 4 o’clock my mom and I will be beginning again our yearly road trip to Michigan. This time around we are swinging low down to the blistering southern states of Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, and so on. Everyday I will be updating my blog with details about our trip like Las Vegas, Grand Canyon, Mesa Verde, Monument Valley and more. So stay tuned to see if I survive another road trip up to Michigan. This one is going to be long and hot but hopefully all worth it!


Woodies on the Wharf

Saturday, June 26th, 2010

Today I went to the Woodies on the Wharf for the first time. Sad I know, I have lived in Santa Cruz almost all of my life and I have never actually been to the Woodies on the Wharf. Let me tell you, it was mobbed. There were so many cars there. I know it is all about cars but it there were rows after rows of these awesome oldie cars, ranging from the shiniest things you will ever see to cars made out of wood  and cars of every color.

My mom, brother and I rode our bikes down to the wharf and it was sheer insanity. Having so many people packed onto that dock made it seem like it would almost collapse at any moment. Anyways, the show was very interesting but frustrating to take pictures at because it is nearly impossible to get a photo without five random people standing right in your way. Here are a couple of my favorites.

This futuristic yellow car almost didn’t appear to be a Woodie but all the same it was a really cool car. Normally yellow screams taxi cab but this car pulled off the blinding sun colored yellow. It was just so sleek and the front was very interestingly shaped. On the opposite end of the spectrum was this car, the Monster Woodie as it’s license plate implies. This car was gigantic. I think you could drive clear over other cars with this thing. It really was a monster.

Another part of the show that I really enjoyed was all the hood ornaments.

It was an interesting show. I have one question though, how the heck do they get these cars so shiny? It is ridiculous, you have to wear sunglasses to even get near them because the reflection coming off these bad boys can kill.I look forward to it next year and I am happy I finally got to see the Woodies on the Wharf.


Creeper Photo: Eye Contact

Friday, June 25th, 2010

You were an interesting person and made me a little sad. You felt out-of-place, almost like you were heading upstream. You were headed somewhere but I do not know where. Maybe it was the fact that you wouldn’t look anyone in the eye that caught my attention. You just kept moving with your head held down and tried to ignore the rest of the world around you. I wonder what you were trying to hide from, who you were trying to block out. I wonder if it worked.


Black Bird

Thursday, June 24th, 2010

In a dark forest of old oak trees, where no human would enter there was a desperate fluttering of wings and the movement of tangled branches. A baby bird struggled to free itself from the gnarled grip of the trees limbs. It had fallen in the night from its nest and hung in the balance of life and death. Caught by the hands of an old oak tree. It hadn’t yet learned to fly so it was doomed to fall or be set free. Learn to fly fast or die trying.

A girl watched from a short distance away, the bird’s futile attempt to be freed. She knew the forest was a place forbidden and had been told by her elders it was a cursed and evil place. But still she picked herself up from her little stone perch and walked towards the old gnarled tree. She looked up at the bird and the bird looked down on her.

“You are going to fall baby bird and probably die. I want to save you but I don’t know how. If you could lend me your wings, maybe I could use them to save you from that tree.”

“Little girl little girl,” the poor baby bird cried, “please help me, I am too young to die. I will give you my wings, but you will have to learn to fly. I cannot teach you because I too am just a child. If I give you my wings, you could fly up and save me. You have hands that are gentle and could easily remove me from the tangled fingers that embrace me.”

So the little bird lent the girl its wings so the girl could fly and save the birds life. “You have to find my mother to teach you to fly, she said I was not ready yet. But it can’t hurt for you to try. She lives in the very top of the tree, alone in a nest made of black leaves. Look for the black leaves and her dark blue eyes, and then you will know it is my mother. She will teach you how to survive with my wings. Be careful girl, now you have my wings and my life. The trees are a dangerous place for a little girl to be. The birds can be jealous because they cannot leave the trees. You are of the children of the ground and many will try to be like you. Be wary of those with strange colored eyes for they will try to deceive you like they deceived me. They said I could fly but they tricked me, it is how I ended up stuck in this tree. Go fast now because I grow tired and weak. My little fragile heart is dying slowly.”

The little girl climbed up into the great old tree. Winding her way through branches of that twisted oak tree. The farther she went, the darker it got and soon she knew she would never be able to see the black leaves because everything was dark, not just the leaves. She found herself lost with no help in sight. With twigs in her hair and scratches on her hands she curled herself up and began to cry. It shuttered the leaves and brought about the cold wind. The little girl sobbed and didn’t know how to stop.

“What is a little girl like you doing up here where only the birds and leaves belong?”

The girl picked up her head and found a dark bird. It stood there before her with feathers black as coal and eyes that had a gold shine. “What brings you here child from the ground into the world of the children from the sky.”

“I am looking for a mother who has lost her child. A bird who lives in a nest of black leaves. I found the baby bird and she asked me for help. So she gave me her wings to go get some help. Are you a mommy who lives in a black nest?”

“Why yes dear child, and I have lost my baby bird. I guess that you need me to teach you how to use your wings, so you can save my baby child.”

“Yes, that is exactly why I am here. Teach me mother black bird to fly amidst the trees, to navigate the gnarled ways of the old oak tree so I can save the baby bird and bring it back to you safely. I just have one question to ask, why don’t you go save your baby yourself?”

“I can’t you see for I hurt my own wing. For now I am like you. All I can do is sing. I am bound to the ground and cannot fly to save my child’s life.”

So the little girls training began. The black bird taught her to fly so she could save the baby bird. One thing remained that bothered the little girl still. Something the baby bird had said but she couldn’t remember it now.

Now the little girl with twigs in hr hair had learned the techniques and the skill but had not flown, not quite yet. The bird with the golden eyes sat on the branch next to her and said. “It is time now for you to fly. I have given you my knowledge now it is up to you to fly. “

Something didn’t feel right though to the little girl, maybe it was the gleam in the black birds golden eyes. “ Are you sure I am ready, I feel I have just begun to learn.”

“Oh yes dear child, and I am sure your time is short to save the baby bird. Every minute you wait, is one heart beat less of its fluttering heart.”

So the little girl knew she would have to move fast to save the baby’s life. She took a deep breath and opened her eyes. She opened her wings and leaned off the branch. But then she was falling, falling way too fast. The limbs reaching out to claw her as she fell down amongst the trees. Tearing at her and hurting her as she tried to fly. She beat her wings but they were just too weak. Then she remembered the warning from the baby bird, the birds were jealous and would try to trick her. The mother had blue eyes, not gold. She knew she was deceived and like the little bird before her was doomed to fall and die. The little girl tried to let out a scream but it was too late.

The black bird with golden eyes lazily drifted down in spirals from the top of the trees. Singing a quiet song of sweet victory. The bird landed on the little girls back as she lay motionless on the ground. It picked out a few twigs and walked along her back.

“Now I have a body to use so I can become a child of the ground, no more bound by the twisted branches of the cursed oak tree. Free I will be, free at last.”

So the deceitful bird with golden eyes took the little girls body and made it her own. To live, breath, and die as a human would. The only remnants of the birds old past, was a tattoo of a pair of black wings that no one could see.

The baby bird was left to die, also tricked by the evil black bird, without wings or a chance to fight. It’s poor little heart just stopped beating one day. Two birds with one stone fell by the black birds hand. Leaving the old oak tree a few people emptier. With nothing left but the twisted branches of that gnarled old tree reaching out, beckoning to newcomers to enter into the forest where no child of the ground ever leaves.


Show Me

Wednesday, June 23rd, 2010

Show me what it means to be you
Pour out your soul
Let me look into the pool
It leaves behind
What will I see in the reflection
Will it be just you
Looking back at me
With somber eyes
And thin face that doesn’t smiles
Or will I see something
I will wish I had not
A demon or just the otherside
The side you never show
That hides behind you silent eyes
Just draw and let me see
What comes out to see me
Will you use black or grey
To outline your mind
Or will there be color
Spring out which
I never thought I would find
Is there something left in there
You have been hiding from me
Is there life left
In your dead eyes
Silently looking back at me
Is there love
Is there mercy
Is their feeling
Tucked away deep inside
In a place
You keep just for yourself
That you hide far from the world
Trying to protect what little
Is sacred in your heart
Will you show me
And open up you heart
Draw it
Write it
Or scream it out loud
Please just do something
So I know not to give up
So I know you’re still alive
So I know to keep digging
No matter what horrors I find
Because somewhere in there
Is the person
I once knew and loved
Please show me
What happened to you?

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Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010

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Santa Cruz

Monday, June 21st, 2010

It is an odd thing traveling across the country because I always find myself looking for towns just like Santa Cruz. No matter where I go I always see Santa Cruz in every place I go. I love Santa Cruz because it always feels like home and I hope someday I find a place that makes me feel just as at home as my first love and home, Santa Cruz.

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Sunday, June 20th, 2010

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