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Saturday, April 17th, 2010

Nature’s gradient is a beautiful thing. The slight variations of color that follow you through the woods. The slow transition from one thing into the next. It is everywhere, it is always changing into something better and newer.

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Beach Moss

Thursday, April 15th, 2010

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Santa Cruz

Wednesday, April 14th, 2010

I love living in Santa Cruz, the people, the culture, the lifestyles. Everything about Santa Cruz is different. I love it because I enjoy people, I don’t have to go far to find a character, someone interesting to talk to, people who have lived life and want to share. There is so much potential here and that is what I love. Art lingers beneath the surface of everything. This is home.

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Tuesday, April 13th, 2010

Follow me
You say as you run
But how do I know
Which way to run
When you leave me tracks
Leading in every direction
Catch me
You say with a laugh
But how can I catch you
If you were out of my grasp
So long ago
Out of reach
Out of sight
Out of my control
We are running
In two different directions
Still trying to find each other
But we are lost
Not with each other this time
But alone
I will be waiting at the crossroads
When you are ready
To come home


Shout Out: Family #2

Monday, April 12th, 2010

Meet my creepy yet lovable “family”. We spent a night running around West Cliff in Santa Cruz having fun, being teenagers, and taking pictures. I just wanted to shout out to my best friends, LOVE YOU GUYS.

I have so much fun when I am with you and you make me forget the things that make life hard. Thats what friends are for right? I am lucky to have friends like you guys. Even if Golnoosh gives me killer tackle hugs and Hailey has creeped me for nearly two years now xD you guys make my life.  I hope you don’t need this post to know that though.

You guys hold up the sun for me, I hope I do the same. So there it is, I love our little family and think you are both beautiful and wonderful people. Thanks for being there.



Sunday, April 11th, 2010

The waterfall of your heart
Is drowning me
Slowly but surely
When I think the surface is near
I find myself upside down
The mask you once wore
Is now attached to my face
When did it happen
Why didn’t I see
That you were slowly killing me
Your taint still won’t leave
Following me like a shadow
Just a step behind me
That single step
Seems to be getting closer every day
Leading me down a path
I saw but pleaded not to be
It seems my words
Meant nothing
But here I am again
Trying to escape
Your shadows tyranny
I can’t help but hate you
It isn’t your fault
I fell into your shadow
And couldn’t get out
The waterfall of your suffering
Only hid mine
Now I am suffering
While you are free
Drowning right in front of you
And you can’t see me
Through the screen of a waterfall
That never ceases
I reach out across the river Acheron
But can never really escape
You received a hand of help
Where is mine
I ask you
Where is mine
Or am I destined to forever lie
In Acheron’s wake
Drowning until you find me
In the shadow of destiny



Friday, April 9th, 2010

The best thing about my trip to Yellowstone is that it taught me how to understand animal body movement so I can predict what an animal is going to do and henceforth get an awesome shot of exactly what I want. Right place and the right time.


Creeper Photo: Dreadlocks

Thursday, April 8th, 2010

I saw you at a Flea Market or Farmers Market in Eugene, Oregon during a big rain storm. I loved your hair, the purple looked great. I wonder what you act like, you look eccentric but when I saw you I felt that you were very level-headed and quiet. Your image conflicted with your true self and I wonder if that is true or maybe just what I thought I saw.

I think you saw me taking the photo but you didn’t say anything, I almost wanted you to say something. You really intrigued me. You were different and made me wonder who you really were. Anyway, I loved your hair and your eyes, enjoy your coffee .


Oregon Sheep

Wednesday, April 7th, 2010

I don’t know why but in Oregon there are so many sheep! We passed by dozens upon dozens of sheep flocks throughout Oregon. I must say they are some of the most adorable babies. They resemble my dog…

We pulled over when I spotted this bunch of  sheep, they were too cute to pass by. So I hung out the window to get these pictures of the little guys and their mom. They seemed somewhat amused at the entire spectacle.

These two little cuties were the best. They were adorable but I have to say they didn’t look very smart at all. They just sat there with their mouths hanging open and staring at me. I guess it is warranted that a seventeen year old girl was hanging out of a car with a camera pointed right at them cooing about how cute they were. Either way they looked like a few screws were loose up there and sadly that made them look so much cuter.

I think more farms in California should have sheep, it makes road trips so much more enjoyable. I get tired of cows… seriously. Get sheep much cuter, much more entertaining to look at. My mom and I were almost considering kidnapping a baby sheep and putting it in the back of the car to take home. We decided we shouldn’t though because Gracie would be jealous. One day though, one day I will own a sheep and enjoy its stupid stare all day long.


Guest Blogger!

Tuesday, April 6th, 2010

Hi!  My name is Artemis, and I am the guest blogger for today! How exciting is that! Does this annoy you that I am ending everything in an exclamation mark!  Because it should!  In real life, I don’t actually talk like this!  I actually talk very monotone and it is quite boring and nobody listens to me wahhh wahhh well except my pet snake.  His name is Pez.  I picked him out from the pet store down the street when I was five, and he has been my best friend every since. One time I put him in an urn because I thought he would like it in there.  He got stuck because he is a boa constrictor.  I had to break the urn to get him out.

My mom was very upset because that was her favorite urn.  She got it from Egypt in the year 1920.  Yes, she is that old.  She is also not Egyptian, but Mongolian.  I went to Mongolia once when I was ten.  I ate this raw fish and it made my very sick.  I spent fifteen days in the general Mongolian hospital while my mother (who was younger at the time), my father (who is Australian), and my older sister did tourist stuff around the country.  I dislike tourist stuff.  So maybe it was a good thing I was sick.

That was definitely the trip from hell.  We went to India afterward which was a huge mistake because that was the pre- Slumdog Millionaire days.  Whatever that means.  Anyway our flight was delayed and I missed the episode of “Glee” that I had been dreaming about the entire 6 – month trip.  I MISSED IT. OH NO NOW I’M TALKING IN ALL CAPS. WELL I MISSED THE SHOW AND I WAS SUPER DUPER ANGRY.  SO ANGRY THAT I DECIDED I WOULD NEVER TRAVEL OUT OF THE COUNTRY AGAIN.  So, I have not left this nation, nay, this state, nay, this little town of nobody, in TWELVE YEARS.  YES THIS PIECE OF INFORMATION DESERVES TO BE WRITTEN IN ALL CAPS.

Anyway, I’m known in my hometown as The Girl Who Never Leaves.  They all expect me to live here forever with my sixteen pet cats (I actually have ten but one is pregnant and due any day).  But little do they know that I have actually have had an arranged marriage waiting for me with a millionaire from India.  That’s right folks.  While I was pacing, worried about missing Glee, the only show worth watching on this earth, my loving parents had set up a marriage between me and the richest man in India.  So now I’m just waiting to gain my citizenship for India, and then it will be adios, Americans!  My children will be beautiful, half Indian, quarter Mongolian, and quarter Australian.  I already have names picked out:  Athena, Hermes, and Zeus.  Lovely, right?  I hope it will convey their inner strength.

By the way, Pez died last year.  We had a serene burial in my backyard, which all of my loving family and friends attended.  He was buried next to my pet hermit crabs which had accidentally died two years ago.  But that’s a different story.

Anyway, where was I?  Oh yes.  My children will be gods and goddesses.  My cats will not be able to join me in India because I am afraid they will be eaten.  I am leaving them in the care of my old sister, who is an old maid and will never make anything of her life.  She is the true cat lady of our family.  She will love my cats like the children she will never have because she will remain a virgin for the rest of her life.  Sad, right?  I know.  A while ago I thought it would be nice of me to help her, so I set her up on a date with this nice young man from New Jersey.  He looked clean-cut, articulate, and no tattoos.  However, little did I know that he was actually a serial killer.  My sister barely escaped with her life; however, the creep was put in jail.  My sister did not speak to me for years after, but she eventually got over it.  How was I to know that the man was a killer?  Really, sister, really?

This is a picture of my sister.  Her hair is so large it covers her face, which is probably a good thing, if you know what I mean.  We do not get along, in case you cannot tell.  However, she loves cats.  So that is why I am giving mine to her when I go marry my millionaire.

And that is my story.

The end.

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