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Travel Update: Napa Part 2

Wednesday, February 9th, 2011

Part two of our Napa adventure included the most amazing thing I saw all weekend was the Castello de Amorosa. We visited this castle out in the wine country was extraordinary.

My favorite part of the castle was not actually the structure, but the animals around it. Especially the sheep, they cracked me up and made it feel almost like we were back in time at a medieval castle.

It was so quaint and beautiful out there with all the animals. I really enjoyed the sheep but I also made a friend with the castle’s guardian, a little orange tabby cat. He was beautiful and was sitting in an olive tree outside the castle walls.

There were also an array of birds including peacocks and chickens.

It was a lot of fun exploring Napa with my mom and hope to do it again some time but for now the adventure in castles, food and wineries will have to do.


Adorable yet Evil Animals

Sunday, January 9th, 2011

The peacock is a truly┬ámagnificent animal with dazzling colors, long majestic feathers, and beautiful patterns. However it is actually a relatively mean animal. There is something scary about them like they are constantly trying to figure out the best method of attack to send you running and screaming in the other direction. I think it is the black beady eyes always watching you even when it seems like it isn’t.

Why do all the really cute or beautiful animals have to be the really dangerous or mean ones? It seems a cruel trick to give such magnificent feathers to a bird that scream, sure get closer to take a better look at my feathers so I can attack you. Other examples include raccoons and polar bears. Raccoons are adorable so it doesn’t really make sense that they are so incredibly mean and evil. Polar bears are beautiful and I want to hug one but they would bite my head off, literally. They are incredibly dangerous despite their cuddly looks and adorable behaviors. It just isn’t fair. Oh well, I will just have to adore these beautiful but dangerous animals from a far, but not too far that my camera can’t get a good shot.