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Mount Olympus

Tuesday, September 1st, 2009


This is a funny photo from Glacier National Park. When my mom and I entered the park we were totally bummed out because we were afraid we weren’t going to be able to see anything due to the fog. I saw this mountain and all I could think of was,

Hey, looky there, it is Mount Olympus. It was in Montana the whole time!

Everything was coated in fog except for the top of this gigantic mountain just poking out of the fog like Mount Olympus.

I thought it was slightly strange though that out of all the places in the world, the Greek Gods chose Montana for their home. Strange indeed. Not that I blame them, Glacier was beautiful. But I think the gods could do a bit better.

Maybe that is why people visit Glacier so often because they are trying to get a glimpse of Zeus, no such luck for me though. Maybe next time.

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Swimming in a Glacier River

Monday, August 31st, 2009

IMG_5183 IMG_5205

When I was in Glacier National Park, I decided something. I was going to do something that I never would have even thought about doing. I was going to go swimming in a glacier run off river.

I believe that it is crucial that at some point, at least once in someones life, to do something that seems not only idiotic but insane. This isn’t so crazy to some people but to me it means a lot. I am highly afraid of deep water not to mention the temperature of the river. I thought Lake Superior was cold, boy was I wrong.

Anyway, I decided out of the blue as we were driving through, that I was going to go swimming. So we pulled over, I threw on some shorts, and went down to the river. This water was so clean and beautiful, I was really exicted. Once my toes where in the water, that was another story. It was so cold.

After telling this to one of my friends who aptly replied, Well duh, it was a GLACIER RIVER! I realized that everyone needs to do something to test themselves every once in a while. I go tubing and fall off on purpose in deep water, I jump of piers into deep water, or I just go swimming. All in the name of conquering fear.

My recommendation, try it some time. It is actually a lot of fun.

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Black Bear

Saturday, August 29th, 2009

Disclaimer: This picture contains graphic images. BEWARE. Don’t say I didn’t tell you so.

IMG_4980 I love this photo. This was about 100 feet away from a black bear in Glacier National Park. Yes. It is eating a dead horse and that saddens me greatly, but that is the price we pay for good photos

A tow truck was stopped on the side of the road so my mom and I of course wondered, what is he stopped for, and what is he looking at? He was taking pictures of something with his phone. So we drove past slowly and realized it was this bear. We swung around and took a bunch of pictures. A handful of people also stopped to take pictures. Some people got out of their cars. Let me say,


There was a bear right there and it was eating. Anyone with half a brain knows you don’t want to bug a bear while it is eating, so the smart thing to do isn’t go out of the safety of your car and take pictures, stay in it. Then Gracie started barking and the bear looked up. That was scary because it looked right at us, so we decided to leave just incase the bear decided it’s appetite was more in for humans and poodles that day.

I apologize to any of you that is upset by this photo, but the bear was just so cool!!!

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