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The Hat

Thursday, November 29th, 2012

Windy, cloudy, stormy days always remind me of this poem. It is an older one but I thought I would repost it today just because I always think of this poem on a day like today.

The woman walks
Along in a crowded street
Surrounded by people
Yet so alone
A scarf like a noose
Wrapped around her frail neck
Hands shoved deep
Into her pockets
She only looks
At the ground
The rhythmic step of her feet
Her wide hat
Shields her from the world
She ignores them
Is afraid of them
She wraps herself tighter
In what is safe and comforting
And is content in isolation
So she walks along
In a crowd of people
Without faces
The wind picks up
For a moment it whispers
A soft secret in her ear
A riddle told to fast
As the wind
Carried her hat away
The woman let out
A short little gasp
As her barrier was removed
She reached forward
Fingertips grazing it
Just out of reach
As it bounces and rolls
Along the dirty street
She chases in vain
And no one will help
Finally out of breath
And out of heart
She gives up
Standing in the crowd
Puffs of winter breath
Clouding before her as she watches
Her hat dance away
Her hair billowing about her
Watching with sad longing eyes
She stands still among thousands
As she turns to leave
A tap on her shoulder
She turns in surprise
A man stands before her
Her hat in hand
Holding it out towards her
A smile but no words
She takes it and offers
A shy little smile in return
As she starts to pull it
Back into place
He reaches out to stop her
He asks her
You have such a pretty face
He smiles and lets go
Giving an impartial shrug
You don’t need to hide
You are beautiful you know
He leaves her with
His few soft words
And a knowing smile
She stands there
Hat in hand
Filled with his offerings
Her eyes are wide
And her hands slightly quake
She lifts the hat
Looking at it now
And tosses it away
She watches it
Flit and dance in the sky
Gone forever
She smiles slightly
The stranger’s knowing smile
She doesn’t need it anymore


Love’s Shell

Friday, August 27th, 2010

red hat revisited…

There are memories now
Of a long lost love
Of a passion who could have been
But never was
Resting in her eyes
You can see the place where
His kisses
Left a burned out hole
In her heart
Fragile like a robin’s egg
So nurtured so loved
But it shattered on the ground
She held her face so daintily once
But no more
Now she hangs it low
As if it is too heavy
To hold up on her own
Once she had a fire
That burned in her eyes
But now all that is left
Are the blackened coals
Left behind
Smoldering and decaying
Do you know her name
Once she was love
Once she was loved
Once she was a lover
But now she is no one
Love had carved out her heart
And left her empty inside
Now she is a shell
Of her beauty
Of her spirit
That along with love
Ever slowly died


Little Red Balloon

Sunday, June 6th, 2010

A woman stands
With a red balloon in her hand
She looks tired
And lonely
Standing there by herself
Her only company
The little red balloon
Some say she is looking
for innocence she lost long ago
Some claim she is waiting
For her little girl
To come home
Some say she is watching
For her husband to return
And others say
She is just a woman
Waiting to grow old
She had stood there
Each day
Since I can remember
Always silent
Always standing
With her little red balloon
She doesn’t approach anyone
Or utter a word
Just silently watching
For something untold

One day I returned
To find that woman
But she was gone
From the spot
That had become hers
All that was left
Has the popped red balloon
Shriveled and empty
Left lying in her place
I walked over
To the remnants
Of that balloon
It didn’t seem right
To throw it away
So I vowed to keep it
Until I would see her again
I would return it to her
And she would finally say
Why she had been waiting for so long
And who the balloon belong to
But she never came back
And I forgot about the balloon
But I wonder now
Why did she leave
Did she find what she needed
Or did she just grow too weary
To stay in her place
So I bought my own
Little red balloon
And took it to her spot
And let it go
I watched it drift
Farther and farther away
Now they have gone together
Where I do not know
But the woman
And her little red balloon
Are together at last
No longer waiting
But found at last

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