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Kid Leash

Thursday, April 29th, 2010

Kid leashes drive me crazy. I don’t get it. Sure I understand that parents don’t want their kid to run away, but putting them on  leash? It just seems plain wrong. Maybe I am just weird but whenever I see someone with there kid on a leash I just stop to watch. I part of me is slightly horrified but the other part (the bigger part) is laughing.

One thing that just cracks me up about these leashes is that they are disguised as cute adorable little backpacks like this one. The kid sees a fuzzy little monkey when truthfully it is a direct tie to mommy. Even when the parents are yanking the kid around I really don’t think the kid gets why he is being held back. They just don’t connect the two things and go on with life believe their parents just got them a cute backpack, not a tether.

I saw this kid once with a leash on, they didn’t even disguise it though, it was a full on harness wrapped around this kid. He still didn’t get it that as soon as he ran three feet away, he would get tugged back. It was pretty funny to watch this kid get whiplash from a leash. I know it sounds horrible but the funny part wasn’t the kid getting tugged back but the parents response. They did nothing. They thought the leash was enough to keep their kid contained and didn’t even bother asking the kid to stay put. They just let him run and then fall down.

The whole business doesn’t really make sense to me to treat your kid like an untrained puppy. Oh well, more entertainment for me.


T.V. Reality

Thursday, September 17th, 2009

I went into Kmart today and you know what I saw that just made me sick to my stomach?  They have those shopping carts you push your kid around in shaped like a mini car that had T.V.s in them.


Do you dislike your kid that much that you don’t even want to have to deal with them while you shop? This just makes me cringe when I think about it. People seem to think if you plop a T.V. down in front of their rambunctious toddler it will shut them up and make them into a polite little angel.

T.V.’s are the new babysitters of the century and parents are not thinking twice about indulging in this practice.

People are putting T.V.s everywhere now a days. They are even in cars. Ever notice how it is always in the back seat? That is so the parents can get their kids to sit down and be quiet for a change. They use the T.V. to deal with their kids.

It just makes me sad to see things like this. People, talk to your kids. Some may seem like they don’t want to but you never know whether or not they are waiting for you to ask.

Don’t get me wrong, sometimes it can be nice to have some peace and quiet for a little bit and if a T.V. is what does the trick, I guess that is the solution. What I am saying is that it is just ridiculous to have T.V.s everywhere you go so kids can interact with virtual companies instead of the plain old reality. I say interact with your kid you never know what you’ll find out. Sometimes little kids are the most enlightened beings you will ever find, you just have to ask the right way.

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