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Police on the Off Ramp

Monday, August 31st, 2009

I live in a closed in neighborhood off of an exit ramp, and you know what really cracks me up? Is when I see police sitting right there on the off ramp.

I come driving down the freeway, and I turn my blinker on to exit and start slowing down. Then right there off on the side of the exit is a cop. It wasn’t just a one time thing, I see cops there all the time. They just sit there and when you round the corner and hit the brakes wondering why the heck they would be hiding there. Personally it scares the crap out of me because for some reason I never expect it. Here are my main problems with this that make me laugh every time I see a cop waiting there. This is what goes through my mind.

  1. First thought is: Shit I need to slow down, normally this is the most important response to a cop, but the problem is that you are exiting. You get off the freeway going 65 mph and you can’t truly be expected to go from 65 to 35 in the three second span of the off ramp.
  2. My second thought: Would they really pull me over right here? They can’t seriously be trying to catch speeders because f they are, that is the wrong spot. Is it even legal to pull someone over when they are reducing speed on an off ramp? I would think so, because it is the transition spot between freeway speed and normal. If that is the case, this is my next thought.
  3. If they aren’t there to pull me over, why are they there? Is that the new hang out for cops or something? I just don’t get it. Maybe they are hiding from the other cops so they don’t actually have to work because they are almost always sitting there. Doing nothing. It just makes me laugh and wonder what is going through their heads.

Saddest part, sometimes I see people pulled over there by the cops. That probably means the cops chased them off the freeway and pulled them over on the ramp. That is some serious bad luck. I am glad I have never been pulled over.

Got to say, if I got pulled over right before I was going to exit and slow down, I would totally be pissed off. I mean you would almost be there, and then you see those lights and you curse the closest thing you can see. Namely whatever is hanging from your rearview mirror. Blame that, it makes you feel better. Just yell at as you pull over and wack it a few times. Then act super nice and innocent to the cop. As soon as he leaves we all know you will be cussing your head off at nothing.

Maybe next time I see a cop there I will pull over and ask him what he is doing, and get an answer to my problem. Maybe I will speed past them just to see if they will pull me over. Either way, those cops will still be there and I will still be wondering what that cop is doing on an off ramp to nowhere.

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