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Creeper Photo: Baby Doll

Wednesday, September 29th, 2010

You were adorable with your little baby doll. I think you parents owned the shop you were outside of playing. You were talking with your little doll and then slapped it. I wonder what you were speaking of with the plastic face of an American doll. What did you have to speak about and why did it make you angry? Then you simply proceeded to drool on yourself. It was an interesting interaction to witness. Interesting indeed.


Write in Pen

Monday, September 27th, 2010

Write in Pen
He says blandly
I look up surprised
Always use a pen
Pencils are worthless
He blows out smoke
From a drooping mouth
Pulled down by age
If you want your work
To be serious
Write in pen
All else will be forgotten
If it can be erased,
It will be erased.

I look at the old pencil
Sitting in my hands
It had grown small
And grungy
From repeated and relentless use
But I always write in pencil
I say as I watch
His indifference
Smirking at me
Over the top
Of a wilted old newspaper
He shrugs
Then you will be forgotten
That was all he said
As he folded his paper
Dropped his cigarette
Snuffing it out
With the toe
Of his fancy shoes
I told myself to forget him
His words meant nothing
Just smoke and mirrors
From a strange old man
Yet here I am writing in pen


Sari Colors

Sunday, September 26th, 2010

This was a strange combination of the elegant colors of a sari and the manufactured colors of a theme park. The bubble-gum pinks and orange creamsicle with the elegance of a deep blue. Yes, this is where cultures meet and ideas clash. I rather enjoy this, when things don’t work together but somehow manage to co-exist.  In the small place where these two things meet there is an understanding, a harmony that is not found anywhere else.



Saturday, September 25th, 2010

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A Loosing Bet

Friday, September 24th, 2010

If I bet on Humanity
I would be betting on a dream
An idea that never truly formed
I would be betting on hope
On thin air
Grasping for the wisps
Of a shadow slipping away
The half drawn portrait
of a beautiful woman
Not finished, never finished
Betting on an abstract thing
That could have been
But never was

If I bet on Humanity
I would be a poor woman
With empty pockets
But a heart full of hope
Left with nothing but everything
Betting on the underdog
Knowing it will loose
But hoping
Only hoping
They will pull through in the end
But never do

If I didn’t bet on Humanity
I wouldn’t be who I am
I would be rooting for the winner
The full formed idea
Betting on some surety
But that isn’t me
I bet on the loser
In the face of failure
Hoping they will make it out
Of the hole they dug
The shadow of what could be
Hoping in vain for victory
But victory never came

I wouldn’t be who I am
If I didn’t bet on Humanity
Because I am humanity
I am the child of thousands
The idea not yet formed
I am betting on us
On me and who I can be
But never turned out to be

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Creeper Photo: Lips

Monday, September 20th, 2010

What first caught my attention, believe it or not, was your tattoo on your neck of a pair of lips. I am not sure why it wasn’t your hair that caught my attention because it is so noticeable. Then of course I noticed all of your piercings, you ears, nose, and your upper lip. That was the strange one, a small ring inside your upper lip that showed only when you smiled. I thought that was an interesting concept. Did you do that so only the people who made you smile would get to see this hidden symbol of happiness? You were intriguing overall and it took me a while to get this shot because you disappeared for some amount of time in the New Leaf. I finally asked you for your picture. You seemed a little confused, but who wouldn’t be? Thanks for letting me take your picture, thanks for smiling.


Sunday, September 19th, 2010

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Tuesday, September 14th, 2010

This was definitely one of my faorite pictures from my road trip to Michigan this year. There were old dock pilings that went on forever until they disappeared into the mist. The water was os placid and clear that the pilings reflected upon themselves causing a near ghostly effect.

The juxtaposition of this dead ghostly image with the fresh, new green plant growing out of it was splendid. The idea of old things growing into the new. This haunting and wonderful picture reminds me just how much I love driving across the country. You never know what sort of strange sights you will see in the most obscure of places. I wish I was out exploring instead of stressing over school. But hey, no use wishing away life, the next chances I get, I will be on the road again.


Passion Flower

Sunday, September 12th, 2010

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Creeper photo: Caution Tape

Saturday, September 11th, 2010

You were definitely my favorite outfit that I saw at the Lady GaGa Concert. You basically only had on underwear and caution tape. Not including the sunglasses and the soda cans in your hair. It was amazing to see how willing people where to bear all in front of a massive crowd of strangers in the name of their dedication to a musical artist. Whatever your motivation behind this outfit, I enjoyed it. Also, kudos for putting yourself out there, maybe it would be best to do it in a slightly different way than walking around basically nude. Still, kudos 😀