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Sunday, August 30th, 2009

Come you trickster
Come play with me
We are so alike
Know every trick
In the trade
Why do you hide?
Oh trickster of mine
Show the world your true colors
Lay down your cards
The games almost over
Time to see
The true end
Why do you run?
When is it you
Who holds the cards
The world is yours
To be had
Resting gently
In your palm
Yet here you run
With your tail
Between your legs
Some trickster
You turned out to be
You who cannot
Play the game
We live by mercilessly
Come play with me
Our dying breed
We’ll see who wins
We who are common
Must stick together
For we are dying company
Few and far between
Feared and revered
We walk the land
One king left standing
The tricksters are gone
Exiled and discarded
For fear of who we are
A dying race
Who always wins
Come my trickster
It is time to begin

Strangely enough, this poem started out being about a fox. Weird i know, some things just evolve as you write them.

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