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Out of Season

Saturday, April 6th, 2013

Day Five.

Found on the outskirts of you,
A new being began.
Born from the puddles of summer rain;
Constructed from the petals of May flowers;
Lost in a season not of its own kind
But of a colder climate that strips beauty
By the roots and plucks petals placed on eyelids
Like coins for Charon on a cold winter day.
This deification of displaced days
Is lost in the blur of a summer breeze
Caught in the heart of a winter waiting on change.
But without a place to lay their heads
The tulips bow under the weight of a season
Celebrated too soon.


Yellowstone: Day 3

Monday, February 28th, 2011

Today was a snow storm. There was so much snow and wind that it felt like a snow hurricane. At certain times we couldn’t even see the road. This also meant that we didn’t see that much wildlife. Still no sightings of wolves but we saw plenty of other animals. There were a lot of buffalos hanging out in the snow, hunkering down for the storm.

We also had a couple of coyotes run across the road in front of us.

The big horn sheep were out again in their usual spot by the rocky outcroppings. We saw some bulls and some juveniles.

We also we able to get some shots of the pronghorn antelopes as we were leaving the park. They are one of my favorite animals in the park because of their majestic beauty. They are beautiful animals with good markings, ig black eyes, and little horns. There is something so beautiful about them that I find so enticing.

It was too windy and snowy to go snow shoeing but it was still a good day. We are hoping for better weather and always more wolves. Hoping for a better tomorrow.


Winter’s Embrace

Thursday, December 16th, 2010

I am tired now let me sleep
The little girl says in a voice scarred
By winters claws in her throat
Not yet, not quite yet
Our feet drag in the snow
Her little hand held loosely in my own
If I can not feel my own hand
How am I supposed to keep track of hers
I feel her hands slipping frequently
From within my grasp
To hang limp by her sides
They drag her down
She is so little
So fragile I have to take care of her
But even as I think this
I feel my eyelids dragging too
We are dying
And I know this
I wonder if she knows too

We keep moving
One foot in front of the other
Trudging through this desolations
To a destination unknown
I have no answers for her
Just empty reassurance
That soon the answer will come
Who knows maybe a flaming chariot
Will come from the sky
In a flourish of warmth
That will thaw our tired bones
Or not.
Nevertheless we keep moving

She falls to her knees beside me
I barely notice in my own fogginess
I am going to take a nap
She says in a voice now more than a whisper
That echoes in my ears like a scream
I say forcing my way through the snow
To reach down and rouse her
She has curled up in the snow
Like a kitten next to a warm fire
There seems no difference
She looks so peaceful as she closes her eyes
I shake her, yell at her
Tell her she can’t die
I have to protect her
Keep her safe and alive
But she is gone now
Curl up in Winter’s embrace
Leaving me in this winter wasteland
So devastatingly alone

I kneel in the snow
Unable to move
Not willing to die
But not strong enough to live
Where does that leave me
I pet her soft hair
And say goodbye
I have to continue on
Alone if must be
So I left her behind
She belonged to the winter
Not mine any more
I screamed in silence
Because there was no one left to hear
This desolation this utter fear
It was the first time I had felt anything
Since this terrible winter of silence began
And it was the last feeling I ever had
As Winter pulled me in
And left me hollow and cold inside
I died with her
Long ago in the snow
Yet here I am still moving
But who am I now?

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Lighthouse Jump

Monday, July 12th, 2010

Right near our homes in Bootjack is White City, a park on the Lake Superior with an amazing pier stretching out between the Portage Channel and the vast depths of Lake Superior. There is an interesting lighthouse at the end of the pier that some of my cousins like to jump off of; It is really high up, and the water is really cold.

My cousin brought up KT and I got some good pictures of her leaping off the lighthouse. She definitely had the best form and was the most graceful.

Others took a less graceful leap, like Doug with his flying squirrel style.

In the end the jumping style didn’t matter but the fact that they jumped. Soon I am going to get over my fear and jump it too. Till then I will have to vicariously live through my cousins.


Shut the Door

Friday, January 1st, 2010

Come in
Come back
It is cold outside
We wouldn’t want
You to catch a chill
Now would I
There is no reason
To venture outside
I have everything
You could ever want
Or ever desire
Shut the door behind you
It is dark out there
It is scary and unknown
You must beware
Don’t you know
I am just trying
To keep you safe
Like a good mother would
It is dangerous out there
Dark and twisted
So don’t even think
For a moment
That is where you belong
You belong here
Safe inside
Where the light always shines
Don’t walk away
Never leave me behind
Don’t you understand
You need me
You are mine
If you wont shut the door
Then I sure will
It will never open again
I may sound mean but I swear
My fragile love
It is for the best
The outside world
Isn’t for people like you
So shut the door
And leave your
Silly imagination behind
I have all you could ever want
But the freedom of the wind
And a world unknown

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