September 13th, 2009

I sit in a
White tiled room
I feel like I
Was dropped here
A camera is sitting
In my hands
Resting peacefully
But why am I
To capture this
A walled in cell
Made completely
Of glass
Stands tall
In the middle of the room
A man paces
Inside of its
See through barrier
The walls are so thin
There is so little standing
Between him and me
Imprisoned and watching
His eyes only on me
A wolf’s eyes
Burning into me
I shift uncomfortable
“Be careful with him”
He says to me
In a dark cold voice
The edge in it surprises
And scares me
I ask
My eyes
Being held by the wolf
He doesn’t take his eyes away
But nods at my lap
A wry grin splitting
Open his face
I look down
A baby boy
Lies where my
Camera had been
His head is bent
At an awkward angle
I scream and scream
Looking down at him
His tiny broken body
And his broken neck
With blue skin and unstaring eyes
Dying in my arms
I plead for help
Looking frantically
From the baby
To the prisoner
But all he does
Is laugh at me
He puts his hands
Against the glass
And starts to push
And as the glass
Starts to crack
He says
“You can only help yourself”

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