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Rocky Horror Picture Show

Sunday, October 31st, 2010

To those of you who have not seen Rocky Horror Picture Show,

  2. This post probably won’t make any sense because only die-hard fans of Rocky Horror can truly understand other die-hard fans.
  3. If you think you understand this post because you watched the Rocky Horror episode of Glee, and that is the only reason you have ever heard of Rocky Horror Picture Show, SHAME ON YOU MORE. Don’t tell me you get Rocky Horror because you saw weird people on T.V. singing along to the words, it is nowhere near the same thing. Take Glee, add more transvestites, more crudeness, nudity and make up, then, and only then, can we maybe start to talk.

Let me explain first the long months of hoping and planing that went into us doing this. I have been dying to see the midnight showing ever since I first became a die-hard fan of Rocky Horror. Going to this made my life in unexplainable ways. We didn’t get to go to the Rocky Horror Picture Show on Friday but we were able to get tickets for the Saturday night show which was a huge relief. We were so close to not getting in at all, I would have been heart-broken. But we got in and saw it at last. Failure avoided.

On the left is Philomena, who went as Columbia, me in the middle as Magenta (afro and all), and on the right, Sarah as a mixture of a time warp dancer and Columbia. Let me explain my costume for you, it goes like this.

Low cut black dress + maid’s apron, cuffs and head band = slutty maid

slutty maid + afro of teased/ crimped hair = Magenta

Basically that is my costume and it works. The hair was an interesting experience. I never really work my hair so the effort of crimping and teasing it nearly killed me if not for the help of my lovely and amazing friends.

After the struggle with my hair and makeup (as well as some interesting interruptions from my little brother), did we get to go to the show. We got a good place in the line (which went all the way around the block) and had to wait there for an hour to get into the theatre. Waiting in line was annoying in high-heeled boots but we got to see some pretty special people and their costumes. We saw Mario and Luigi, a man dressed up as Little Bo Peep being followed around by about seven women dressed as sheep, and quite a few overweight people shoved into tiny corsets with skin popping out in unimaginable and scarring ways. I saw many things that night that will be burned into my memory for a long, long, time.

We finally got in, during a mad dash for good seats at midnight. Then the fun began. Slugs in Fish-Nets, the UCSC group that puts on the show, got up on the stage to introduce all the actors that would be acting out the movie as it played behind them on the screen. First method of business: Attitude Check

An attitude check is when the entire audience stands up, faces the front stage, flips off the actors and screams about eight times, F@#k You! To test how pumped up the audience is. Very interesting experience.

After that everyone got settled for the movie to start. Because the movie is an interactive experience we all brought little props to use during the movie like noise makers, rice, newspapers, bells, toast, cards, and rubber gloves. During certain parts of the movie everyone uses their props to act out the movie, it is really fun. One of my favorites was using the noise makers during the time warp dance. The whole audience gets up and reenacts the dance. It is really amazing to be in a large group of people, all passionate about one thing and to express that passion in a fun and creative way.

There is some adult content however… like the initiation of virgins. Being a virgin means you have never experience Rocky Horror at a midnight showing before. They take six virgins and vote which has the best costume, one boy, one girl. They then use them to go on stage and perform mock sex on stage. It was horrifying and fascinating and all together funny though inappropriate. Let me just say, I have never seen anything like that in a movie theatre before and probably will never see it again (unless I go to another showing :)).

By the end, we were all tired but extremely happy. We got out about three and went home. Then came the hard part, getting my hair undone. This included trying to untangle my hair and try to wash it all out. It took quite some time but it was all worth it a hundred times over.It was quite the night, and I will never forget it.  I hope I can do it again soon. Stay true Rocky Horror fans!


Adobe Doorway

Saturday, October 30th, 2010

Driving through the Arizona deserts and the flatlands around Utah, we found a little turquoise stand amongst precariously perched rock pilings. There were also the remains of an old adobe house, it had no roof, no floors, nothing except for a turquoise framed door and window. This was one of my favorite places that we stopped at during our road trip. It felt like an entirely different world. A place of red sand, monstrous rock pilings, and windows within windows that let us look into this strange alien place. There is something haunting in this forgotten building and the lonely doorway left behind. Looking through those windows you can see the world the way it once was, before grand cities or electronics. Just the simplicity of nature.


Rocky Horror Picture Show FAIL

Friday, October 29th, 2010

Tonight my friends and I were going to the midnight showing of Rocky Horror picture show. We got all dressed up, I even had an afro going because I was Magenta. However it was all sold out tonight. So…


We did get tickets for tomorrows show however so thats awesome! So take two tomorrow, stay tuned for the epic photos of us dressed up.


Creeper Photo: You Know You’re in Montana When….

Thursday, October 28th, 2010

I have had a myriad of experiences with dogs on my many road trips across the country including this one. This picture really epitomizes Montana for me, a woman pulled into her local post office on a four-wheeler with her big dog patiently waiting for her on the back. Basically, you know you’re in the middle of nowhere Montana when you see people riding around town in four wheelers. It is kind of like how you know you’re in Michigan when you see that tractors are basically the only cars on the road for miles. Let me just say, it is beyond annoying to drive behind a tractor, one you can’t see around it, two it goes about five miles per hour on flat roads. Don’t get me started on up hill roads.

Back to my initial point, the picture itself. I really enjoy this dog. Driving across the country I have seen all kinds of dogs, paired with all sorts of vehicles going around little towns. Like in Big Basin Nevada when we saw this little white lab with goggles, a cape, and the biggest smile you will ever see on a dog riding around in a motorcycle compartment. Quite the sight. The fact that this dog was just sitting there, precariously perched on the back of this four-wheeler is somehow funnier. It makes me wonder how often this dog goes for joy rides in this thing.

I miss the road trips, the weird experiences, and odd sights like these. I hope I get to do another adventure soon so I can take all of you along with me.


Lemon Water

Wednesday, October 27th, 2010

I have been having requests to re-post the lemon water rant lately, so why not. This was one of my very first rants and I need to bring back the rants so here you go! There will be more to come.

I really, really hate it when at a restaurant they put lemon slices into your glasses of water. It ruins the water entirely.

I have four theories as to why someone might commit this heinous crime.

  1. They are punishing us for not spending ridiculously large amounts on sodas or other beverages we don’t necessarily need but want. If they ruin the water, the customers need to drink something, as in my case while eating at a spicy thai restaurant, so the customers will be forced to either endure the gross lemon water or spend large sums of money on something else.
  2. They are hiding something. Don’t know what. Don’t know why. They use the horrible lemon taste to mask some sort of other taste for god knows what reason. Then I am forced to wonder, whatever could be so wrong with their water, unless they take it from a restroom or some other unbeknownst place. (My mom mentioned this second reason and I agreed whole heartedly)
  3. They just plain don’t like us. They for some unknown reason just want our taste buds to burn and suffer.
  4. I don’t even believe this option is possible but here it is. They believe it actually tastes good. I shudder at the thought of someone believing this and hope that I am wrong.

So please, no more lemons in my water. There is only one thing that bugs me more than lemons in water, is limes in coke. WHY? So now they not only ruin the free water but the coke you paid three bucks for? Don’t get me started, it just makes me sick.

I know some of you are thinking this is pointless and wonder, why doesn’t she just take it out and stop whining. My reply, it doesn’t fix the problem. I don’t know how they genetically engineer these lemons to spread there juices the second it hits the water, but once the lemon goes in, the taste never leaves. Not to mention the uncouth methods for retrieving the drowning lemon. You can either stick your whole hand in and fish around or dig around with a utensil for a while cussing until you can spear it and drag it out. Take your pick, either way the lemon taste still contaminates it entirely.

This isn’t just because I dislike leomons, which isn’t true, I enjoy things with lemon flavors, or things with lemon in it. JUST NOT MY WATER. So again, please no more lemons in my water.


Missing Begonia

Tuesday, October 26th, 2010

Missing the beautiful Begonia Festival.

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Halloween: Lady GaGa

Monday, October 25th, 2010

Yes ladies and gents it is Halloween time again, and what does this mean? Normally, jack-o-lanterns, candy, and costumes. This year is different however, this year Halloween screams LADY GAGA! The costume to be, it seems, is Lady Gaga. Of course there are many to choose from, like the soda can outfits like this one.

Very interesting indeed, and many other strange and mysterious outfits that Lady Gaga seems to constantly be pulling out of her magician’s hat. Everyone is going gaga for be GaGa. It is understandable, she is a pretty cool chick with some crazy costumes. I know I am going to go sit on the sidewalk and count all the different GaGa’s roaming the street in a half crazed stupor dressed like…. strumpets. (Look it up, its a Shakespeare word, yes I am a geek deal with it.)

If you don’t get the meaning from this picture then I don’t think even a dictionary can help you. Sorry. The most popular outfit seems to be the caution tape outfit. Yes, a costume made solely up of thin pieces of caution tape. Censor your poor children’s virgin eyes. I fear for the innocents!

Anyway, happy Halloween, don’t forget to count your GaGa’s!



Saturday, October 23rd, 2010

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Iridescent Bubbles

Thursday, October 21st, 2010

There is something mystical about bubbles. They feel as if each has its own little world hidden away inside of their iridescent centers. I love how they capture the color of what is around them and reflect it back at you. It is amazing and whimsical to watch bubbles just drifting away in the breeze. I recommend it on a hard day. Each bubble consumes your worries and carries them away. It is a life saver, try it some time.


Nike Women’s Half Marathon Finisher!

Tuesday, October 19th, 2010

Last weekend my mom and I went to San Francisco for the Nike Women’s Half Marathon on Sunday morning. Saturday we spent at the expo gathering as many free goodies as we could. This consisted of about ten Pom drinks, a billion luna bars and Ghiradelli chocolates (yes they give you chocolate!). We visited Niketown to get some awesome marathon merchandise and find our name on the wall. There is a wall filled with all of the names of the women particpating in the Marathon. It took forever to find ours but we eventually did.

After unloading our massive booty back at our apartment we took a trolley down to Fisherman’s Wharf for some clam chowder in a sourdough bread bowl. Somehow I managaed to never have been on a trolley, or have eaten clam chowder in a bread bowl even though I have been to San Francisco many, many times. Sad, I know. But now I can say I have done both! That was all fun and good but we couldn’t find a taxi back to our apratment for the life of us and had to beat out a group of guys to jump a taxi after walking for like a mile. Sorry about stealing your taxi, we knew it was yours but we needed it more than you I think…. sorry.

We then met up with the rest of our group that we would be doing the half marathon with which consisted of mother’s and their daughters. We had a lovely dinner at Scallas and had a lot of fun talking with each other.

That was enough fun and games for the night before, we had an early morning the next day to begin our journey. I got up at five in the morning to get ready in the pitch black. We met down at the starting line at 6:30 and started to walk our half marathon. We started a little earlier than the pack of 20,000 people so we wouldn’t get stampeded by the mob. It was an amazing feeling to walk down the normally busy streets of San Francisco in the dark where no one is around except for you and your group of friends. All of the course was blocked off so we had the whole road to ourselves. It was really amazing.

Around mile three the first of the runners started to pass us and the marathon had really begun! It was so much fun just walking and running through the entirety of San Francisco with our group. We got to see almost every inch of San Francisco it felt like. We walked along the piers, out to Fort Point and beyond. Every few miles there were stops with food or water that was also fun. You could stock pile goodies like shock blocks and luna bars for later on in the walk.

I was totally fine until around mile seven when my foot started to really cramp up and never stopped hurting for the rest of the walk. I tried to not let it hinder the experience however. We got to see so much beautiful scenery that I never knew existed all around San Francisco like the rolling hills overlooking a stormy ocean. There was so much to see, not one second was boring.

At about mile ten it started to rain, then it started to pour. The last stretch was nice, especially the chocolate mile. The chocolate mile is at mile twelve where they have a food station. They hand out Ghiradelli chocolates. I stashed about six of those…. for later of course 😀

After that it was the final leg, we ran the rest of the way and the best part of the whole experience was turning that finally corner and looking down the shoot at the finish line and all of the people cheering you on to the finish. Running over the finish line with my mom was an unexplainable feeling. By that time it was pouring and we kind of looked like drowned rats but we sure where some proud drowned rats. A half marathon finished, thirteen point one miles done!

After crossing the finish line we had firefighters in nice suits and Nike shoes give us our Tiffany necklaces. They give you these cute little boxes and then you know you really are done.

Then came the painful part, the way back to the apartment. To get back to the start line we have to get on a bus and drive back. The line to get on the bus was miles long! After running all that way the last thing we wanted to do was wait in a line eons long in the pouring rain. It was so cold and all we had where the emergency blankets to shield us from the rain as we waited in line. I got so sore from standing there I still hurt. That was definitely the worst part. The ride back seemed like it took forever but at least we weren’t in the rain any more.

We then had to walk up all the hills of San Francisco to our apartment which was terrible after getting totally sore, cold, and tired. Besides the last part, I had an awesome time. I will never forget this experience and hope to do it again someday. For now I am a one time half marathon finisher!