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Creeper Photo: Storyteller

Wednesday, January 27th, 2010

You were such a cute little girl. You seemed to be having so much fun with all of your friends playing on the beach. You were very expressive and seemed to have a story to tell.

You just brightened up my day with your exuberance. I wonder what story you were chronicling for your friend. It seemed interesting, tales told by children are always so much more amusing than tales told by adults. I wish I could have listened in, maybe one day I will know, for now it remains your secret.


Harlequin’s Dance: A Story WIP

Wednesday, November 18th, 2009

“I love you today, I love you tomorrow and forever my little Pandora.” She whispered shutting the door behind her with a soft but audible click as it sealed off all the light except for my little dancing light next to my bed on a bedpost. My eyes where slowly closing as I watched the little princess emit different colors casting shadows on my walls. I sighed sleepily shutting out the world as I slipped into sweet dreams of my four year old life. A click woke me up. I curled up not wishing to be disturbed but my eyes watched as the door opened slowly. I looked away and tried to go back to sleep. Footsteps approaching across my carpet floors towards my bed.

“Ma?” I say drowsily and try to sit up as I look at the woman across from my bed. “Da?” I say curiously.

“Hello honey, my you are a perfect little creature aren’t you?” an unfamiliar voice said softly and lovingly.

I turn around to look at the open door, “Ma?” I say questioningly. The woman approaches my bed and I shrink away in fright. She stretches out her arms for me and I scream as her cold fingers brush my pudgy arms. “MA! MA!” I scream pulling away from the stranger who tries to shush me. Her cold fingers turn into talons and grab my arms roughly. Her nails dig into my soft flesh as I whimper and start to cry. I can’t scream any more as she ensnares me pulling me to her.

“You’re safe now my darling,” she scoops me up in her freezing arms, they are wet from the outside snow. I whimper softly unable to scream. “ You’re mine now.” She whispers clutching my little body to her.

“Pandora?” a confused voice from the hall calls, a light flicks on in the hallway. I whimper again trying to yell. The woman looks up towards the hall and walks briskly towards the open door, me still in her arms bundled up in my blankie. She picks something out of her back pocket and shows it to me. It is shiny and black. I shrink away from it. She moves into the hallway, I see my mom and dad there. Their faces turn into horrified masks as they see me with the woman. She points the black object at them and they freeze. She starts to back towards the stairs still holding it towards them, they don’t move.

“Please don’t take my baby,” My mom pleads “ we will give you anything you want, just don’t harm her.” She begs holding her arms toward us as if to take me back.

The woman laughs and says, “She is all I want.” She points the thing at my mom. My dad lunges for us but the woman back pedals and points the thing at me. I turn to look at it, it has a little whole in the end; I look at it and hear a click come from it. My mom is sobbing now and my dad stares in horror. I reach for the gun with both hands and place them on the little hole. My dad grabs something while she isn’t looking ad tries to hit her with it but the click comes again and I try to push it away. Then it got really hot, there was a loud bang. Everything else was blurry and numb as the woman ran down the stairs with me in hand and out the door into the snow.

“Pandora!” I hear my mother scream after me as I am carried away into a world of darkness. So cold, and so numb inside and out.

Darkness is the only thing I remember, soon it was all I remembered at all. Mom was a thing of the past, so was warmth and love. It wasn’t part of my new life; it wasn’t part of me at all just a shadow of a very different time. Darkness became my whole life, not necessarily in a bad way. It was just the spectrum I viewed things through now instead of light like everyone else. I am special. I am special, that was what they always told me. I never understood, I still don’t; I’m not special we are all capable of what I do we just have to open our eyes.



Wednesday, September 9th, 2009

This is the beginning of a story I am working on, not sure where it will go if it does go somewhere. I thought it was interesting though and thought I would share this little excerpt. Enjoy

This is the way the heart dies. It dies slowly without a sound. Some people never even notice when it is gone. The person still stands put nothing inside remains.

We have nothing left but misery, an empty hole that gapes yawning in its existence. When the clock stops ticking what will you do? Where will you go?

Nowhere. A place called Nowhere.

This is the land of the dead, where only a body wonders with no heart intact. But how do you save a dying heart? Can you bring it back to life with a wish? Can a final kiss wake it up with a smile and say good morning?

“Welcome to Nowhere” Death says.

“Come join us, we the walking dead. We who live without mind or soul. “

I walked into Nowhere with no intent of leaving. I had abandoned my heart and its misery because I couldn’t take it, I couldn’t handle it anymore. Being human hurt too much. I walked through my life without a second thought as to what I was missing. Just waiting for an end.

Sometimes, life just happens. Even if you don’t want it. My life happened to me as I stood a bystander to a catastrophe.

A woman died today, I did not know her. I never wanted to meet her. I never knew her name, or anything about her. But she saved me. She saved me from myself.

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