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Snow Laden

Wednesday, May 5th, 2010

It is too heavy
He says
For me to carry this alone
I am slowly being buried
Don’t leave me here in the cold
What can I do
She asks
But is afraid
Carry it with me
He says
Without looking away
Make this one man’s burden
Into two
Saving me
But damning you
Do you care enough
To give yourself up for me
To be buried alive
Under the weight
Of eternity
Will you carry my burden
Until there is nothing left
Will you save me
From my curse
And damn all the rest

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Welcome Home

Monday, December 28th, 2009

Hells gate is always open
For the son of man
No closing time
We keep our doors open
Just for you
We value your partnership
You keep us alive
Our only faithful sponsor
Always coming back for more
We have no doubts
For your future
We can see the path
You have paved
There is no denying it
For in the end
You will wind up
On our doorstep
Just begging to be let in
And we will oblige you
We have been expecting you
We will say
Opening our arms
With a grin so wide
It could split your face open
But you have no idea
What you are getting into
Sadly though
There is no escape
This is your unwavering fate
You were born into
Damned from the start
It is not your fault
It is not mine
It is just your nature
To always have mischief on your mind
Do not worry or be sad
We here are welcoming
You can think of me
As an extended family
Were home is hell
And your reality is damnation
Don’t be afraid
Our door is always open
All you have to do is knock

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