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Wolf Child (Crossroads)

Saturday, January 1st, 2011

They say you found me
At a crossroads unmarked
But a split all the same
The child born for a civilized world
And the daughter raised by wolves

They say I was savage
I did not know I had hands
Only teeth to get my way
I fought for all I wanted
Even if it meant fighting you

They say I had hair like tendrils
A mass of wild tree branches
Tangled in my curls
Untamed by mans hands
But still gentle under yours

They say I had eyes like emeralds
That shone with a feral gleam
The wolves hungry stare
Haunting your every step
Could always find you in the dark

They say I had lips red and bright
Like blood newly spilt
Lips that curled like burning paper
Smiling with a knowing smirk
That could only belong to the wild

They say I had skin like ivory
Desired yet cold and hard
The prize that wasn’t what it seemed
So full of life yet unliving
An ivory statue for a child

They say you should have left me there
For nature to dispose of
That I belonged to the wild
And not a house to come home to
To leave me there at the crossroads

The wolves taught me to survive
But you taught me to love
The wild taught me to be cold
But you taught me there was more to life
Than the fight for life I always lived



Thursday, August 19th, 2010

I always call chipmunks chippies now from a summer of hearing them being called that up in Northern Michigan. It is almost instinctual but after I saw it I always stop and wonder, did I really just call that chipmunk a chippy? Then I remember, yes, I have spent way to long using Yooper slang.

Anyway, this cute little chippy was in Yellowstone out by the confluence of the Yellowstone River and the Llamar River. He was definitely the smallest chipmunk I have ever seen. You can sort of tell by the proportion of that piece of grass to his entire body. I just love how he is precariously perched in the bush just munching away.

It is interesting that some of the most common wildlife can still be so extraordinary at times. I ask myself how I can appreciate this little guy so much when I have pictures of other more rare wildlife like a red-tailed fox and a black bear that seem so hard to compare to this picture. Still, I find even the most common of wildlife amazes me. It isn’t the animal, or its rarity that appeals to me but rather the idea that it is life in its most raw and savage form. Even these little cute guys, it is nature, it is life, and to capture any level of life within the eye of my camera is an extraordinary experience.