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Tuesday, April 9th, 2013

Day Eight.

Fire found its feet in the coals of yesterday’s ashes
Nestled amongst the darkening stones
With a greater reverence born from dependence
Between the one who needs all and has nothing
And the one who has all but gives nothing
Folded in on what can never have a life of its own
This is an implosion of eternity
This dying ember cannot be awakened
By the words carried on whispered winds
Only the hands brave enough to reach in
And bear it upwards from the forgotten flame of yesterday
Into a new lightness not born
From the consumption of everything in its wake
But from the kindling of hearts that bring new light

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Tree Top

Sunday, April 7th, 2013

Sorry forgot to put up Day Six last night! Here it is!

The birds sat perched on tree tops
that never registered their feather weight
But still, I wonder
Do birds sit in tree tops for the view?

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Fox Trot. April 1, 2013

Monday, April 1st, 2013

Day One.

Trap snapped shut
Bones crack like the crackle of fire
Hair bristles like a soldier’s salute to the grave
Arms folded like American flags
Trying to pull in the pain
Gathering it slowly like a child to your chest
Cradle this cacophony of chaos
Like a bullet ricocheting in your brain
I am the fox with barred teeth under snarling lips
Peeled back like onion skin from the bone white beneath
With frantic eyes and fearful heart
Waiting for the hunter to find me.


Poetry Month

Monday, April 1st, 2013

The month of April is poetry month and to celebrate I am taking up the mantle of a challenge to write a poem every single day of this month. Be it short or long, I will try to put something poetic up everyday.

I am going to try out short poems which I have never really done before, so bare with me as I try something new.



Saturday, November 26th, 2011

I know it has been disappointing how little I am updating my blog but I just want everyone to know I am still here. I have recently been frustrated with my blog and feeling it has started to go in a direction that I never wanted. Very soon I am planning on starting a new and getting back to the way I wanted this blog to be. I am going to start writing more and publishing everyday as soon as finals is over, think of it as my New Years Resolution. So from New Years on I will start to regularly post again. I am sorry it won’t be sooner because I am heading into my first ever finals week at UC Berkeley but I will try to post when I can.

I am sorry if I have been letting down my readers but I am trying to start fresh very soon. So keep on holding on, the time has almost come.

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Catching Up

Sunday, September 11th, 2011

Honestly there is no excuse. I am in college, ym life is changing, but eventually I will be able to have the time to get caught back up on my blog. I still have hundreds of photos in all probability that need to be published for my Europe Trip and some new photos from my new life at Berkeley.

Here is how this is going to happen. I know the lack of postings has been disappointing, but I am going to try to begin posting again as often as possible. They will probably lack order if not finesse, but I  will do my best to start putting out material again. sorry for the confusion due to the lack of order that I will be using to put posts up, but hopefully once my life has settled, order will be had once more.

Thanks to those of you who have stuck around, lets start producing again 🙂


Utah Trip: Arches Take Two and More……!

Friday, June 17th, 2011

Today we decided to give Arches a second try but earlier, when there are not massive hordes of toursists all over the park. We had an extraordinary time! We first visited the Windows were there were no people at all and had a pleasnat, but extremely fast paced hike as we took pictures of the window arches.

Afterwards we headed over to the Delicate Arch where we were faced with a decision. To simply use the overlook of the arch or do a hike up a sheer rock face to stand right next to the cliff. We almost chose incorrectly and were thinking about doing the overlook for time’s sake. However in the end the hiker’s spirit won and we decided to make the trek to the arch. It was a decision we will never regret.

The pictures do not really give the mountain we climbed credit. It was difficult, not impossible but very hard in the high altitude. It was a lot of fun though toughing it out and climbing this mountain. The hike was amazing with awesome views of the valley and geological structures all along the way.

The climb up the mountain, the views, the amazing pathway, all are small pieces that made this hike perfect. Ending of course with the famed Delicate Arch. The most photographed arch in the park, it is clear why so many make this trek out into the desert; it is so unique and awe-inspiring.

Can you spot me in this next picture?

The cherry on top for this hike was the petroglyphs at the very end.

We had a lot of fun on this hike because it was just so amazing. It is definitiely on the top five if not top two of my favorite hikes list. We were even able to spot what I believe was a pretty sexy looking mountain goat on the pathway.

After that amazing experience we headed to the Devil’s Garden to go see the Landscape arch, possibly the biggest arch in the nation. However after our amazing hike at the Delicate Arch this one was relatively disappointing.

There were some pretty views from the short hike out but nothing like on the Delicate Arch.

We had done three hikes and seen the entire park and were thouroughly tired. Howveer our day had just begun, we still had a long drive and two more parks to see. Next on the list was a small park called Natural Bridges National Park.

Comprised of three arches, this park is very small. Sadly we were so tired that we couldn’t spend a sufficent amout of time necessary to explore this park and as a result it was slightly disappointing. The arches in comparison to Delicat Arch were almost shameful.

To exit the park and head ot our next destination we had to use the Moki Dugway, a short stretch of highway with intense switchbacks, incredible heights overlooking the area near Monument Valley, and did I mention that it wasn’t paved? Yep, after our flat tire we were extremely tire sensitive and were pretty afraid to drive on it but we had no choice. It turned out to be really pretty and very cool.

We decided to make a stop at Goosenecks State Park before we crossed the border into Arizona to see Monument Valley. The Colorado River has carved out some amazing bends and canyons into the valleys here which resulted in the creation of these goosenecks.

Our last aprk of the day was Monument Valley. However the pictures were not very good because the valley was so hazy due to the fire down in southern Arizona.

After that we decided to stay the nigt in Page, Arizona where we will conitnue our journey tomorrow.

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Saturday, March 12th, 2011

Sorry for the lack of posts… again. Life is hectic right now as my senior year brings me closer and closer to IB Exams. I have been working hard to catch up on my schooling after being gone for a week in Yellowstone.

However I got away from the hustle and bustle with some friends and took a road trip down to Cal Poly to see my brother. We went to the zoo and just hung out. More info on that will be coming over the next couple of days. I am hoping I will soon be back on track with posting. So here is a photo to tide you over, a funny look into the (inappropriate) life of Meerkats. (notice the guy just kind of chilling in the back ground watching).


Guest Blogger: Books

Saturday, August 14th, 2010

Books are like life, with a new chapter every day.  Books are like traveling, for you visit a new place ever day.  Book are like a heart that hasn’t been broken.

So here are Golnoosh and Monica’s conversation as I write…

Golnoosh: LEt me play With it!!!

Monica: How do you like the underside of my bench?

Golnoosh: I feel like a cat. I cannot sleep. Ok come on.  I GOT IT.

Monica: I don’t appreciate my pig being forced fed to me.  IT’s MY PIG I CAN JIGGLE IT IF I WANT

Golnoosh: You’re the jiggle master. Well I hate you. Well then you have Gaga (dancing)

Monica: laughing. OH WOW

Golnoosh: BYE beautiful.

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Friday, June 4th, 2010

SAT, ACT and anything of the sort = death. Sorry no time for posts my future is in the balance

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