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Wolf Eyed Lover

Wednesday, June 2nd, 2010

Oh wolf eyed lover
Look into my eyes
And know
I am not your enemy
I am a part of you
A dark soul
To complete
Your hollow entity
Dance with me
Oh wolf eyed lover
Under the dying moon
As the deserts burn
And the ashes settle
Sway with me
Like the deserts
Treasured flower
Let the moon
Bear silent witness
As the earth stands still
Oh wolf eyed lover
Howl to the moon
When I am gone
Call me back
When it has been
Far too long
You won these lands
The barren deserts
And forsaken lands
Oh wolf eyed lover
Don’t you see
It is no longer
A dog’s world
But mans
We are dying company
Hunted and alone
We can’t fight them
Off forever
Together we stand
Oh wolf eyed lover
The deserts dying flowers
Float gently to the ground
Where the ashes have settled
And there is no longer sand
Here we face the moon
As our last stand
Where once we danced
Is now a deserted land
Oh wolf eyed lover
Can’t you see
The world has moved on
And left us behind
There is no more room
For happiness and love
Only survival
In these hard times
Oh wolf eyed lover
Don’t you understand
This is the end
The separation
Of you and me
Has finally become reality
Our entity once whole
Ripped to pieces
To be no more
Oh wolf eyed lover
I will wait for you forever
Turn on eye to the desert
And one ear to the wind
To listen for your cry
Carried by the moonlight
I will dance with the moon
Wishing it was you
Oh wolf eyed lover
Save me a grave
Under the cactus tree
Where flowers fall
And the moon watches
As the dust finally settles
Together we lay
As it was meant to be
Separated by life
Brought together by death
Oh wolf eyed lover