October 31st, 2010

To those of you who have not seen Rocky Horror Picture Show,

  2. This post probably won’t make any sense because only die-hard fans of Rocky Horror can truly understand other die-hard fans.
  3. If you think you understand this post because you watched the Rocky Horror episode of Glee, and that is the only reason you have ever heard of Rocky Horror Picture Show, SHAME ON YOU MORE. Don’t tell me you get Rocky Horror because you saw weird people on T.V. singing along to the words, it is nowhere near the same thing. Take Glee, add more transvestites, more crudeness, nudity and make up, then, and only then, can we maybe start to talk.

Let me explain first the long months of hoping and planing that went into us doing this. I have been dying to see the midnight showing ever since I first became a die-hard fan of Rocky Horror. Going to this made my life in unexplainable ways. We didn’t get to go to the Rocky Horror Picture Show on Friday but we were able to get tickets for the Saturday night show which was a huge relief. We were so close to not getting in at all, I would have been heart-broken. But we got in and saw it at last. Failure avoided.

On the left is Philomena, who went as Columbia, me in the middle as Magenta (afro and all), and on the right, Sarah as a mixture of a time warp dancer and Columbia. Let me explain my costume for you, it goes like this.

Low cut black dress + maid’s apron, cuffs and head band = slutty maid

slutty maid + afro of teased/ crimped hair = Magenta

Basically that is my costume and it works. The hair was an interesting experience. I never really work my hair so the effort of crimping and teasing it nearly killed me if not for the help of my lovely and amazing friends.

After the struggle with my hair and makeup (as well as some interesting interruptions from my little brother), did we get to go to the show. We got a good place in the line (which went all the way around the block) and had to wait there for an hour to get into the theatre. Waiting in line was annoying in high-heeled boots but we got to see some pretty special people and their costumes. We saw Mario and Luigi, a man dressed up as Little Bo Peep being followed around by about seven women dressed as sheep, and quite a few overweight people shoved into tiny corsets with skin popping out in unimaginable and scarring ways. I saw many things that night that will be burned into my memory for a long, long, time.

We finally got in, during a mad dash for good seats at midnight. Then the fun began. Slugs in Fish-Nets, the UCSC group that puts on the show, got up on the stage to introduce all the actors that would be acting out the movie as it played behind them on the screen. First method of business: Attitude Check

An attitude check is when the entire audience stands up, faces the front stage, flips off the actors and screams about eight times, F@#k You! To test how pumped up the audience is. Very interesting experience.

After that everyone got settled for the movie to start. Because the movie is an interactive experience we all brought little props to use during the movie like noise makers, rice, newspapers, bells, toast, cards, and rubber gloves. During certain parts of the movie everyone uses their props to act out the movie, it is really fun. One of my favorites was using the noise makers during the time warp dance. The whole audience gets up and reenacts the dance. It is really amazing to be in a large group of people, all passionate about one thing and to express that passion in a fun and creative way.

There is some adult content however… like the initiation of virgins. Being a virgin means you have never experience Rocky Horror at a midnight showing before. They take six virgins and vote which has the best costume, one boy, one girl. They then use them to go on stage and perform mock sex on stage. It was horrifying and fascinating and all together funny though inappropriate. Let me just say, I have never seen anything like that in a movie theatre before and probably will never see it again (unless I go to another showing :)).

By the end, we were all tired but extremely happy. We got out about three and went home. Then came the hard part, getting my hair undone. This included trying to untangle my hair and try to wash it all out. It took quite some time but it was all worth it a hundred times over.It was quite the night, and I will never forget it.  I hope I can do it again soon. Stay true Rocky Horror fans!

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