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Friday, April 30th, 2010

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Kid Leash

Thursday, April 29th, 2010

Kid leashes drive me crazy. I don’t get it. Sure I understand that parents don’t want their kid to run away, but putting them on  leash? It just seems plain wrong. Maybe I am just weird but whenever I see someone with there kid on a leash I just stop to watch. I part of me is slightly horrified but the other part (the bigger part) is laughing.

One thing that just cracks me up about these leashes is that they are disguised as cute adorable little backpacks like this one. The kid sees a fuzzy little monkey when truthfully it is a direct tie to mommy. Even when the parents are yanking the kid around I really don’t think the kid gets why he is being held back. They just don’t connect the two things and go on with life believe their parents just got them a cute backpack, not a tether.

I saw this kid once with a leash on, they didn’t even disguise it though, it was a full on harness wrapped around this kid. He still didn’t get it that as soon as he ran three feet away, he would get tugged back. It was pretty funny to watch this kid get whiplash from a leash. I know it sounds horrible but the funny part wasn’t the kid getting tugged back but the parents response. They did nothing. They thought the leash was enough to keep their kid contained and didn’t even bother asking the kid to stay put. They just let him run and then fall down.

The whole business doesn’t really make sense to me to treat your kid like an untrained puppy. Oh well, more entertainment for me.


Where Will You Turn

Wednesday, April 28th, 2010

When the sun has finally fallen
And the clouds lay out of reach
Where will you turn
When open arms become traps
And smiles become masks
Where will you turn
When the world looses color
And everything fades to gray
Where will you turn
When a child cries
And no one listens
Where will you turn
When the fog is too thick to see
And the ground falls out below you
Where will you turn
When the heaviness of night weighs you down
And not even darkness can hide you
Where will you turn
When the flower blooms
But there is no beauty there
Where will you turn
When the voices of loved ones
Becomes a noise you dread
Where will you turn
When you can’t look yourself in the face
And you hate what you’ve become
Where will you turn

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Monday, April 26th, 2010

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Oregon Elk

Saturday, April 24th, 2010

While driving through Oregon my mom and I happened upon many signs claiming there were elk in the area. For three days we drove through Oregon and guess what we didn’t see? ELK. So we decided the people who made those signs were liars. LIARS! We didn’t believe there were elk in Oregon at all. And you know what? We didn’t see any elk in Oregon. But we did see elk as soon as we crossed over into California in the Redwood National Park. There was a pile of elk just sitting on the side of the road. We decided Oregon sign makers are liars and California ones are not. Yeah for California.

Surprisingly, elk are very different depending on were you see them. It makes sense but I never really thought about it before. I am an expert on elk though since going to Yellowstone. The elk in California were so much smaller and skinnier than the Yellowstone elk. It was kind of weird. Thats not the point, it was just plain weird seeing elk in California, especially so near the coast. It just doesn’t really make sense in my mind. Oh well, I enjoyed poking out of the sun roof to get these shots.


Altered Flower

Friday, April 23rd, 2010

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Creeper Photo: Somersaults

Thursday, April 22nd, 2010

I was watching you at the beach doing somersaults. You seemed so serious about it though. It wasn’t a game I could tell. To most people a kid doing somersaults is a whimsical thing, but with you it was different. There was nothing really childish about it. I wonder why it seemed so serious a thing, maybe you aspire to be a professional gymnast one day. It made me a little sad to se you though. Have fun sometimes, it isn’t all serious business. You were at the beach, be a kid and have some fun playing in the sand. Good luck in the future and don’t forget the present on your way.


Caution in the Wind

Tuesday, April 20th, 2010

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Monday, April 19th, 2010

Bukowski was right
With good fortune
Comes stagnation
I always thought
When fortunes comes
Knocking on my doorstep
I would open the door
Greet her as a friend
And invite her in
Into my life
Into my heart
For a long time to come
But now I find myself
Standing on the otherside
Of that door
I hear her knocking
Calling out for me
But I just stand there
Staring at the thin wall
Between me and my dreams
I pick my head up
To stare at the door
I am no longer sure
That what is on the otherside
Is what I want
She calls and beckons
Asking for an answer
But I just turn
And walk the other way
Leaving fortune to it’s own ends
Mine hasn’t come yet
I am not ready
To open that door
Maybe someday
When I become tired
Of the suffering of the world
But I know
This is were I belong
With a pen in my hand
And a burden on my shoulders
I walk away
From destiny on my doorstep
Waiting on the otherside
No I am not
Abandoning my dreams
Not at all
I have to chase them
If I don’t now
I never will
And what good
Is an unearned prize
The door remains
As it always was
Leaving destiny
On one side
And me on the


7 Mile

Sunday, April 18th, 2010

Yesterday my mom and I walked from our home down to Capitola. All in all coming to a 7 mile hike. It was fun but my feet still hurt and I definitely need new shoes now. On our excursion we spotted a little lemonade stand that we decided to stop at. Fun stuff. This little girl was a adorable and I felt horrible for her because while we were there the balloons they had floated away and got caught in some trees. The poor kid started hyperventilating. It was very sad. I liked her sign…

Our trip was actually full of little children waving signs. In Capitola nearing the end of our walk we happened upon another child frantically waving a sign. Hers was for a bake sale and she was dancing on a street corner yelling at passersby. It was really funny. She was pointing at a guy in a car yelling incoherent nonsense at him, he drove away. I told her I liked her socks then we walked on.

You may ask why we walked all this way, believe it or not the answer is food. Yes, I walked seven miles for food. Does that tell you anything? Due to my eating predicament (I have food allergies to 35 different things) it is hard to find good places to eat. My mom had been telling me about this natural food restaurant for a while so I said heck if we are being healthy in our diets why not walk the whole way too? Who wouldn’t right? Anyway we walked 7 miles for food and I wound up not actually liking it. Not the point though, the walk was fun and it was a really nice day. I enjoyed the heck out of it. I am not enjoying the blisters though. I hope to do it again soon, ending in a different location though.