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Halloween: Lady GaGa

Monday, October 25th, 2010

Yes ladies and gents it is Halloween time again, and what does this mean? Normally, jack-o-lanterns, candy, and costumes. This year is different however, this year Halloween screams LADY GAGA! The costume to be, it seems, is Lady Gaga. Of course there are many to choose from, like the soda can outfits like this one.

Very interesting indeed, and many other strange and mysterious outfits that Lady Gaga seems to constantly be pulling out of her magician’s hat. Everyone is going gaga for be GaGa. It is understandable, she is a pretty cool chick with some crazy costumes. I know I am going to go sit on the sidewalk and count all the different GaGa’s roaming the street in a half crazed stupor dressed like…. strumpets. (Look it up, its a Shakespeare word, yes I am a geek deal with it.)

If you don’t get the meaning from this picture then I don’t think even a dictionary can help you. Sorry. The most popular outfit seems to be the caution tape outfit. Yes, a costume made solely up of thin pieces of caution tape. Censor your poor children’s virgin eyes. I fear for the innocents!

Anyway, happy Halloween, don’t forget to count your GaGa’s!


Creeper photo: Caution Tape

Saturday, September 11th, 2010

You were definitely my favorite outfit that I saw at the Lady GaGa Concert. You basically only had on underwear and caution tape. Not including the sunglasses and the soda cans in your hair. It was amazing to see how willing people where to bear all in front of a massive crowd of strangers in the name of their dedication to a musical artist. Whatever your motivation behind this outfit, I enjoyed it. Also, kudos for putting yourself out there, maybe it would be best to do it in a slightly different way than walking around basically nude. Still, kudos 😀