April 18th, 2010

Yesterday my mom and I walked from our home down to Capitola. All in all coming to a 7 mile hike. It was fun but my feet still hurt and I definitely need new shoes now. On our excursion we spotted a little lemonade stand that we decided to stop at. Fun stuff. This little girl was a adorable and I felt horrible for her because while we were there the balloons they had floated away and got caught in some trees. The poor kid started hyperventilating. It was very sad. I liked her sign…

Our trip was actually full of little children waving signs. In Capitola nearing the end of our walk we happened upon another child frantically waving a sign. Hers was for a bake sale and she was dancing on a street corner yelling at passersby. It was really funny. She was pointing at a guy in a car yelling incoherent nonsense at him, he drove away. I told her I liked her socks then we walked on.

You may ask why we walked all this way, believe it or not the answer is food. Yes, I walked seven miles for food. Does that tell you anything? Due to my eating predicament (I have food allergies to 35 different things) it is hard to find good places to eat. My mom had been telling me about this natural food restaurant¬†for a while so I said heck if we are being healthy in our diets why not walk the whole way too? Who wouldn’t right? Anyway we walked 7 miles for food and I wound up not actually liking it. Not the point though, the walk was fun and it was a really nice day. I enjoyed the heck out of it. I am not enjoying the blisters though. I hope to do it again soon, ending in a different location though.

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2 Responses to “7 Mile”

  1. Charlotte says:

    it was fun, you just need to try a different entree! We also did three garage sales on the way. Pretty darn fun!

  2. Maiya says:

    Can I come? haha