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Creeper Photo of the Day: 9/11

Sunday, September 11th, 2011

Today is an auspicious day in our history. The tenth anniversary of 9/11 and the fall of the Twin Towers. A small commemoration on my part, a picture of remembrance, a man and his paper reading about the day that for many, changed their lives. Here is a moment for all of you affected by this tragedy. We will always remember you and the sacrifice you made for us.



The Path We Pave

Sunday, February 21st, 2010

Do you remember the path
We once walked together
It was so long ago
In a childhood dream
It led us to nowhere
But we where still happy
It didn’t matter
We had everything
We didn’t need a tour guide
Or a guiding hand
Just each other and a smile
To follow a path
Yet to be paved
Here we were safe
Amongst the guardian trees
Where the strongest voice
Was the quietest
And the world belong to our dreams
Were has it gone now
I can’t remember where it is
I lost it in time
Lead me back
To the path we dared to pave
I fear it is gone now
If it couldn’t last
The test of time
What can?
What about our dreams
Will they be forgotten to
In the end of time
Remind me
Guide me
We will find it together
And never forget
That once we walked
A path unpaved
With the world in our hands
And the future in our minds

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Saturday, November 7th, 2009

wow I just found this poem I wrote in eighth grade….. kind of interesting

I open my eyes and see you
Your soul so happy and filled with joy
Two peas in a pod always together
Arm in arm right by my side
Sun shinning on your soft face
Wind tousling your brown hair
Silence, laughing
Hiding in prickly bushes away from the world
Our little hideout made out of blackberries
One so sweet, one so sour
No one can touch us
Our world of dreams and fantasies

I open my ears and hear you
Voice so strong and filled with love
Now cracks with every word
Tears like rain fall from your round face
Hugging each other to make the cruel world go away
Darkness threatens to swallow us
Silence, screaming
Parents yelling, how could this be
Eyes once filled with spirit and light
Weighed down by a burden
They are taking you from me
Our last words farewell, goodbye

I open my heart and remember you
Tall white house, too many windows
peering out like eyes covered in fall leaves
Place of love now filled with sorrow
Impenetrable fort of bushes grown over, forgotten
Remember our promises, our whispered dreams
Remember our guards the ever-present red wood trees
Silence, crying
I miss your voice, I miss your laugh
I miss our time as best friends
Our dreams now forgotten
But I will always remember you

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Paint Drops

Wednesday, September 23rd, 2009

Let the paint drip
Let it dry
Ignore it
Walk on it
Refuse its existence
Deny it the life
It was owed
It is just that easy

One day you will find yourself
And stop
You stand on hollowed ground
Where just a single
Red drops stands
Old and worn
It still remains
Hidden but present
In a cement jungle
Of cross-hatched lies

You will stand there
And look at that single drop
And wonder
How could I have let this pass
How could I have let
These things go so unnoticed
Reflected at you
In a single drop
Are your mistakes

They never really go away do they
They leave behind a mark
A remembrance
Of the deeds your soul
Has withered from
So bend down
Put that red stain
In the center of your palm
And understand

Feel the cold harshness
Of the unyielding ground
Feel that mark
Feel that scar on you
On the world
And remember
Always remember
That it exists
Because of your follies
Never forget that

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