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Wednesday, May 14th, 2014

Fingers trace the lines of the knotted wood polished, like rocks made smooth by the crashing of the waves, by the seeking hands of the needy. Desperate fingers ring the wooden front of the pew, hopeless fingers, hoping fingers, searching fingers, tired fingers, angry fingers, ecstatic fingers, but most of all, human fingers holding tight to the wooden beams of fallen trees lined up like old layers of bricks used to fortify the foundations of a building. The pews filled with people, each with a different word, or a different hole in their heart, seeking searching, for something they know not the name of, the know not the form of, nor know the true power of, yet they come with heads bent down and palms raised up for answers.

There is a side chapel in the Vatican, reserved for prayer alone, where tourists cannot enter unless it is God, not vacation experiences, they seek. A room of silent reverence where a strange feeling lingers in the air, an odd shared glance with the nun kneeling beside me in which I realize we are all here for the same thing. No matter who we were, where we came from, or the thousands of different reasons or things that happened to us in our lives that led us to this moment where a nun and I shared a knowing glance with one another, in which we both acknowledged that we came not for ourselves, but seeking another.

It is in the moment in which she is beginning to stand to leave that our eyes meet, a little smile shared, but no words spoken. When she has crossed herself and left the small chapel, I turn to look back at the now empty place beside me. My eyes rest on the red kneeling portion of the pew where the indents of her knees in the red material are still visible. These indents of burden, these indents of faith, these indents of understanding left in her vacant space. Knowing that when I stood to leave, my own indents would remain where I once was too. There was something beautiful in the space she left behind, like an afterimage of a single part of a larger being. We all walk these different roads, lead these different lives, but can you not hear the sound of a heart beat always in your ears, and have you ever wondered if it is not your own? Have you ever stopped to think that these afterimages we leave behind of ourselves are all simply pieces of a greater being, drifting like ghosts in a world not meant for them because they forgot the sound of their own heartbeat when it was entirely whole?

The afterimage begins to fade, the marks of being have risen again, the pew left empty ready for the next apparition with the questioning weight of knees bent who forgot their way home. I stand and look down on the marks I will leave behind, knowing soon they too will fade, forgotten, into the red material of the wooden pew. Wondering, what soul had occupied the same space before me, wondering what they had prayed for, and what had led them to this point where they got down on their knees.  Knowing soon, I myself will be an afterimage, flickering for a brief moment in a little chapel in the Vatican, in the heart of Rome, wondering where my ghostly feet will lead me.




Tuesday, September 14th, 2010

This was definitely one of my faorite pictures from my road trip to Michigan this year. There were old dock pilings that went on forever until they disappeared into the mist. The water was os placid and clear that the pilings reflected upon themselves causing a near ghostly effect.

The juxtaposition of this dead ghostly image with the fresh, new green plant growing out of it was splendid. The idea of old things growing into the new. This haunting and wonderful picture reminds me just how much I love driving across the country. You never know what sort of strange sights you will see in the most obscure of places. I wish I was out exploring instead of stressing over school. But hey, no use wishing away life, the next chances I get, I will be on the road again.


Creeper Photo: Mask

Wednesday, September 8th, 2010

I couldn’t really tell what your float was about but the people on it with you were very interesting. Your mask was enchanting something utterly demonic about it and at the same time it was almost childish. It matched your tattoo very well on your arm. You seemed like a stoic protector over your float. Like a silent ghost set down there, you hardly moved, just stared forward with your mask unmoving. You captivated me, thanks for being there, and thanks for the mask.


Don’t Tread On Me

Tuesday, December 15th, 2009


People walk around as if they are living in a dream. Wondering from one destination to the next without thought or questioning.

Frankly it sickens me to no extent. The fact that people can so blindly pass through life, the impassiveness of humanity is frightening.

What makes people care so little?

What is the root of humanity’s diconnect with the rest of the world around them? How can people stand to live a life without curiousity or adventure?

Is it even living?

If that is how you want to waste your life, walking around like a ghost. Watching your feet as you put one in front of the other, so be it. But I refuse to live like that.

As you watch me pass you, or maybe you won’t notice me at all. Don’t tread on me, don’t get in my way. I am going to live my life and if you are going to waste so precious a gift stay away from me.

If you are lost, come find me. If you seek change, to leave behind a ghost world that sticks to you like a shadow, come find me. Maybe we can scare away your demons together. Follow me down a path which is tread by so few. If you are walking the other way just make sure not to get in my way. I will not be stopped.


Ghosts and Stupidity

Friday, August 28th, 2009

All right I just had to post this to show how stupid I really can be…

I thought I was going insane while I was sitting in my room because I thought I kept hearing stuff. At first I assumed it was the ghost that I am positive haunt my room.  Let me just say, yes my room is haunted and it is really scary. I am not saying this because I am a baby who believes in monsters underneath my bed. I seriously have ghosts, my room is so creepy, specially my closet. Ask anyone who has been in my room. Anyway, I digress. Then I thought I was just plain crazy.

So I have been sitting here on and off for about an hour. I just sat back down and heard it again.

Turns out: I was sitting on my ipod.

I had been freaking out about nothing. That is just how dumb I am, figures I would do something like that. I guess the hold wasn’t on and I sat down and it turned on.Weirdest part, I bet you can’t guess what randomly started playing. I actually didn’t even think I had this on my ipod. Guess…. you won’t get it right.

Bill Cosby

Didn’t guess right did you? Weird and kind of creepy. OH well just wanted to share a moment of insanity with the general public. A reminder to the random populace, put the hold on your ipod or suffer the consequences of your butt deciding to listen to Bill Cosby. If only I had been warned.

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