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Excerpt: Avery’s Sojourn

Saturday, April 21st, 2012

This is a small excerpt from a larger piece I have been working on for the last couple of months. Tentatively titled Avery’s Sojourn this excerpt is just a little blurb from the beginning. It is still a major work in progress but a couple of people have been asking for previews but everything is still under heavy construction and there is a lot of work to do still but here is a tiny glimpse into Avery’s life. Enjoy


The soft fluttering of cotton wings caressing the tear stricken face of a young girl fills the dark empty space of the old wooden cabin as they gently kiss her cold skin and retreat back again into the darkness from which they came. Ragged breath wrenched itself from her dry cracked lips as her body tried to remember to breathe. Avery lay in a sleepless world with her eyes barely open and her eyelashes sticky with tears. Her bare arm lay underneath her head, outstretched as if she had tried to grasp something only to fall too short and the other lay limply dangling from the table’s edge. She lay like an abandoned rag doll tossed aside by a fickle child in a tantrum. Broken and alone she stared with unseeing eyes at a single object; hard, cold, and black, it lay opposite from her across the dark mahogany table. The gun lay lifeless, absent of the warmth it had acquired from a shaking hand only hours ago.

Avery blinked slowly as another cottony wing embraced her cheek seeking warmth from this cold place only to find none hidden within her sallow cheek. She curled her numb fingers, feeling the rough wood beneath them. She flexed her hands, then her neck, slowly testing if her body still had some life left in it. As she pulled herself slowly up into a slouched sitting position she began to tremble. She felt the tears well to her eyes again as she stared at her antagonist at the other end of the table, remembering the terrible thunder clap as it rang through her entire body. It was not the first or the last time she would hear that terrible bang rattling in her ears. She squeezed her eyes shut, remembering.



Wednesday, September 9th, 2009

This is the beginning of a story I am working on, not sure where it will go if it does go somewhere. I thought it was interesting though and thought I would share this little excerpt. Enjoy

This is the way the heart dies. It dies slowly without a sound. Some people never even notice when it is gone. The person still stands put nothing inside remains.

We have nothing left but misery, an empty hole that gapes yawning in its existence. When the clock stops ticking what will you do? Where will you go?

Nowhere. A place called Nowhere.

This is the land of the dead, where only a body wonders with no heart intact. But how do you save a dying heart? Can you bring it back to life with a wish? Can a final kiss wake it up with a smile and say good morning?

“Welcome to Nowhere” Death says.

“Come join us, we the walking dead. We who live without mind or soul. “

I walked into Nowhere with no intent of leaving. I had abandoned my heart and its misery because I couldn’t take it, I couldn’t handle it anymore. Being human hurt too much. I walked through my life without a second thought as to what I was missing. Just waiting for an end.

Sometimes, life just happens. Even if you don’t want it. My life happened to me as I stood a bystander to a catastrophe.

A woman died today, I did not know her. I never wanted to meet her. I never knew her name, or anything about her. But she saved me. She saved me from myself.

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