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Paint Drops

Wednesday, September 23rd, 2009

Let the paint drip
Let it dry
Ignore it
Walk on it
Refuse its existence
Deny it the life
It was owed
It is just that easy

One day you will find yourself
And stop
You stand on hollowed ground
Where just a single
Red drops stands
Old and worn
It still remains
Hidden but present
In a cement jungle
Of cross-hatched lies

You will stand there
And look at that single drop
And wonder
How could I have let this pass
How could I have let
These things go so unnoticed
Reflected at you
In a single drop
Are your mistakes

They never really go away do they
They leave behind a mark
A remembrance
Of the deeds your soul
Has withered from
So bend down
Put that red stain
In the center of your palm
And understand

Feel the cold harshness
Of the unyielding ground
Feel that mark
Feel that scar on you
On the world
And remember
Always remember
That it exists
Because of your follies
Never forget that

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