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Adobe Doorway

Saturday, October 30th, 2010

Driving through the Arizona deserts and the flatlands around Utah, we found a little turquoise stand amongst precariously perched rock pilings. There were also the remains of an old adobe house, it had no roof, no floors, nothing except for a turquoise framed door and window. This was one of my favorite places that we stopped at during our road trip. It felt like an entirely different world. A place of red sand, monstrous rock pilings, and windows within windows that let us look into this strange alien place. There is something haunting in this forgotten building and the lonely doorway left behind. Looking through those windows you can see the world the way it once was, before grand cities or electronics. Just the simplicity of nature.


The Old Door

Friday, August 20th, 2010

I have yet again found myself
Standing in front of the old wooden door
Once it was beautiful
But now no more
It is broken and withered
Destroyed by age
But still I remember the time
When behind that door
A life was held
Born and raised
Someone lived behind that closed door
But now they are gone
Leaving the door wide open
To let all evil inside
It is empty now
Only filled with time
The only remnant left
The old wooden door
Long ago left behind
It is hanging now
By one rusty hinge
Hidden in over grown grasses
Blowing slowly in the wind
I can’t remember the child’s name
Who once lived behind this door
No memories remain
I try to remember
But there is nothing left
Just the old wooden door
And a forgotten address

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Monday, April 19th, 2010

Bukowski was right
With good fortune
Comes stagnation
I always thought
When fortunes comes
Knocking on my doorstep
I would open the door
Greet her as a friend
And invite her in
Into my life
Into my heart
For a long time to come
But now I find myself
Standing on the otherside
Of that door
I hear her knocking
Calling out for me
But I just stand there
Staring at the thin wall
Between me and my dreams
I pick my head up
To stare at the door
I am no longer sure
That what is on the otherside
Is what I want
She calls and beckons
Asking for an answer
But I just turn
And walk the other way
Leaving fortune to it’s own ends
Mine hasn’t come yet
I am not ready
To open that door
Maybe someday
When I become tired
Of the suffering of the world
But I know
This is were I belong
With a pen in my hand
And a burden on my shoulders
I walk away
From destiny on my doorstep
Waiting on the otherside
No I am not
Abandoning my dreams
Not at all
I have to chase them
If I don’t now
I never will
And what good
Is an unearned prize
The door remains
As it always was
Leaving destiny
On one side
And me on the


The Broken Gate

Thursday, March 18th, 2010

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Shut the Door

Friday, January 1st, 2010

Come in
Come back
It is cold outside
We wouldn’t want
You to catch a chill
Now would I
There is no reason
To venture outside
I have everything
You could ever want
Or ever desire
Shut the door behind you
It is dark out there
It is scary and unknown
You must beware
Don’t you know
I am just trying
To keep you safe
Like a good mother would
It is dangerous out there
Dark and twisted
So don’t even think
For a moment
That is where you belong
You belong here
Safe inside
Where the light always shines
Don’t walk away
Never leave me behind
Don’t you understand
You need me
You are mine
If you wont shut the door
Then I sure will
It will never open again
I may sound mean but I swear
My fragile love
It is for the best
The outside world
Isn’t for people like you
So shut the door
And leave your
Silly imagination behind
I have all you could ever want
But the freedom of the wind
And a world unknown

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Welcome Home

Monday, December 28th, 2009

Hells gate is always open
For the son of man
No closing time
We keep our doors open
Just for you
We value your partnership
You keep us alive
Our only faithful sponsor
Always coming back for more
We have no doubts
For your future
We can see the path
You have paved
There is no denying it
For in the end
You will wind up
On our doorstep
Just begging to be let in
And we will oblige you
We have been expecting you
We will say
Opening our arms
With a grin so wide
It could split your face open
But you have no idea
What you are getting into
Sadly though
There is no escape
This is your unwavering fate
You were born into
Damned from the start
It is not your fault
It is not mine
It is just your nature
To always have mischief on your mind
Do not worry or be sad
We here are welcoming
You can think of me
As an extended family
Were home is hell
And your reality is damnation
Don’t be afraid
Our door is always open
All you have to do is knock

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Shrunken Door Frame (Alice and Wonderland Effect)

Friday, September 25th, 2009

This is my first year of school without P.E. (I am super jazzed!!) This means many things to me. But the biggest thing is this, and it may sound weird but as always an explanation will ensue

I don’t have to walk through the locker room doors anymore.

Alright, so for the explanation. It really is simple but it makes me frustrated and annoyed every time I walk through those doors. It is the same for many doors, not just high school locker rooms.

I hate it when you and some other people walk up to a door and it looks big enough to fit to people at a time but it isn’t.

It is so misleading. You walk up knowing in every fiber of your being that you and the person walking next to you, whether it is the worlds skinniest or fattest, that both of you will fit. As you get closer you start to question that notion. When you reach it you aren’t sure at all, it looks maybe just big enough, MAYBE.

Then as you walk through you realize, No it isn’t big enough. At that point the awkward moment comes, (only if you make it awkward ;)) This always happens as you and the person next to walk in, both noticing the shrunken door frame, one or even both of you still try to act as if the door is big enough. You think that if you have enough will power that door frame will grow.

It Never Does.

Then you get stuck with an awkward stream of sorry and excuse me as you try to squirm your way through. It is just annoying and deceiving. It is bearable when it is just friends because you can just laugh it off but when it is someone you don’t know, it can get really bad.

Let’s say it is a business owner, or even worse, a person you are applying to get a job from. You try to go in through the door and it catches you, and then you just feel lost and start bumbling about in a sea of excuses for rubbing you boob up against their arm.

Yeah, no further explanation needed, I think you get my point. I just try to avoid that situation entirely and go through doors in a single file fashion.

P.S. I am one of those people who walking down the street you always run into because neither one of you know which way to walk. That drives me insane but I always run into them with that awkward shuffle and then the final dive out of the way to escape the situation. I guess I am just an awkward person in general. My friends can tell you that much.

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