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Creeper Photo: You Know You’re in Montana When….

Thursday, October 28th, 2010

I have had a myriad of experiences with dogs on my many road trips across the country including this one. This picture really epitomizes Montana for me, a woman pulled into her local post office on a four-wheeler with her big dog patiently waiting for her on the back. Basically, you know you’re in the middle of nowhere Montana when you see people riding around town in four wheelers. It is kind of like how you know you’re in Michigan when you see that tractors are basically the only cars on the road for miles. Let me just say, it is beyond annoying to drive behind a tractor, one you can’t see around it, two it goes about five miles per hour on flat roads. Don’t get me started on up hill roads.

Back to my initial point, the picture itself. I really enjoy this dog. Driving across the country I have seen all kinds of dogs, paired with all sorts of vehicles going around little towns. Like in Big Basin Nevada when we saw this little white lab with goggles, a cape, and the biggest smile you will ever see on a dog riding around in a motorcycle compartment. Quite the sight. The fact that this dog was just sitting there, precariously perched on the back of this four-wheeler is somehow funnier. It makes me wonder how often this dog goes for joy rides in this thing.

I miss the road trips, the weird experiences, and odd sights like these. I hope I get to do another adventure soon so I can take all of you along with me.


Night Light

Sunday, May 9th, 2010

Leave the light on for the person standing next to you. Don’t leave them in the dark even if you don’t need the light anymore. Think of the light in your life. Tell me what it is. I gave away the light. To help some one else. And the gift was squandered and ignored. Don’t waste the light. Give it shape. Give it life. Give it meaning to take away the night.

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