February 26th, 2011

Today my dad and I arrived in Yellowstone in -20 degree weather. Yes, it was that cold. I have never been so cold in my life, and there is probably a week more of this weather in my future. Anyways, we headed down to Gardiner Montana after landing in Bozeman. It is a winter wonderland here, there is snow everywhere. AS we pulled into Mammoth Hot springs it was snowing and incredibly windy. My face still feels wind burned…

We did see a little bit of wildlife just with our quick peak in the park. I spotted some big horned sheep grazing on a ridge. There was a baby and it’s family all running around in the snow.

We also had a few run ins with a little rabbit as we walked around in the cold.

Funny little critter and good practice to get back into taking wildlife photography. No wolves to be seen yet but we are hopeful. There have been plenty of sightings. Tomorrow we are going snowshoeing and photographing. I will put up more photos tomorrow!!

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4 Responses to “Yellowstone: Day 1”

  1. Charlotte says:

    It looks like an excellent first day in the park. Have fun!

  2. Patty Burgdorf says:

    Love the shot of that bunny, the rings almost reminds me of one of your pencil shaving art pieces. Am I nuts? Have lots of fun and good luck on your quest.

  3. Nick Multer says:

    I can’t decide if the last bunny picture is cute or just scary.

  4. clara bell says:

    that little numchucker at the end would make a nice pillow.

    hope ur having fun in yellowstone!