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The Path We Pave

Sunday, February 21st, 2010

Do you remember the path
We once walked together
It was so long ago
In a childhood dream
It led us to nowhere
But we where still happy
It didn’t matter
We had everything
We didn’t need a tour guide
Or a guiding hand
Just each other and a smile
To follow a path
Yet to be paved
Here we were safe
Amongst the guardian trees
Where the strongest voice
Was the quietest
And the world belong to our dreams
Were has it gone now
I can’t remember where it is
I lost it in time
Lead me back
To the path we dared to pave
I fear it is gone now
If it couldn’t last
The test of time
What can?
What about our dreams
Will they be forgotten to
In the end of time
Remind me
Guide me
We will find it together
And never forget
That once we walked
A path unpaved
With the world in our hands
And the future in our minds

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