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Field of Flowers

Thursday, August 12th, 2010

My mom and I decided to dub North Dakota the sunflower state because all along the road we were driving on where rows and rows of sunflower fields. They were dazzling, just miles and miles it felt like were filled with the yellow faces of sunflowers. It really helped brighten up a long drive, because who won’t smile at a field of sunflowers.


Sunflower Light

Monday, October 26th, 2009


There is something magical about sunflowers. They just make you smile. So I say, put down your homework, get up off the couch, stop working, stop stressing, stop everything you are doing and take that extra look at the sunflower you didn’t notice today.

Bend down and put your eye level to the flower and notice all you would never have originally. This is what you are missing every day of your life while you slave away on menial tasks that will probably never better you as a person. This one moment. This one flower can do what none of the other things could.

So take the time. The things you normally walk by, stop and look, say hello, and move on but remember it. Because those little moments will never happen again and you will never have that chance. So stop and smell the flowers.

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