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Sit With Me

Sunday, December 12th, 2010

Come sit with me in the dark
Let me introduce you
A first acquaintance
That quickly becomes
A long drawn out partnership
With a parasite
A monkey you can’t
Seem to get off your back
Sit me with
Stand with me
Cry with me
Laugh with me
In darkness
This is a whole new world
Where Hell
Is only Hell
No heaven behind
Closed off gates
And a smiling face
Is the one you must beware
Shake hands
Politely speak to one another
Soft drums beat near by
Where children giggle
Pointing at you
Staring at you
With eyes to big
And too dark
Sitting here
Does it make you nervous
You seem nervous
You shouldn’t be
This is home
Welcome back son
The lost child
Long returned home
We’ve been waiting
Sighing out each breath
Into darkness
Where words fall
From mouths
So uncouth and unforgiving
An ugly world full of beauty
A contradictory that has
No limitations or boundaries
Where no ends meet
The path just ends
From the corners
You are watched
Stalked day and night
By what
You may never know
Every time the lights go out
You know I am waiting
Waiting just for you
I have lingered on the outside
Watching from the sidelines
But not for long
So come sit with me
In the dark
Where secrets are told
And lies are whispered
And eyes are always looking
Welcome home
Make sure to shut the door
Behind you tight
Don’t let the darkness out


Creeper Photo: The Pensive Child

Thursday, May 13th, 2010

I noticed you while at a park, your were just a baby standing there all alone. You didn’t seem to have any family around, but it really didn’t seem to faze you at all. For such a small child you seemed very mature. You just stood there stoically watching all the other children play, while you stood just on the outside. Truthfully you caught my interest because even though you are just a baby, I saw myself in you. I don’t know why but you fascinated me, a child so independent, pensive, and watchful. I couldn’t help but wonder who you will grow up to be. I wonder if you will lose you watchful nature and your silent seriousness as you grow, or will you forever be that person, always on the outside watching those within the norm. For now all anyone will see is a baby in a sun dress, cute and adorable, but that isn’t what I see. I see who you can be, the potential of who you will be.


Creeper Photo: The Waiting Game

Friday, December 4th, 2009


You were watching the sun set over the pier. You looked like a man waiting for something. What I do not know. You seemed content in your isolation, everyone was so happy around you but you were all alone sitting in your chair watching and waiting. I don’t know how you sat there staring at the sun, I couldn’t it was so bright. What were you looking for on that horizon. Whatever it is I hope you find it out there somewhere, someday. Just don’t stop looking, one day you will find it but it might not be what you thought you were looking for.