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Parrot Friend

Tuesday, November 3rd, 2009

I had the pleasure of meeting an extremely talented African Gray Parrot at Pike’s Place Market. On a street corner a man was performing with his bird. It was amazing. He could play dead, be thrown up into the air and do a 360, meow, and do flips on your hand. Truly incredible. I even got to hold him.


Just one of many weird things we encountered in Pike’s Place Market. Here is a little video I took.


Wildlife Across the Country

Friday, August 28th, 2009


On my road trip from Michigan back to home, my mom and I stopped in many different places like Bend, Oregon, Theodore Roosevelt National Park, Bismarck, and many other wonderful, and not so wonderful places. On our stops we saw weird stuff, some of the stuff we saw was awesome wildlife.

Here are some photos of wildlife we found, except the parrot, it was some woman’s pet that she was walking around with in Bend. We had some really great experiences and now I have personally visited at least half of the states in the USA. Cool beans.

The chipmunk was at Newbury National Volcanic Monument, and the llama was one of many at a llama farm we passed driving through Oregon. Yet another thing we passed and turned around to go see. The llama was eyeballing me, I was scared for my life. I named him Oreo, and that shall be his name. Okay, and p.s. that parrot person, is a lady. I swear to it.

Just a few of many cool animals we saw. We also saw, black bears, bison, herons, marmots, lots of deer, and a lot more.

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