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The Hat

Thursday, November 29th, 2012

Windy, cloudy, stormy days always remind me of this poem. It is an older one but I thought I would repost it today just because I always think of this poem on a day like today.

The woman walks
Along in a crowded street
Surrounded by people
Yet so alone
A scarf like a noose
Wrapped around her frail neck
Hands shoved deep
Into her pockets
She only looks
At the ground
The rhythmic step of her feet
Her wide hat
Shields her from the world
She ignores them
Is afraid of them
She wraps herself tighter
In what is safe and comforting
And is content in isolation
So she walks along
In a crowd of people
Without faces
The wind picks up
For a moment it whispers
A soft secret in her ear
A riddle told to fast
As the wind
Carried her hat away
The woman let out
A short little gasp
As her barrier was removed
She reached forward
Fingertips grazing it
Just out of reach
As it bounces and rolls
Along the dirty street
She chases in vain
And no one will help
Finally out of breath
And out of heart
She gives up
Standing in the crowd
Puffs of winter breath
Clouding before her as she watches
Her hat dance away
Her hair billowing about her
Watching with sad longing eyes
She stands still among thousands
As she turns to leave
A tap on her shoulder
She turns in surprise
A man stands before her
Her hat in hand
Holding it out towards her
A smile but no words
She takes it and offers
A shy little smile in return
As she starts to pull it
Back into place
He reaches out to stop her
He asks her
You have such a pretty face
He smiles and lets go
Giving an impartial shrug
You don’t need to hide
You are beautiful you know
He leaves her with
His few soft words
And a knowing smile
She stands there
Hat in hand
Filled with his offerings
Her eyes are wide
And her hands slightly quake
She lifts the hat
Looking at it now
And tosses it away
She watches it
Flit and dance in the sky
Gone forever
She smiles slightly
The stranger’s knowing smile
She doesn’t need it anymore


Field of Flowers

Thursday, August 12th, 2010

My mom and I decided to dub North Dakota the sunflower state because all along the road we were driving on where rows and rows of sunflower fields. They were dazzling, just miles and miles it felt like were filled with the yellow faces of sunflowers. It really helped brighten up a long drive, because who won’t smile at a field of sunflowers.


Creeper Photo: Smile

Tuesday, January 5th, 2010

You guys made me smile. It was so clear you two loved each other and were having so much fun together. You and your son were trying to walk with one shoe shared and having a lot of fun doing it. It just reminds that there is so much good and so much love between people even in the darkest times.  Yet again, you still make me smile and for that I thank you both.


Cheshire Grin

Tuesday, October 27th, 2009

Smile real wide
Let the Cheshire cat inside
He has been waiting
To be let in
Ever patient
With a demon’s grin
Waiting outside your window
Looking inside your life
Looking for a way in
To your lonely little world
He has a fancy for games
And riddles it seems
So play a game
Let down your wall
And let the Cheshire cat in
Watch as its face splits open
With the devil’s smile
As it laughs
And laughs
And laughs
At you
And the game you call your life
Yet there is nothing
That you can do
As you sit paralyzed and wait
Insanity is knocking on your door
You have blocked and barricaded
And sealed all the locks
Yet every moment the clock
Ticks faster
Until all your time is lost
The cat is laughing
As you loose your mind
You plead for help
But it just keeps going
And going
As the pendulum swings faster
You pray for silence
And your eyes to block out
The demon’s smile
It is eating you away
Until you realize it is nothing
Just a cat and its smile
Just a laugh and a whisper
That all is not well
Look the cat in the eye
And walk away
Down the path you came
Smile real wide
At the forest’s darkness
And let the Cheshire cat inside

Thanks Mattie Leed for the amazing pot and the inspiration.


The Face of Happiness

Sunday, October 4th, 2009

IMG_6453 IMG_6457

Is this not one of the cutest dogs in the world? Cooper, my neighbors labor-doodle is so amazing and fluffy. This to me is a face of happiness. I can’t help but smile. So if you need a good smile look no further

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Mona Lisa Smile

Sunday, August 23rd, 2009

Mona Lisa smiles at me
Perfect teeth but somehow wrong
She looks and stares but cannot see
She holds her pose forever strong
Such confidence in a twisted smile
But what could it mean
Is it happiness in a vial
Or maybe she can see behind the scenes
But the smile stands for only one thing
A secret kept far from the world
A heart song plucked from a string
A love note never unfurled
The base of music and sight
The sound of a storm
An answer to human kinds plight
The world a moth to butterfly transformed
But she keeps this to herself
Caught only in a little smile
A book gathering dust on a shelf
A man in jail waiting for a trial
But the secret that was never told
Seen only in a paintings smirk
Forever forgotten in a world of old
But seen only by those who know its works

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