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Elysium Red

Sunday, January 7th, 2018

Virgin snow collapses under a heavy foot
Like sand washed away from a steep embankment
By waves impatient of passing time.
Footprints dug deep below the surface
Only to be covered by the next snowfall;
Man lacks permanence in a place such as this.

Translucent diamonds fall from the soft blue sky
Sharp and glinting in sunlight
That offers no warmth or respite from biting winds.
Tree limbs grow heavy with new white robes
Bowing before the might of Winter
With sideways eyes on far away Spring.

He pulls his feet from the earth
Only to plunge them instantly back into the deep;
An endless repetition of slow but sure
Forward progress that breaks the line
Between man’s land and Nature’s untouched garden.
The trail he treads marks a boundary line
Many have approached, but few have overcome.

A chill runs down his spine leaving his hair
Standing at attention without reason;
Caught between Winter’s grip and something
More primal that calls to the heart
Dragging the modern into the primitive mind of fear.
How small we become when we realize
The world is not ours to inhabit –at least not ours alone.

The twig snaps like a leg caught in a hunter’s trap,
He halts and listens with attentive ears.
The sound of Winter’s silence echoes loudly
Even a breath would disturb the crisp air
Cracking it like thin ice with the slightest exhale –
Dead silence reigns here, disrupted
Only by the sound of softly falling snow.

He turns again to continue down the path he chose
Only to again feel the haunting of the unknown
Creeping up behind him, wearing the silence like a cloak
Shrouded in mystifying white and revealed only by instinct
Felt acutely by the hunted when they have been marked as prey.
He knows he is followed by the ghost of something
But cannot name the adversary walking in his shadow.

A flash of red jumps out of the colorless scenery
Existing only on the periphery of sight
As the blurry edged undefined and unrelenting embodiment
Of all that leaves man powerless and afraid.
A phantom dancing just beyond what the eye can see
But the mind remembers as a timeless enemy.

As the man turns once more to seek out the sound stalking him
He is faced with the nothingness of a barren landscape
And his own footprints marring the pristine face of the wilderness;
Except now the first evidence of pursuit is present:
Laid atop his tracks stood the careful footprints of another,
But no sign of the creature that left them behind.

Whirling around to face forward once more
Hoping to escape the encroaching presence
Only to be confronted with the intense yellow eyes of his pursuer.
Standing in the path before him, a red tailed fox –
Royal coat, piercing eyes, black tipped ears keenly listening
Blocked the man’s path with the towering presence
Of a primal Queen who’s dominion has been challenged.

Frozen in place by the sudden appearance of this image of majesty,
Man stands facing the wild
Not knowing whether to continue his journey or turn away.
The fox tilts its head from side to side with curiosity,
Listening to the sound of one who once belong here
But was lost to another world long ago.
Not knowing whether he be friend or foe
She takes a cautious step forward.

She walks atop the snow, gliding gracefully forward
Her movements sound like the swaying of the trees.
The man slowly reaches out his ungloved hand toward the red spirit
She hesitates, paw hanging midair, head tilting to listen
Hearing his heart as it beats thunderously in his chest.
So close, the man stretches farther locked in her lightning eyes
When just as suddenly as she appeared, into the periphery she vanishes.

Left with hand outstretched, slowly filling with snowflakes
Gently kissing his open palm regretfully
The man is left haunted by the red ghost that almost felt real
If only he could have touched it and held it close
For a moment longer than Eternity.
Instead, the silence of winter surrounds him once more
And the Elysium he glimpsed returns to the realm of myth.


Red Bellied Sparrow

Sunday, September 9th, 2012

A Red Bellied sparrow thrashes
Desperation clawing against the clear glass
Of a crimson window frame
Feathers soft turned brittle with fear
Push and push with no result
Fighting a one sided battle
With an immovable object
And a mind that cannot comprehend
That this battle cannot
And will not
Be won
Red bellied sparrow with heaving chest
Throw yourself against the window
No more

Cradle of mercy
Cup the wilted head of the defeated
Carry it gently
Feeling with curious fingers the fluttering
Heart beat of an animal trapped
A being consumed by fear and confusion
Nestled close against your chest
Feel the fear from a cage
Cast by the crimson shade of light
Of an escape masked with unseen bars
Carry it gently
Out into a light untainted with crimson
Where, extended into space
The cradle parts
Setting the red bellied sparrow free

Return now to the cage of your home
The red bellied innards
Of a cage you could never recognize
Carry yourself gently
For the walls are closing in
As you set one free
You lock yourself in
Creature of mercy find your cradle
To carry you free
Red bellied sparrow your feathers are all gone
Your battle has stripped you of your wings
Even now your war against this window
Between you and your dreams
Red bellied sparrow with heaving chest
And a broken heart
Throw yourself against the window
No more


Utah Trip: Capitol Reef, Canyon Lands, and Arches

Thursday, June 16th, 2011

After last nights flat tire we were left behind schedule in Escalante instead of Moab for the night. As a result we had a lot of ground to make up tonight and did three national parks in one day. The first was Capitol Reef, a national park full of brightly colored cliffs, beautiful aspens, and petroglyphs.

We saw many cool things in this park. The first was a little hidden cliff dwelling. I am not sure whether this is ancient (I doubt it) or something someone just decided would be cool to make but either way it was really interesting and cool.

Also there was Chimney Rock and an old cabin out in the middle of the park.

The petroglyphs around the park were probably my favorite part in this park. You could totally walk by and not notice this beautiful remnant of the past. They have an eerie beauty about them and are so intriguing.

It was a beautiful park but I wish we had more time to explore this amazing park. The geological wonders around this park are astounding.

Next was Canyonlands National Park.

Reminiscent of the Grand Canyon, this park has an overlook over vast canyons and deep crevaces in the earth. It is amazing to see the land strecthing for miles with jutting cliffs and sheer canyon walls.

We visited the Mesa Arch which had an amazing view of the canyons through the archway.

We were chased out of the park by a lightning storm. It was pretty epic, the skys had quickly clouded over with dark angry clouds which did not hesitate in releasing bouts of rain and lightning followed by the deep boom of thunder. We headed over to Arches after that hoping to get some exploration in before the storm really hit.

It was extremely overcast and threatening so we made our trip very brief. We drove in to try and do a hike at the Windows collection of arches.

We got to see Balanced Rock and the Garden of Eden.

However we did not hike due to fear of the lightning and massive amounts of tourists. There were so many people around the arches that it just wasn’t worth it so we left. They were like ants and good photos were not even possible because the monuments were covered in people.

So instead we are going to return to Arches really early in the morning before all the other people arrive. So stay tuned for better pictures of Arches tomorrow.


Utah Trip: Grand Staircase Escalante Part 1

Wednesday, June 15th, 2011

Today I started out my morning on the rim of Bryce Canyon watching the sun slowly surmount the hoodoos and cliffs of Bryce in an amazing sunrise.

After that we headed next door to Grand Staircase Escalante National Park for some amazing views and hikes. So we went outbacking in our lovely Outback.

Our first hike of the day was at Willis Creek Trail, this turned out to be an amazing hike along a river that cuts through a slot like canyon. It was awe inspiring and I have never seen anything quite like it.

The lines and shapes created by the wave like stone were extraordinary. The colors were so vivid and bright that you became enveloped in the canyon walls. Even the river was dyed a deep orange red color.

There were three separate slot canyons on our hike each slightly different and uniquely beautiful.

One canyon had a surprise of its own, a rattlesnake. Fortunately the people ahead of us spotted it but it was extremely agitated. Coiled against one side of the walls, hidden half in and half out of the shadows it sat rattling its tail and hissing at us. Needless to say it was scary and we worried about him alot on our way back, wondering where he might now be located.

The third and final canyon was the most spectacular and was a great finale to an amazing hike. The walls were marvelously sculpted and the color was out of this world.



Sunday, March 13th, 2011

Because I have so many photos from our zoo adventure I am going to break ti down for each animal we saw. The first is the Emu. An incredible creepy and slightly gross bird. Similar to an ostrich but weirder. There is only one thing I enjoy about emus, their eyes. They have such brightly colored eyes and it is there only redeeming feature to me.

Within an animals eyes lies all their beauty.

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The Unsuspected Place

Sunday, November 21st, 2010

This picture is at Pictured Rocks National Park in Northern Michigan. In a place of such pristine beauty, were the sandstone rock walls stand like monoliths looming over Lake Superior, there is wonder in everything. Most people would expect a picture of these cliffs, but my favorite shot when I was there, was not of the towering monoliths or the emerald green waters, but of the forest hidden behind it all. People will tell you where to find the most beautiful sights in places like this, but the real beauty is found in the unspoken places. Down the little untreaded paths were no ranger or tour guide will lead you. It is up to you to discover it and keep the little wonder a secret in your heart. Find your own beauty, mine lies in the forest. Where the trees are white as snow and the ground is red with fallen leaves and pines. This is were I find beauty, in the unsuspected place.


Adobe Doorway

Saturday, October 30th, 2010

Driving through the Arizona deserts and the flatlands around Utah, we found a little turquoise stand amongst precariously perched rock pilings. There were also the remains of an old adobe house, it had no roof, no floors, nothing except for a turquoise framed door and window. This was one of my favorite places that we stopped at during our road trip. It felt like an entirely different world. A place of red sand, monstrous rock pilings, and windows within windows that let us look into this strange alien place. There is something haunting in this forgotten building and the lonely doorway left behind. Looking through those windows you can see the world the way it once was, before grand cities or electronics. Just the simplicity of nature.


Rainforest Red

Monday, August 23rd, 2010

The colors in the rainforest are stunning. The water and moisture bring out the color in everything making something ordinary into the most extraordinary experiences.

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Little Red Balloon

Sunday, June 6th, 2010

A woman stands
With a red balloon in her hand
She looks tired
And lonely
Standing there by herself
Her only company
The little red balloon
Some say she is looking
for innocence she lost long ago
Some claim she is waiting
For her little girl
To come home
Some say she is watching
For her husband to return
And others say
She is just a woman
Waiting to grow old
She had stood there
Each day
Since I can remember
Always silent
Always standing
With her little red balloon
She doesn’t approach anyone
Or utter a word
Just silently watching
For something untold

One day I returned
To find that woman
But she was gone
From the spot
That had become hers
All that was left
Has the popped red balloon
Shriveled and empty
Left lying in her place
I walked over
To the remnants
Of that balloon
It didn’t seem right
To throw it away
So I vowed to keep it
Until I would see her again
I would return it to her
And she would finally say
Why she had been waiting for so long
And who the balloon belong to
But she never came back
And I forgot about the balloon
But I wonder now
Why did she leave
Did she find what she needed
Or did she just grow too weary
To stay in her place
So I bought my own
Little red balloon
And took it to her spot
And let it go
I watched it drift
Farther and farther away
Now they have gone together
Where I do not know
But the woman
And her little red balloon
Are together at last
No longer waiting
But found at last

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The Broken Gate

Thursday, March 18th, 2010

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