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Twisted Twister

Friday, December 3rd, 2010

It seems as if all of the most childish and supposedly innocent things are the most twisted. One of the most twisted is the kids game Twister. It seems so innocent, but it actually is a perverse and awkward game unlike any other. Hidden under the guise of childhood innocence, it is deviously deceptive in its twisted ways.

Case and point, need I say more? Yes, I do. The main problem about this game is it’s total lack of boundary space. There is no such thing as personal space in this game, with arms and legs crossing and criss crossing across numerous people. Nothing is sacred.

This game is meant for little chidren, so for teengaers it was slightly difficult to fit on the mat making the space issue even more of a problem as you can see. There is alsways something awkward waiting around the corner in this game.

The main way to win is to get into such an awkward position that your oppenent can not continue due to death by laughter.

It just makes me wonder the people who invented this game, they must be twisted people indeed. The name twister is perfect for what this game actually is, a perverted and twisted thing. But damn is it fun to watch!


Lending a Hand

Tuesday, November 17th, 2009


This is an odd picture in New York. Maybe they sell fake arms…. well it seems a little creepy to me. Thanks mom for the photo.

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Shrunken Door Frame (Alice and Wonderland Effect)

Friday, September 25th, 2009

This is my first year of school without P.E. (I am super jazzed!!) This means many things to me. But the biggest thing is this, and it may sound weird but as always an explanation will ensue

I don’t have to walk through the locker room doors anymore.

Alright, so for the explanation. It really is simple but it makes me frustrated and annoyed every time I walk through those doors. It is the same for many doors, not just high school locker rooms.

I hate it when you and some other people walk up to a door and it looks big enough to fit to people at a time but it isn’t.

It is so misleading. You walk up knowing in every fiber of your being that you and the person walking next to you, whether it is the worlds skinniest or fattest, that both of you will fit. As you get closer you start to question that notion. When you reach it you aren’t sure at all, it looks maybe just big enough, MAYBE.

Then as you walk through you realize, No it isn’t big enough. At that point the awkward moment comes, (only if you make it awkward ;)) This always happens as you and the person next to walk in, both noticing the shrunken door frame, one or even both of you still try to act as if the door is big enough. You think that if you have enough will power that door frame will grow.

It Never Does.

Then you get stuck with an awkward stream of sorry and excuse me as you try to squirm your way through. It is just annoying and deceiving. It is bearable when it is just friends because you can just laugh it off but when it is someone you don’t know, it can get really bad.

Let’s say it is a business owner, or even worse, a person you are applying to get a job from. You try to go in through the door and it catches you, and then you just feel lost and start bumbling about in a sea of excuses for rubbing you boob up against their arm.

Yeah, no further explanation needed, I think you get my point. I just try to avoid that situation entirely and go through doors in a single file fashion.

P.S. I am one of those people who walking down the street you always run into because neither one of you know which way to walk. That drives me insane but I always run into them with that awkward shuffle and then the final dive out of the way to escape the situation. I guess I am just an awkward person in general. My friends can tell you that much.

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