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Creeper Photo: Lips

Monday, September 20th, 2010

What first caught my attention, believe it or not, was your tattoo on your neck of a pair of lips. I am not sure why it wasn’t your hair that caught my attention because it is so noticeable. Then of course I noticed all of your piercings, you ears, nose, and your upper lip. That was the strange one, a small ring inside your upper lip that showed only when you smiled. I thought that was an interesting concept. Did you do that so only the people who made you smile would get to see this hidden symbol of happiness? You were intriguing overall and it took me a while to get this shot because you disappeared for some amount of time in the New Leaf. I finally asked you for your picture. You seemed a little confused, but who wouldn’t be? Thanks for letting me take your picture, thanks for smiling.