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Creeper Photo: Eye Contact

Monday, November 29th, 2010

Many people when they see my creeper photos either think it is totally strange or very interesting. One of the questions I get most often is what if they see you taking the picture? For most people, I take every possible precaution to make sure they don’t see. If they do see me there is a special tactic I imploy to sooth their suspicion.

  1. If you notice you have been spotted, don’t run away in fear of being called out. Most people will not call you out, so keep it cool and they will just give you a weird look then walk away. People are not very confrontational and if you keep it cool nothing will happen. Most people assume they are being paranoid and don’t do anything about it.
  2. Occassionally though, they will call you out. So if a person seems a little peeved here is my strategy. Still, do not run away. Stay put and then put your camera up again like you are going to take another photo and wait till the are out of the frame and take a new photo. Make a real spectacle of what you are doing and make it as apparent as possible that your intent for that picture was not the person. Once they see you do this, they will not do anything about it because they assume that you were taking a picture of what is behind them and they just happen to be in the shot. They never think they they are the shot.

So, disaster averted and the world does not end. If those don’t work…. then run. However, with children I let them see that I am taking their picture. Like this little girl, children make some of the most amazing eye contact with strangers and in that moment of eye contact is a connection  like you are peering into their life. Their eyes, like this little girls beautiful blue eyes, become a window into who they are. Even though I will never know who these kids become, for just a single moment it feels like I do know.

Kids often seem to enjoy it and smile or just stare. This little girl waved to me and I waved back then just smiled and walked away. Sometimes I fancy what the parents reactions are if later the kid tells them that some stranger took a picture of them. I wonder how this makes parents feel, how vulnerable must they be in that moment. Not knowing me, or knowing my intentions of taking these photos. I just want to give my hearts out to these people that I take pictures of, by letting me have their picture they are helping me better understand humanity one person at a time. My intentions are pure and often I feel people don’t understand that. Yes, this idea may be strange or creepy to people, but to me it is about uncovering mystery from thousands of perspectives. Taking pictures not of the people themselves but the stories that build up that person’s image.

So to all of my creeper photo subjects, thank you.


Creeper Photo: You Know You’re in Montana When….

Thursday, October 28th, 2010

I have had a myriad of experiences with dogs on my many road trips across the country including this one. This picture really epitomizes Montana for me, a woman pulled into her local post office on a four-wheeler with her big dog patiently waiting for her on the back. Basically, you know you’re in the middle of nowhere Montana when you see people riding around town in four wheelers. It is kind of like how you know you’re in Michigan when you see that tractors are basically the only cars on the road for miles. Let me just say, it is beyond annoying to drive behind a tractor, one you can’t see around it, two it goes about five miles per hour on flat roads. Don’t get me started on up hill roads.

Back to my initial point, the picture itself. I really enjoy this dog. Driving across the country I have seen all kinds of dogs, paired with all sorts of vehicles going around little towns. Like in Big Basin Nevada when we saw this little white lab with goggles, a cape, and the biggest smile you will ever see on a dog riding around in a motorcycle compartment. Quite the sight. The fact that this dog was just sitting there, precariously perched on the back of this four-wheeler is somehow funnier. It makes me wonder how often this dog goes for joy rides in this thing.

I miss the road trips, the weird experiences, and odd sights like these. I hope I get to do another adventure soon so I can take all of you along with me.


Halloween: Lady GaGa

Monday, October 25th, 2010

Yes ladies and gents it is Halloween time again, and what does this mean? Normally, jack-o-lanterns, candy, and costumes. This year is different however, this year Halloween screams LADY GAGA! The costume to be, it seems, is Lady Gaga. Of course there are many to choose from, like the soda can outfits like this one.

Very interesting indeed, and many other strange and mysterious outfits that Lady Gaga seems to constantly be pulling out of her magician’s hat. Everyone is going gaga for be GaGa. It is understandable, she is a pretty cool chick with some crazy costumes. I know I am going to go sit on the sidewalk and count all the different GaGa’s roaming the street in a half crazed stupor dressed like…. strumpets. (Look it up, its a Shakespeare word, yes I am a geek deal with it.)

If you don’t get the meaning from this picture then I don’t think even a dictionary can help you. Sorry. The most popular outfit seems to be the caution tape outfit. Yes, a costume made solely up of thin pieces of caution tape. Censor your poor children’s virgin eyes. I fear for the innocents!

Anyway, happy Halloween, don’t forget to count your GaGa’s!


Creeper Photo: Baby Doll

Wednesday, September 29th, 2010

You were adorable with your little baby doll. I think you parents owned the shop you were outside of playing. You were talking with your little doll and then slapped it. I wonder what you were speaking of with the plastic face of an American doll. What did you have to speak about and why did it make you angry? Then you simply proceeded to drool on yourself. It was an interesting interaction to witness. Interesting indeed.


Creeper Photo: Lips

Monday, September 20th, 2010

What first caught my attention, believe it or not, was your tattoo on your neck of a pair of lips. I am not sure why it wasn’t your hair that caught my attention because it is so noticeable. Then of course I noticed all of your piercings, you ears, nose, and your upper lip. That was the strange one, a small ring inside your upper lip that showed only when you smiled. I thought that was an interesting concept. Did you do that so only the people who made you smile would get to see this hidden symbol of happiness? You were intriguing overall and it took me a while to get this shot because you disappeared for some amount of time in the New Leaf. I finally asked you for your picture. You seemed a little confused, but who wouldn’t be? Thanks for letting me take your picture, thanks for smiling.


Creeper photo: Caution Tape

Saturday, September 11th, 2010

You were definitely my favorite outfit that I saw at the Lady GaGa Concert. You basically only had on underwear and caution tape. Not including the sunglasses and the soda cans in your hair. It was amazing to see how willing people where to bear all in front of a massive crowd of strangers in the name of their dedication to a musical artist. Whatever your motivation behind this outfit, I enjoyed it. Also, kudos for putting yourself out there, maybe it would be best to do it in a slightly different way than walking around basically nude. Still, kudos 😀


Creeper Photo: Mask

Wednesday, September 8th, 2010

I couldn’t really tell what your float was about but the people on it with you were very interesting. Your mask was enchanting something utterly demonic about it and at the same time it was almost childish. It matched your tattoo very well on your arm. You seemed like a stoic protector over your float. Like a silent ghost set down there, you hardly moved, just stared forward with your mask unmoving. You captivated me, thanks for being there, and thanks for the mask.


Creeper Photo: Mantra

Sunday, August 29th, 2010

You were sitting out by the Boardwalk when a friend and I walked by. You had a mantra on a cardboard sign in front of you. It was nice to read it and talk with you. Thanks for the mantra and the picture, keep Santa Cruz weird.


Love’s Shell

Friday, August 27th, 2010

red hat revisited…

There are memories now
Of a long lost love
Of a passion who could have been
But never was
Resting in her eyes
You can see the place where
His kisses
Left a burned out hole
In her heart
Fragile like a robin’s egg
So nurtured so loved
But it shattered on the ground
She held her face so daintily once
But no more
Now she hangs it low
As if it is too heavy
To hold up on her own
Once she had a fire
That burned in her eyes
But now all that is left
Are the blackened coals
Left behind
Smoldering and decaying
Do you know her name
Once she was love
Once she was loved
Once she was a lover
But now she is no one
Love had carved out her heart
And left her empty inside
Now she is a shell
Of her beauty
Of her spirit
That along with love
Ever slowly died


Creeper Photo: Do Not Enter

Saturday, August 21st, 2010

There were some of the most amazing looking people at the Lady Gaga concert at HP Pavilion. She was one of the first people we saw. She had on these interesting leggings, booty shorts/ basically underwear, and was smoking a cigarette. And just as I took a picture she walked into  the picture position; with the do not enter caution tape right over her crouch. I don’t think that could be any more perfect. What can I say but DO NOT ENTER!