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Thursday, March 22nd, 2012

Oil on water
Slick as the night
As the morning tries to wash
The darkness from your face
It clings with the desperate fervor
Of child to mother
As a hand slides from the grasp
Of one person
To another
And is gone
This strange moment of fluidity
As worlds barely touching
Eyes barely meeting
Only to glance away
Only to float silently away
It is there, wrapped in this
Tight tourniquet of fog
That holds us closer
Than a final embrace
Between to people who know
They will never meet again
The moment before all is lost
Standing at the edge of this precipice
Solitary in this mist
Permeable yet dividing
I am lost
Left behind by that evanescent flicker
Of worlds stopping for a brief moment
Reaching out to one another
Knowing there is reason to stand still
But feeling the push and pull
Of a world that never knows how to stop
This winding of a clock
The count
Of one, two, three, four
Finds its way of rhyme
Even as the world begins to slide
Here I am still standing
Not knowing the words to say
Not knowing how to scream
I stand in this silent emptiness
Watching you recede from me

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Tough Love

Friday, October 2nd, 2009

hahaha What does this look like to you? Me, I think it looks like a drag queen being abused by some strange deranged person. Actually, that is just me being attacked by my friends.

Can you tell how much my friends love me? 🙂 Well I love them no matter what they do to me. Let me give you a brief glimpse of my life through this picture.

I hate it when people touch my hair. Two of my best friends attacked me, dragged me out onto the grassy knoll, ditched me, then tackeled me, dragged me back to our spot, then held me down and put my hair into the most hideous pair of pig tails you will ever see.

Yah, that is my normal day. That and my retailiation of getting them back, that part is yet to come. 😉

People say I am weird, but what they don’t get is that my friends are just as weird as me in their own way. That is why I love them. They attack me, I attack them back, that is my life and I am pretty content with that.

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