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Egret Eyes

Sunday, March 3rd, 2013


My mind is full of egret eyes.
Swiveling movement like the weight
At the end of a fishing line,
Pulling the hook serrated and sharp
Into the darkest parts of the sea
That only fish with grey translucent eyes
Can see with something more than sight
That illuminates the darkest parts of this world.

I feel disturbed like the jellied eye
Of a fish left too long in the sun;
Poked by innocent hands seeking fun.
My mind is pierced by shrieks of delight
As children run away, cringing in fright;
A game played by children in a twilight too dark
To be anything else but night.

Plucked from the sea by the dagger
Of a spear fishing egret
Perched atop a craggy rock out at sea,
The open mouthed, lipless screams
Of a fish out of water takes on new meaning.

My mind is full of egret eyes.
Preying with the majestic form of a killer,
Guised in beauty and lithe gossamer gowns
Of a white so pure it can only be called snowy.
But the bones buried beneath the snow
Remain unseen, hidden by layer and layer of white
So pure it can almost conceal the death in your eye
That pivots like a ballerina’s pirouette.

The bird opens wide its wings.
Wings of feathery white willing a skyward escape
Like a shot in the dark and a bullet left in a tree trunk
Because the wood won’t feel the burn, Right?
Just as a wriggling earthworm doesn’t feel the pierce
Of a hook dissecting its body into perfect segments
Like it was meant to be split by the greedy hands of men.
Did the fish see the pain as the worm was plunged
Into the depths of an element it didn’t understand?

These murky waters mean nothing to the eyes of a predator
As the egret dips its streamlined head into the water
Pulling forth its sacrifice of sea life.
The egret pushes itself from the rock in the middle of the sea
To return to its native country of sky clad creatures.
Bringing with it an unwilling victim of circumstance
Caught in the clutches of death, even the victim had to smile;
It was on this day, a fish learned to fly.




Friday, April 22nd, 2011

A tiger is an extraordinary animal. Strong, powerful, graceful, and dangerous. Not to mention beautiful, the tiger is an embodiment of the savagery of nature that man attempts to tame.

It is sad to see these majestic animals in a zoo, but I am still glad that I was able to see them. It makes me wonder what it would be like to face these animals in the wild as I have seen wolves, coyotes and foxes. How different would this big cat be? Would I be filled with terror or awe as I stared into the mar of these magnificent creatures?

Someday I would like to say that I have done just that. looked this beast in the eye without bars between us. Only then could I or anyone really understand the breadth of the difference between the lives we lead in the city and the life of the creatures in the wild.

For now I will just have to do with looking deep into this creatures eyes as bars separate us.

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Wednesday, March 16th, 2011

These amazingly fuzzy and funny looking creatures are just another species on my list of cute yet simultaneously frightening animals. I just feel constantly watched around them because of their huge eyes. It is just creepy and look slightly malevolent.

That is a face that screams, Yeah just get a little closer so I can bite your finger off. So creepy yet so fuzzy looking. It is like a death trap, you just want to get close and give it a pet but you know if you get too close it will eat your face. They are tricky animals, crazy one moment and totally zen the next.

What can I say, I am just attracted to deceiving animals. Why can’t they al just be simply cute?



Sunday, March 13th, 2011

Because I have so many photos from our zoo adventure I am going to break ti down for each animal we saw. The first is the Emu. An incredible creepy and slightly gross bird. Similar to an ostrich but weirder. There is only one thing I enjoy about emus, their eyes. They have such brightly colored eyes and it is there only redeeming feature to me.

Within an animals eyes lies all their beauty.

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Monday, January 17th, 2011

Baboons are a very strange, colorful, and robust animal. They are very fun to photograph because they have such amazing colors in the strangest of places which I am sure I won’t have to mention because everyone is fully aware of that already.

Yes, he is scratching his butt.

I really enjoyed the females the most even though the men have such interesting looks I liked the females better. Their hair looked almost like it had been crimped and dyed with yellow.  Their eyes are the most amazing par, wide and yellow. They were fascinating to watch.

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Sit With Me

Sunday, December 12th, 2010

Come sit with me in the dark
Let me introduce you
A first acquaintance
That quickly becomes
A long drawn out partnership
With a parasite
A monkey you can’t
Seem to get off your back
Sit me with
Stand with me
Cry with me
Laugh with me
In darkness
This is a whole new world
Where Hell
Is only Hell
No heaven behind
Closed off gates
And a smiling face
Is the one you must beware
Shake hands
Politely speak to one another
Soft drums beat near by
Where children giggle
Pointing at you
Staring at you
With eyes to big
And too dark
Sitting here
Does it make you nervous
You seem nervous
You shouldn’t be
This is home
Welcome back son
The lost child
Long returned home
We’ve been waiting
Sighing out each breath
Into darkness
Where words fall
From mouths
So uncouth and unforgiving
An ugly world full of beauty
A contradictory that has
No limitations or boundaries
Where no ends meet
The path just ends
From the corners
You are watched
Stalked day and night
By what
You may never know
Every time the lights go out
You know I am waiting
Waiting just for you
I have lingered on the outside
Watching from the sidelines
But not for long
So come sit with me
In the dark
Where secrets are told
And lies are whispered
And eyes are always looking
Welcome home
Make sure to shut the door
Behind you tight
Don’t let the darkness out


Wolf Eyed Lover

Wednesday, June 2nd, 2010

Oh wolf eyed lover
Look into my eyes
And know
I am not your enemy
I am a part of you
A dark soul
To complete
Your hollow entity
Dance with me
Oh wolf eyed lover
Under the dying moon
As the deserts burn
And the ashes settle
Sway with me
Like the deserts
Treasured flower
Let the moon
Bear silent witness
As the earth stands still
Oh wolf eyed lover
Howl to the moon
When I am gone
Call me back
When it has been
Far too long
You won these lands
The barren deserts
And forsaken lands
Oh wolf eyed lover
Don’t you see
It is no longer
A dog’s world
But mans
We are dying company
Hunted and alone
We can’t fight them
Off forever
Together we stand
Oh wolf eyed lover
The deserts dying flowers
Float gently to the ground
Where the ashes have settled
And there is no longer sand
Here we face the moon
As our last stand
Where once we danced
Is now a deserted land
Oh wolf eyed lover
Can’t you see
The world has moved on
And left us behind
There is no more room
For happiness and love
Only survival
In these hard times
Oh wolf eyed lover
Don’t you understand
This is the end
The separation
Of you and me
Has finally become reality
Our entity once whole
Ripped to pieces
To be no more
Oh wolf eyed lover
I will wait for you forever
Turn on eye to the desert
And one ear to the wind
To listen for your cry
Carried by the moonlight
I will dance with the moon
Wishing it was you
Oh wolf eyed lover
Save me a grave
Under the cactus tree
Where flowers fall
And the moon watches
As the dust finally settles
Together we lay
As it was meant to be
Separated by life
Brought together by death
Oh wolf eyed lover



Thursday, April 1st, 2010

Something like a pot of flowers can seem so ordinary, not because it actually is but because we have become so accustomed to it that it has lost it’s uniqueness in our eyes. In my eyes this is a crime. My job is to provide perspective to all of you, it may not be right, different, or even worth your time, but it is something to remind people that nothing is one dimensional. Here is a series of photos, all of this seemingly normal flower bouquet. (P.S. I love flowers that is why I chose them, I think they are beautiful beyond compare)

This is a magnified perspective of one flower in the bouquet. Already, just a photo closer to the flower reveals so much more about the flower. This perspective allows us to study detail, to notice what people would normally brush over. Look beyond what you normally see, instead of seeing a flower, look at each petal, how are they different, how are they the same? Look at the center and how it darkens, drawing your eye. Don’t just see it, question it. Why would a flower have a darker center on such a vibrantly colored plant, why not make it a more colorful hue instead of black. There are a million and one ways to look at the same thing and each is unique within itself.

It isn’t always the front of a flower that holds the beauty. Try looking at things from a different angle. Sideways, upside down, from underneath and from above. Each new view can change the object entirely. Even the slightest shift from the first photo to the second, changes the view dramatically. Drawing your eye to one point, instead of to all of the flowers. Positioning is key, it can change how others look at an object and the message that they receive from it.

The objects standing right in front of you are not always the most important. Sometimes the things that seem so blatantly obvious are just masks for the real beauty that is staring you right in the face. Focus forward, don’t let what stands in front of you stop your ascent or progress. Look beyond and between the obvious and seek out the third path that leads you to your own future.

Beauty frames the world around us, I know it is hard but try to notice all of it. Not what stands in front of you, but all of it. At first it can be overwhelming to try to take in all of it, but the world will seems so much brighter because of it. Perspective is everything, without it, we would not be able to fully appreciate the minute details that build up the beautiful world around us.

So take some time, look at the ordinary things in your day in a brand new way. Notice what you would have never look at before. That is my only goal, to make people look at the world with eyes that can truly see.


Blind Man (Short Story)

Thursday, December 10th, 2009

A strange short story I just wrote quickly, not sure whether I like it or not.

Let me tell you of the story of the man with no eyes. He was a man of simple needs. A man perpetually waiting for nothing.

Everyday he would take walks. He would leave his home, the screen door swinging shut behind him, left for the wind to play with as it was blown open again and again, he walked down his front step and straight down his walkway bordered by a small sea of neatly kept grass. He would always turn left no matter the day. He would walk for hours his head bent down walking to nowhere talking to no one. He would walk to the park and sit on his bench. Alone and silent. Listening to the children play and the wind dance past him. He would walk to the market but never walk inside. Just stand there looking at the doors that opened at his presence and then closed once again. He would walk to the ocean and stand by the sea. His arms folded behind him, his chin held to the breeze. He would stand there in silence all alone again. He was a man of simple needs.

What he needed and what he received where very different things. He wished for solitude and instead received ridicule. The man with no eyes was mocked as he wandered. He could go nowhere in peace as he was always followed. Mostly by children and the occasional cruel parent. But he was followed mainly by whispers of fear and disgust. Haunted by his pursues he was never alone.

“Look at him, the man who cannot see. What a horrible life he must lead, oh I do pity the poor man who cannot even see his own hands.”

“ What did you do old man to loose your eyes? Did you kill someone, or just loose to the Devil one to many times?”

“He can’t see anything, we are better than him. Poor soul, poor blind man. We are better than you.”

He would shake his head but never answer, just continue on his way in silent torture. As he walked out his door, letting the screen door bang. He wondered down his walkway and was knocked to the ground. He couldn’t see the men who did it, or make them stop. They beat him yelling

“We can get away free with all that we want, the blind man can’t tell. He doesn’t know who we are because he can’t see. Poor blind man with no eyes to see!”

They laughed at him as he bled on the ground. The neighbors watched but didn’t utter a sound.
His torturers left him bleeding on the ground the old man picked up his head and uttered a sound. The boys stopped surprised by his voice. It was not weak or feeble but loud and sure. Not the voice of an old man but that of a wizened soul.

“You will see one day, that I am the lucky one. I don’t need my eyes to see my punishers. I don’t need to see to know whom you are, to know what you’ve done. When judgement comes, everyone will know. I don’t need my eyes to see you, to see through you into your small pitiful world. One day you will see just how lucky I am. Then you will know who the poor soul is.”

The boys stopped, looking back in silent horror. Their voices ripped out as they stared at their would be prey who laughed and laughed at their ignorance. They ran like cowards to hide in their world of light. To seek out justification for what the man without eyes had said against their crimes.

The neighbors left leaving the man to his own accord. He stood up slowly wiping the blood from his face. He shook his head and uttered a word of disgrace. They would see, he knew. They would pay one day but when he didn’t know.

That one day came in the old man’s final years. Decades after the boys on his lawn had punished him for a fault he knew was to be his greatest asset. The day the earth fell from the sun, and the lights went out the old man had won.

He sat in the darkness as everyone screamed. Panic and discord ran through the streets. They yelled for help because they couldn’t see. The sons of light left alone in darkness. No matter how loud they screamed no one would hear them. The old man laughed and laughed as he took his daily walk. He walked out his front door leaving the screen banging but it wasn’t heard in the loud clamor of panic. He walked down his walkway surrounded by grass. He turned left into the world that had so drastically changed.

He laughed and laughed because he knew it was going to come, and here it was at last, and no one had listened to the man with no eyes who saw all but never told.

There was no change for him, all was as it had ever been to the man with no eyes.

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