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Ravenous Reading (A Tear for Poetry)

Tuesday, February 26th, 2013

I always cry when I read poetry.
Oh, you must read very sad poems then.
No, I just forget to blink or maybe I am afraid-
In case a word slips away like a ship into the sunset
That can never be returned if lost at sea,
Or a love note burned so that it will never be seen.

You see poetry is elusive,
And we must keep a wary eye upon it at all times.
This watchful gaze cannot be pried from the page-
Just incase a word tries to escape,
Like a fox willing to bite off its foot for freedom
You see, I am diligent in my reading, like a hunter in wait.

My eyes water as they scan each new line,
Consuming each string of words
Like a wolf with a hunger that doesn’t die
Maw agape and body ready to be filled;
You see I have a mind that hungers
Like a wolf’s stomach that howls for more.

So those tears are not courted from sadness,
But ravenous hunger that twists my smile
Into a lip licking sneer of a grin
As the words on the page
Fill the spaces behind my retinas,
Like bones stuck in barred teeth.

Later they will come forth like a parade
Of parables to march before my mind;
This funeral procession of devoured words
Streams down my eyes like cold winter rain
After my eyes and mind have been full to the brim
And can hold them inside any more.

These tears roll down my cheeks like inevitably overflowing
Rain gutters, filled with words to heavy to remain confined
By the constrains of the brain I tried to devise;
So they drip from my eyes to the page again
These black inky puddles, the mistaken inkblots
Of a clumsy uncultured hand holding a calligraphy pen.

Taking from the stains of liquid reinvention,
This taint becomes the blood from which we begin again.
Dip the pen and scratch the etchings of new lines,
Stringing words along only to be re-devoured
By the next pair of ravenous eyes
Only to be written again by craving hands.

You see my eyes are burning again,
Starving for the page, striving for the game
The rumble of empty minds has shaken the foundation of me
These tears are not for the poetry, but the loss
Of who I used to be
Before the words on the page became all I could see.

Now the tears have blurred my vision,
And the poetry has become blindness to me
Now all the words escape and the cascade of poetry
From me has stained the page making an illegible craze;
My attempt at diligence has lost me the essence
Of the words I clung so desperately to.

Maybe I should read some sad poetry,
Have a good cry,
And cleanse the old from my body,
Not fear the final loss of words,
As the funeral procession proceeds without me
Maybe when I am left behind, I can finally begin.


Yellowstone: Day 1

Saturday, February 26th, 2011

Today my dad and I arrived in Yellowstone in -20 degree weather. Yes, it was that cold. I have never been so cold in my life, and there is probably a week more of this weather in my future. Anyways, we headed down to Gardiner Montana after landing in Bozeman. It is a winter wonderland here, there is snow everywhere. AS we pulled into Mammoth Hot springs it was snowing and incredibly windy. My face still feels wind burned…

We did see a little bit of wildlife just with our quick peak in the park. I spotted some big horned sheep grazing on a ridge. There was a baby and it’s family all running around in the snow.

We also had a few run ins with a little rabbit as we walked around in the cold.

Funny little critter and good practice to get back into taking wildlife photography. No wolves to be seen yet but we are hopeful. There have been plenty of sightings. Tomorrow we are going snowshoeing and photographing. I will put up more photos tomorrow!!


Wolf Child (Crossroads)

Saturday, January 1st, 2011

They say you found me
At a crossroads unmarked
But a split all the same
The child born for a civilized world
And the daughter raised by wolves

They say I was savage
I did not know I had hands
Only teeth to get my way
I fought for all I wanted
Even if it meant fighting you

They say I had hair like tendrils
A mass of wild tree branches
Tangled in my curls
Untamed by mans hands
But still gentle under yours

They say I had eyes like emeralds
That shone with a feral gleam
The wolves hungry stare
Haunting your every step
Could always find you in the dark

They say I had lips red and bright
Like blood newly spilt
Lips that curled like burning paper
Smiling with a knowing smirk
That could only belong to the wild

They say I had skin like ivory
Desired yet cold and hard
The prize that wasn’t what it seemed
So full of life yet unliving
An ivory statue for a child

They say you should have left me there
For nature to dispose of
That I belonged to the wild
And not a house to come home to
To leave me there at the crossroads

The wolves taught me to survive
But you taught me to love
The wild taught me to be cold
But you taught me there was more to life
Than the fight for life I always lived


Wolf Eyed Lover

Wednesday, June 2nd, 2010

Oh wolf eyed lover
Look into my eyes
And know
I am not your enemy
I am a part of you
A dark soul
To complete
Your hollow entity
Dance with me
Oh wolf eyed lover
Under the dying moon
As the deserts burn
And the ashes settle
Sway with me
Like the deserts
Treasured flower
Let the moon
Bear silent witness
As the earth stands still
Oh wolf eyed lover
Howl to the moon
When I am gone
Call me back
When it has been
Far too long
You won these lands
The barren deserts
And forsaken lands
Oh wolf eyed lover
Don’t you see
It is no longer
A dog’s world
But mans
We are dying company
Hunted and alone
We can’t fight them
Off forever
Together we stand
Oh wolf eyed lover
The deserts dying flowers
Float gently to the ground
Where the ashes have settled
And there is no longer sand
Here we face the moon
As our last stand
Where once we danced
Is now a deserted land
Oh wolf eyed lover
Can’t you see
The world has moved on
And left us behind
There is no more room
For happiness and love
Only survival
In these hard times
Oh wolf eyed lover
Don’t you understand
This is the end
The separation
Of you and me
Has finally become reality
Our entity once whole
Ripped to pieces
To be no more
Oh wolf eyed lover
I will wait for you forever
Turn on eye to the desert
And one ear to the wind
To listen for your cry
Carried by the moonlight
I will dance with the moon
Wishing it was you
Oh wolf eyed lover
Save me a grave
Under the cactus tree
Where flowers fall
And the moon watches
As the dust finally settles
Together we lay
As it was meant to be
Separated by life
Brought together by death
Oh wolf eyed lover


A Very Strange Dream

Sunday, September 13th, 2009

I sit in a
White tiled room
I feel like I
Was dropped here
A camera is sitting
In my hands
Resting peacefully
But why am I
To capture this
A walled in cell
Made completely
Of glass
Stands tall
In the middle of the room
A man paces
Inside of its
See through barrier
The walls are so thin
There is so little standing
Between him and me
Imprisoned and watching
His eyes only on me
A wolf’s eyes
Burning into me
I shift uncomfortable
“Be careful with him”
He says to me
In a dark cold voice
The edge in it surprises
And scares me
I ask
My eyes
Being held by the wolf
He doesn’t take his eyes away
But nods at my lap
A wry grin splitting
Open his face
I look down
A baby boy
Lies where my
Camera had been
His head is bent
At an awkward angle
I scream and scream
Looking down at him
His tiny broken body
And his broken neck
With blue skin and unstaring eyes
Dying in my arms
I plead for help
Looking frantically
From the baby
To the prisoner
But all he does
Is laugh at me
He puts his hands
Against the glass
And starts to push
And as the glass
Starts to crack
He says
“You can only help yourself”

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