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Friday, April 6th, 2012

Music notes drop with concrete feet
To brick pavement crumbling underway
Finding footholds that slowly dissolve
Into the quicksand of time
Fading away into a generation that belongs
No where and to no one
Being dragged downward by the music notes
Cradled in your arms like anchors
That you refuse to let go
Clinging to as if it was life as it takes you away
Gripping onto stonewalls
Which crumble under the weight
Of a broken string as if hell rides on its heels
But there is nothing here
Just a musician pulling notes from the air
Like whispers from the breeze
Light and free they are caught from the wind
And tied to a string
Spun from clouds like a child’s dreams
A balloon floating away tied down by a thread
That separates it from freedom
By a fragile bond that quivers in the wind
The anchored note roams outward
With hope to stand again
But is reigned in before it can drift too far
Down the corridor of time
For a moment it will linger there
In the space before the next string is plucked
And the last fades away
The dying moment lingers with a sadness
That is tangible in the air
Suspended in a moment of being
That will never come again


Wind Mother

Thursday, December 1st, 2011

The wind gently rolls through the trees
Like a mothers soft whisper in her infants ear
Telling her of things not yet unfurled
But waiting on the distant horizon
Like a run away balloon
Swept into the abyss
that is not cold, dark or lonely
but quiet and filled with the warmth
of a contented heart that beats
not because it has to but because it wants to

Dancing in pirouettes on the shoulders of the leaves
Rattling the bones the edifice of this green breeze
Until just one person stops to watch and listen
To the secrets swept up by this whirlwind
As the bones are rolled to reveal the truth that lies
In the scattered remains, a world foretold
But not yet cemented
The wind is shifting in this dire breath
Switching back from foot to foot
A ballerina bowing and swaying
With the whispering wind
Dancing not because someone is watching
But to release the rhythm bounding in her mind

Clarity is the remnants of the words left behind
As your hair is tussled and your clothing left displaced
A clairvoyance unachieved until this moment
All you needed was the gentle prompting of the wind
Like a mother letting her child go into the dark, cold, lonely world
That isn’t quite so lonely
And isn’t quite so cold
yes there is a darkness
But your child will find the way
Like a blind woman they will be guided
By the caresses of the wind
When all else is darkened
There will be your hand


Little Red Balloon

Sunday, June 6th, 2010

A woman stands
With a red balloon in her hand
She looks tired
And lonely
Standing there by herself
Her only company
The little red balloon
Some say she is looking
for innocence she lost long ago
Some claim she is waiting
For her little girl
To come home
Some say she is watching
For her husband to return
And others say
She is just a woman
Waiting to grow old
She had stood there
Each day
Since I can remember
Always silent
Always standing
With her little red balloon
She doesn’t approach anyone
Or utter a word
Just silently watching
For something untold

One day I returned
To find that woman
But she was gone
From the spot
That had become hers
All that was left
Has the popped red balloon
Shriveled and empty
Left lying in her place
I walked over
To the remnants
Of that balloon
It didn’t seem right
To throw it away
So I vowed to keep it
Until I would see her again
I would return it to her
And she would finally say
Why she had been waiting for so long
And who the balloon belong to
But she never came back
And I forgot about the balloon
But I wonder now
Why did she leave
Did she find what she needed
Or did she just grow too weary
To stay in her place
So I bought my own
Little red balloon
And took it to her spot
And let it go
I watched it drift
Farther and farther away
Now they have gone together
Where I do not know
But the woman
And her little red balloon
Are together at last
No longer waiting
But found at last

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