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Rage (A Sheltered Cove)

Wednesday, May 23rd, 2012

Hands shaking as fingernails bite
Into the palms of his hands
Clenched into tight fists
Trying to suffocate his rage
Choking on words which burn
In his throat like poison
This bile in the belly of a monster
Belongs not to a demon but a man
With eyes that burn with anger
Smoldering like embers in dark sockets
Even as their fire dwindles
Into the soft glow of feigned comfort
They have the power to burn
Power to set the world on fire
But here and now
His rage has no place
Except in the quiver of his fist
And the monstrosity of his eyes
He lets out a long forced breath
Letting his body go slack
And his eyes slowly drift closed
Wraps a controlled arm around
His little girl’s shoulders
Which shake with quiet little sobs
Bringing her in close
To shelter her from the world
That took the light from his eyes
Wrung out his heart until all that was left
Was this bitterness, this rage
This monster
That even as this wrath builds in his chest
He pushes it back down
Forcing a gentle, unnatural smile on to his face
Holding his daughter as she cries
Turning his hollowed out chest
Where his heart should have been
Into a cove of resounding calm
To harbor her heart and make sure
That hers, unlike his, would survive
The cold abrasive storm
As he held her tight in his arms
Looking ahead with dead determined eyes
She would survive
Even if that meant what was left of him died
He slowly unclenched his fist
Which had gathered in rage
Opening it out of love
To wipe the tears from her face
And with a calm and controlled voice
Hinted with the melancholy
Of humanity’s cacophony
He whispered in her ear
Everything is going to be all right


Lemon Water

Wednesday, October 27th, 2010

I have been having requests to re-post the lemon water rant lately, so why not. This was one of my very first rants and I need to bring back the rants so here you go! There will be more to come.

I really, really hate it when at a restaurant they put lemon slices into your glasses of water. It ruins the water entirely.

I have four theories as to why someone might commit this heinous crime.

  1. They are punishing us for not spending ridiculously large amounts on sodas or other beverages we don’t necessarily need but want. If they ruin the water, the customers need to drink something, as in my case while eating at a spicy thai restaurant, so the customers will be forced to either endure the gross lemon water or spend large sums of money on something else.
  2. They are hiding something. Don’t know what. Don’t know why. They use the horrible lemon taste to mask some sort of other taste for god knows what reason. Then I am forced to wonder, whatever could be so wrong with their water, unless they take it from a restroom or some other unbeknownst place. (My mom mentioned this second reason and I agreed whole heartedly)
  3. They just plain don’t like us. They for some unknown reason just want our taste buds to burn and suffer.
  4. I don’t even believe this option is possible but here it is. They believe it actually tastes good. I shudder at the thought of someone believing this and hope that I am wrong.

So please, no more lemons in my water. There is only one thing that bugs me more than lemons in water, is limes in coke. WHY? So now they not only ruin the free water but the coke you paid three bucks for? Don’t get me started, it just makes me sick.

I know some of you are thinking this is pointless and wonder, why doesn’t she just take it out and stop whining. My reply, it doesn’t fix the problem. I don’t know how they genetically engineer these lemons to spread there juices the second it hits the water, but once the lemon goes in, the taste never leaves. Not to mention the uncouth methods for retrieving the drowning lemon. You can either stick your whole hand in and fish around or dig around with a utensil for a while cussing until you can spear it and drag it out. Take your pick, either way the lemon taste still contaminates it entirely.

This isn’t just because I dislike leomons, which isn’t true, I enjoy things with lemon flavors, or things with lemon in it. JUST NOT MY WATER. So again, please no more lemons in my water.


Knock Knock, it’s your Neighbor!

Tuesday, October 20th, 2009

I think a lovely neighbor of mine needs a little mentioning currently. This neighbor is a terror in my life and last night was horrible! You may be asking who this neighbor is and can we go egg his house. The answer is no… because egging is bad, and because this neighbor is in fact a coyote. Or several coyotes I suppose. Let me lay out my night in detail for you:

  • I didnt want to do my homework (what self-respecting kid does?) so I had found everything in life to do besides sit down and concentrate on math. (Which is what I am doing right now… don’t tell anyone) So I had done everything in existence by, oh lets say, ten o’clock about. So I finally am faced with the inevitable fact that I must do my homework. I realize now is that one golden moment a day when I actually feel like doing my homework finally. I sit down and begin. The moment I am ready to start the second point of my night begins.
  • The coyotes. Our outdoor neighbors come a knock knock knocking on our door step. None to quietly either. I look up, my mom looks up, my dog freaks out, and the whole homework zen mood dissipates in a flash with my moms words, “What the heck is that?” So we scramble up leaving behind everything we had been doing to go outside and stand on our porch for a moment. We are standing there when we hear it. The most god awful noise in existence. I swear it was like a mix of the noise of a cat being strangled, a goat with a chicken bone stuck in its throat, and a horror films clique scream. YES IT WAS THAT BAD. It seriously gave me chills, that was a noise no living creature should make.  And the worst part, it didn’t stop. Routinely every two or so minutes it would do it again.
  • We head back inside knowing that the hideous sound outside is not Satan rising up from our canyon and wait for it to stop. IT DIDN”T. I was just trying to do my math and it won’t shut up! Seriously it was creepy and annoying, a perfect combination typically reserved for little brothers. I couldn’t concentrate so I give up after a half hour and resign to my room.
  • Lying in bed, trying to sleep, our wonderfully courteous neighbors, still won’t shut up. Even a pillow, three comforters, two fleece blankets, my dog, and a mini buffalo couldn’t block out that noise. So I am lying awake for easily an hour listening to the embodiment of Satan in our backyard, and hating every ounce of its being.

That pretty much was my whole night. A little recap, 1. no homework done because of coyotes, 2. totally disrupted life because of coyotes, 3. totally irritated because of coyotes 4. no sleep because of coyotes and finally 5. wishing to kill every coyote in existence because OF COYOTES.

As I lay awake all night I had time to think about this damned creature and asked myself finally, What on earth is making that coyote so pissed off it is making that noise?

I mean really, what would prompt suck a ruckus out of these mangy creatures that I have grown to despise. It really makes me wonder, and I know some people instantly went to this option


If that was your thought, and it is true… i fear for the coyote’s race. If that is the mating call of a coyote, I am baffled. How could anything find that attractive. That is like saying I can get a boyfriend by screaming bloody murder at them for five hours straight. Which believe me, doesn’t work.  And if that isn’t the reason, only god knows what is.

Just a side note…. coyotes are just ugly dogs, trying to act like wolves but can’t because dogs and wolves hate them. There I said it, but I digress.

Coyotes are like, ticks, wasps, and mosquitos. Why you ask? Because they have absolutely no purpose. Their sole purpose in life is to make other creatures lives miserable. They do nothing but bite, scream, and put you in a generally irritated mood. So yes I would do just fine without those things, that doesn’t make me cruel or heartless, just honest.



Monday, October 12th, 2009

The woman sits
Her third eye gone blind
Once one with sight
Is cursed and damned
She foretold a world
Without boundaries
Filled with hate and despair
Where man turned against
His brother and sister
A fate wound tight
With deception and fear
So they gouged out her eyes
And sealed her fate
Out of fear disguised
As anger and hate
But she could hear
Through their petty lies
They were scared
Of this world foretold
And decided instead
To kill the messenger
Two birds with one stone
She could see everything
But nothing at all
She didn’t even see
Her own decided fate
Sealed by a hand that quaked
She could hear the dead talking
And the living moan
But the simple prophet
Just wished to be left alone
To abandon her burden
And simply go home
She wanted nothing
But received the world
Balanced delicately
Atop her head
One step
One mistake
Could mean a great fall
Under the weight
She faltered
And spilled out her words
Meant only for gods
Not the poor common soul
So she was punished
Forever to be the damned prophet
Of a forgotten age
But an unforgettable name
The seer with no sight
Just a girl
A child
Given the gift of night
Filled with shadows and deceit
That waited ever patiently
For just the right time
She is now a woman
With a regret
And a third eye gone blind

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