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Thursday, April 21st, 2011

I was trying to describe you to someone
But they couldn’t understand
They think you’re odd and strange at times
But I think you’re as close to perfect as god would allow
They don’t understand how I can love you
Because the melancholy print you leave behind
Is like a bruise a scar that has marred my mind
They tell me it is one sided
But they could never understand
I do not need to hear your words
Echoing off the back of my skull
I do not need to feel the touch of your fingers when I feel alone
There is a name for our love
And it is called

The beat to the dance we have in our hearts
As each line is stamped into our minds
A beat is skipped but it never stops
This tug of war between our hearts
The feeling we get as the words rush forth
There is no spoken word to be found
That can capture this love and hold it down
We have a love that does not need to spoken
Does not need to be felt or else it will be broken
This symmetry, this geometry is the only thing
That god ever intended for me

So how can they understand this love we have
This odd relationship between a pen and a hand
You whisper to me as I sleep at night
I write to you with my heart in my pen
Though we will never meet in person
I will chase your shadow until the day I die
You are my muse, my inspiration
The light in the sky
I do not expect understanding or even recognition
I just need to feel the presence of your shadow
As long as I know this candle still burns
There will always be a note waiting in the morning
For your expected return

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The Bridge

Friday, January 21st, 2011

You stand on one side of a bridge
The other cannot be seen
Hidden behind a veil of fog
Stretching on indefinitely
As you place your hand on the railing
You feel the pull of ghosts at your shirttails
The whispers in your ears
The fog’s fingers gently wrapping around you
Caressing your face pulling you step by step
Onto the bridge that will take you away

You feel consumed by the fog
As it wraps you in its loving arms
Like a mother and her child
You feel safe, you feel the calm
That you never felt before
As you are pulled step by step
Away from the world you once knew
You welcome it, accept it
As your new home

You feel another pull
as you reach the middle of the bridge
A sadness nipping at your heels
Like a child grasping onto her fathers legs
As he walks away forever out the door
A heaviness that not even the fog can lift
Pulls you back to the edge of a world you have almost forgotten
You look back over your shoulder
A sorrow only known in this world
Mirrors in your eyes

The fog pulls you forward
Those you loved pull you back
You are lost in the middle
Of two very different worlds
Pulled by the sweet numbing of pain
On one side and on the other
Pulled by the sweet feel of pain
To remind you that you are alive

There is no going back
Once you cross the bridge
There is only silence
Only a choice to make
To leave those you loved behind
Or take the chance
To live again
In a world that might not be so sweet
But to feel pain means
That your heart is still beating

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Love’s Shell

Friday, August 27th, 2010

red hat revisited…

There are memories now
Of a long lost love
Of a passion who could have been
But never was
Resting in her eyes
You can see the place where
His kisses
Left a burned out hole
In her heart
Fragile like a robin’s egg
So nurtured so loved
But it shattered on the ground
She held her face so daintily once
But no more
Now she hangs it low
As if it is too heavy
To hold up on her own
Once she had a fire
That burned in her eyes
But now all that is left
Are the blackened coals
Left behind
Smoldering and decaying
Do you know her name
Once she was love
Once she was loved
Once she was a lover
But now she is no one
Love had carved out her heart
And left her empty inside
Now she is a shell
Of her beauty
Of her spirit
That along with love
Ever slowly died


Santa Cruz

Monday, June 21st, 2010

It is an odd thing traveling across the country because I always find myself looking for towns just like Santa Cruz. No matter where I go I always see Santa Cruz in every place I go. I love Santa Cruz because it always feels like home and I hope someday I find a place that makes me feel just as at home as my first love and home, Santa Cruz.

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Wolf Eyed Lover

Wednesday, June 2nd, 2010

Oh wolf eyed lover
Look into my eyes
And know
I am not your enemy
I am a part of you
A dark soul
To complete
Your hollow entity
Dance with me
Oh wolf eyed lover
Under the dying moon
As the deserts burn
And the ashes settle
Sway with me
Like the deserts
Treasured flower
Let the moon
Bear silent witness
As the earth stands still
Oh wolf eyed lover
Howl to the moon
When I am gone
Call me back
When it has been
Far too long
You won these lands
The barren deserts
And forsaken lands
Oh wolf eyed lover
Don’t you see
It is no longer
A dog’s world
But mans
We are dying company
Hunted and alone
We can’t fight them
Off forever
Together we stand
Oh wolf eyed lover
The deserts dying flowers
Float gently to the ground
Where the ashes have settled
And there is no longer sand
Here we face the moon
As our last stand
Where once we danced
Is now a deserted land
Oh wolf eyed lover
Can’t you see
The world has moved on
And left us behind
There is no more room
For happiness and love
Only survival
In these hard times
Oh wolf eyed lover
Don’t you understand
This is the end
The separation
Of you and me
Has finally become reality
Our entity once whole
Ripped to pieces
To be no more
Oh wolf eyed lover
I will wait for you forever
Turn on eye to the desert
And one ear to the wind
To listen for your cry
Carried by the moonlight
I will dance with the moon
Wishing it was you
Oh wolf eyed lover
Save me a grave
Under the cactus tree
Where flowers fall
And the moon watches
As the dust finally settles
Together we lay
As it was meant to be
Separated by life
Brought together by death
Oh wolf eyed lover


Mossy Love

Wednesday, February 10th, 2010

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The New Additions

Saturday, December 5th, 2009

IMG_8604 IMG_8609

I am an avid art lover and these are my two newest additions to my room. The first picture is the first original piece of artwork that I have ever bought on my own. I got it at Bruce Telopa’s show last night at the Dead Cow Gallery. The other is a gorgeous painting my aunt did and gave to me called Wolf Whistle. However now I have to rearrange my walls. Which means taking ever bit of work up on my walls (which is way to much stuff) and trying to figure out how to put the pieces back together.

That doesn’t matter, I am just ridiculously happy about my art. I can’t wait to see what they will look like up on my walls.


Creeper Photo of the Day: Love is Blind

Wednesday, November 11th, 2009


Love truly is blind, this woman in Pikes Place Market was singing on a corner and was truly blind. There was something really sad about this, yet she seemed so happy. Maybe she just loved blindly enough that she didn’t need to see, she could just believe. Some times it is better to live that way. It is easier to believe blindly than have to stare the truth in the face everyday. I wonder which kind of person she is, a believer or a seeker.

Which are you?


Fly Away (Aeroplane)

Wednesday, October 7th, 2009


Come take my hand
and lets fly away
fly away from here
lets find a world
without the constant
of noise and death
we will stand together
on the brink of insanity
with out hands held tight
and we will never let go
bear with me
the pain of the coming years
when I grow distant
pull me back down
when I become darkened
be my only light
when everything is just too much
be my simple love
lets watch the world burn
from atop our aeroplane
held up by strings
so thin it could cut
be careful you say
the world isn’t our toy to play
oh how right you are
we are the toys
of a globe spun too fast
where reality and insanity
come frighteningly close
lets fly
fly away
put your hands over my ears
protect me from the onslaught
of the world’s words
be the barrier between
the world and me
save me
whisk me away
so we can forever fly away

I found this photo and I decided to add a strange little poem to it that I just wrote for today. And yes, I know I spelled airplane wrong, I did that one purpose.

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Tough Love

Friday, October 2nd, 2009

hahaha What does this look like to you? Me, I think it looks like a drag queen being abused by some strange deranged person. Actually, that is just me being attacked by my friends.

Can you tell how much my friends love me? 🙂 Well I love them no matter what they do to me. Let me give you a brief glimpse of my life through this picture.

I hate it when people touch my hair. Two of my best friends attacked me, dragged me out onto the grassy knoll, ditched me, then tackeled me, dragged me back to our spot, then held me down and put my hair into the most hideous pair of pig tails you will ever see.

Yah, that is my normal day. That and my retailiation of getting them back, that part is yet to come. 😉

People say I am weird, but what they don’t get is that my friends are just as weird as me in their own way. That is why I love them. They attack me, I attack them back, that is my life and I am pretty content with that.

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