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Rage (A Sheltered Cove)

Wednesday, May 23rd, 2012

Hands shaking as fingernails bite
Into the palms of his hands
Clenched into tight fists
Trying to suffocate his rage
Choking on words which burn
In his throat like poison
This bile in the belly of a monster
Belongs not to a demon but a man
With eyes that burn with anger
Smoldering like embers in dark sockets
Even as their fire dwindles
Into the soft glow of feigned comfort
They have the power to burn
Power to set the world on fire
But here and now
His rage has no place
Except in the quiver of his fist
And the monstrosity of his eyes
He lets out a long forced breath
Letting his body go slack
And his eyes slowly drift closed
Wraps a controlled arm around
His little girl’s shoulders
Which shake with quiet little sobs
Bringing her in close
To shelter her from the world
That took the light from his eyes
Wrung out his heart until all that was left
Was this bitterness, this rage
This monster
That even as this wrath builds in his chest
He pushes it back down
Forcing a gentle, unnatural smile on to his face
Holding his daughter as she cries
Turning his hollowed out chest
Where his heart should have been
Into a cove of resounding calm
To harbor her heart and make sure
That hers, unlike his, would survive
The cold abrasive storm
As he held her tight in his arms
Looking ahead with dead determined eyes
She would survive
Even if that meant what was left of him died
He slowly unclenched his fist
Which had gathered in rage
Opening it out of love
To wipe the tears from her face
And with a calm and controlled voice
Hinted with the melancholy
Of humanity’s cacophony
He whispered in her ear
Everything is going to be all right


Shut the Door

Friday, January 1st, 2010

Come in
Come back
It is cold outside
We wouldn’t want
You to catch a chill
Now would I
There is no reason
To venture outside
I have everything
You could ever want
Or ever desire
Shut the door behind you
It is dark out there
It is scary and unknown
You must beware
Don’t you know
I am just trying
To keep you safe
Like a good mother would
It is dangerous out there
Dark and twisted
So don’t even think
For a moment
That is where you belong
You belong here
Safe inside
Where the light always shines
Don’t walk away
Never leave me behind
Don’t you understand
You need me
You are mine
If you wont shut the door
Then I sure will
It will never open again
I may sound mean but I swear
My fragile love
It is for the best
The outside world
Isn’t for people like you
So shut the door
And leave your
Silly imagination behind
I have all you could ever want
But the freedom of the wind
And a world unknown

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